Victoria Gates

Before taking on the position of Captain at the 12th Precinct, Victoria "Iron" Gates was in Internal Affairs. She is the second youngest female to make detective in the NYPD (Beckett beat her by six weeks). She comes from a family of police officers - her father and uncles were all cops. Gates' patrol partner was assaulted by a sergeant under the guise of authority. This incident appears to be a driving force in her determination to ensure the cops under her are held accountable for their actions. That would help to explain Gates' dislike of Castle. His friendship with the Mayor has given him unencumbered access to the 12th and Gates is unable to do anything about it.

Thus far, little is known about Gates. She appears to be strict and competent, and is intent on moving up the police ranks.

Gates prefers to be addressed as "Sir" instead of "Ma'am". She's married (5x14), but no mention has been made of kids. Her sister is U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Weston, with whom she had a falling-out over differences in their interpretations of the law (6x19).

In 7x02 Gates is startled when Castle lands a kiss on her, in response to leads coming in about his disappearance. In 7x10 Gates seems genuinely sorry to deliver the news that he's no longer permitted to shadow the team, and in 7x15 she welcomes him back and gets a bear hug in return.

When season 8 begins, we hear that Gates has been promoted to Deputy Chief of Police, and her name comes up only occasionally in conversation thereafter.
4x01 Rise - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki

  • Called "Iron" Gates, she used to be with Internal Affairs (4x01).
  • Unlike the others, Gates did not dream of being a homicide cop. She's an administrative appointment, and hopes it won't be long before she's moving on to higher pastures.
  • She is the second youngest female to make detective in the NYPD. Beckett beat her record by 6 weeks (4x01).
  • Gates is married, and her mother in law is a licensed pilot, which she never lets Gates forget. (5x09).
  • Her favorite TV show is Wives of Wall Street (5x14).

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