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character studies and other quiet moments. oneshot, no plot.

Between Black and White

One of the best glimpses into what it's like in Castle's head. The little details, the spot-on dialogue and description make this story a favourite.
Know the Stars are Holdin' You

A short, introspective story that lets us inside Castle's head as he ruminates on the three loves of his life.

Alexis POV. The gang plays a game and hilarity ensues.
Ten, Fourteen Floors

Castle's stuck in an elevator, and it's not with Beckett. A short, sweet, and very funny take on a 'traditional' fic.
The Writer's Block Sleeps Tonight

Alexis has an English paper. I wish I could read it.
Only a Fool Would Say

At Castle's fundraiser for the Johanna Beckett Scholarship Fund, Beckett reaches a turning point that would make her mother proud. A lovely story with good pace and characterization.

It's never been if. It's always been when. Castle and Beckett have a conversation about their relationship.
Sometimes It’s A Real Disaster

A small but substantial moment in the Castle-Beckett relationship.
Like a jigsaw we fall (into place)

After the events in The confusion of straight lines, Castle and Beckett navigate their changing relationship. This fic is absolutely perfect.
This There Is

Beckett ponders her relationship with Castle. And a special guest appearance by the amazing facial expressions of Lanie Parish. Perfect tone, wonderful insight into the Castle-Beckett relationship and a great Beckett POV with her sort-of-denial about the exact nature of her feelings for Castle. Spoilers for 2x14 The Third Man.
Five Ways It Could Happen & The One Way It Did

A romance in 6 acts. Finding a catalyst. All the catalysts that might push Castle & Beckett past their individual barriers. A lovely look at the what-ifs and the simple beauty in the natural progression of the Castle/Beckett relationship.
The Shoe Box

In the middle of a night, on a special night, Kate opens her shoe box. In the mood for a tear-jerker? A bittersweet and affecting look at a certain what-if scenario. A beautiful, heartfelt story that should be read.
If Only We Stop

An invite to a Castle family dinner has deeper implications for Beckett.
Her Go-To-Guy

Alexis POV. Five moments of comfort between father and daughter through the years. The little details make this something special. Spoilers for 3x24 Knockout.
A twist in his story

An absolutely beautiful, melancholic fic that somehow encompasses all the complexities of the Castle-Beckett relationship. Set towards the end of season two. Castle POV.
You're So Pretty and I'm So Lame

Beckett and Castle finally give in to their attraction and end up in a hot make-out session (until they are caught by Alexis). Great rhythm, and best of all, C&B are still themselves.
all the fears you hold so dear

One possible and heartbreaking end to the Castle-Beckett partnership (no character death). A riveting glimpse into the effects of violence and death on Castle. Dark and angsty.
Search by Author
handful of sky

Rick and Kate fumble through the books in Rick's study, trying to agree on an author for a special reason.
You ain't seen nothing like me yet

All the ways in which Castle is holding Beckett up. The symbolism in this story is simply lovely. Spoilers for 3x24 Knockout.
Many's the time I ran with you
effie214/Celia Stanton

Beckett celebrates her birthday at the Old Haunt.
Getting in the Game

Kate Beckett doesn't remember whether it's morning or night when she wakes up post-surgery. She just knows it's a new day. Spoilers for 4x01.
When Every No Turns into Maybe

A lovely collection of missing moments from the show exploring Beckett's shifting perspective of Castle. Beckett POV.
Pillow Talk

A bad day at work and a goldfish named Ricardo. Oh, and some pillow talk.
A simple hypothetical

Castle tells Beckett stories about them as he tries to convince her of 'The Unavoidable Coupling of Kate Beckett and Richard Castle.' A really well-written, heartfelt look at moments that highlight the evolving relationship between Castle and Beckett.
As We Go

A hug. A compromising position on a couch. Some breakfast. You know, things that friends do.
The Most Powerful TwoLetter Word in the World

The evolution of the C/B relationship. The first time Rick Castle hears the word 'no' from Kate Beckett, they're in mid- introduction.
Take One Down, Pass It Around

Castle and Beckett indulge in some drinking at the Old Haunt, and Castle finds out just how much his books meant to Beckett after her mom's death.
pieces of her

Beckett through the seasons, in all her brittle, indominable glory.
Of Normal

In which Castle and Beckett succeed at Normal. Kind of. This fic accomplishes a very rare feat: making a slightly domesticated Castle and Beckett still interesting and still themthrough marriage and a kid—and not make you want to throw up.
Stranger Well Met

He doesn't know her, but the new detective in Homicide is no stranger to Roy Montgomery. The beginning of Montgomery and Beckett's relationship. Spoilers for 3x24.
Five Times Alexis Wondered About her Father's Relationship with Beckett and One Time She Didn't Need to

Well-written Alexis fics are hard to find, but this one manages to balance the fine line between mature young adult and teenager girl. Plus, it offers an interesting perspective into the Castle-Beckett dynamic.
her father's daughter, his daughter's father

'She's long since outgrown those Strawberry Shortcake pajamas, but this is her dad -- her personal superhero -- and she's still her father's daughter.' This fic perfectly captures the Alexis-Castle dynamic.
You are my favorite scar

Castle catches a glimpse of Beckett's scar for the first time and gets a little serious. Post 4x02.

Life sometimes isn't written by a single writer, but the result of a collaboration. A story of Castle and Beckett told in moments.
Poker Face

Frustrated with all this season four wall business? This fic is a satisfying remedy. Richard Castle may be a skilled poker player, but he’s got his tells, just like anyone else.
two times Castle might have taken care of Beckett (and one time he actually did)

Beckett is sick and Castle tries to help. Oh, the possibilities! Sick-fic.
Regrets Collect

A fic that is able to push the boundaries of the Castle-Beckett relationship while still maintaining the tension. Plus, Castle and Beckett talking and drinking at the Old Haunt is always a winner! Spoilers up to 4x08.
A City Built on Bones
effie214/Celia Stanton

'In the end, it's just about the places to begin.' Gina recalls the first meeting between Castle and Beckett. Gina POV
I'm A Superman Thanks To Lois Lane

A cop, her writer, and six comics.
Let the Games Begin
Part 1. Part 2.

A great explanation for the lack of Castle and Beckett flirting this season.
situations like these can get pretty steamy

A hilarious and clever conversation between Castle and Beckett. Who knew coffee making could be so suggestive?
as close as this

Castle and Beckett slowly build the relationship they want.
Breathe Me

Castle helps Beckett with a hard day. A lovely story of mourning, comfort and sharing.

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