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Hunted Universe

Dangerous Game

Castle and Beckett shamelessly flirt in the Precinct, she then agrees to a game of Truth or Dare... and it all winds up back at his place. Great Caskett banter. [PWP]

Sequel to Dangerous Game, but couldn't be more different. Kate is hunted by a psychopath determined to break her, and he just might succeed. [casefile]
Out Of My League

It's Christmas Eve, and Castle and Beckett have some visits to make. [oneshot]
It's Not What You Think

Mariah Carey, a battery operated sweater, and a suspicious little velvet box. A holiday one-shot, set in the distant future. [oneshot}

The Morning Stories

The Thing About Mornings

A lovely, well-written story surrounding Beckett getting shot. [oneshot]
The Thing About Mornings, too

Continued from The Thing About Mornings. Beckett's slowly healing from being shot, and Castle's not far from her side. [oneshot]
Another Thing About Mornings
Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four.

Healing isn't always easy, even when someone's there wanting only to help. [multiparter]

The Bedroom Conversation Series (M)

One: July 2012

A series of bedroom (and maybe a bathroom and deck and other locations near a bedroom) conversations between Beckett and Castle in the first year or so of their relationship.

Week three and a discussion of past loves in Castle's bed.
Two: August 2012

Childhood memories are shared on Beckett's bed.
Three: October 2012

Beckett bathes, Castle talks Hunger Games. And kids.
Four: December 2012

Castle is bored, Beckett tries to read. An argument ensues.
Five: February 2013

Breakfast in bed, bittersweet memories and comic books.
Six: April 2013

Castle's hiding out in the Hamptons. Beckett comes to find him.



The Old Haunt, with Special Editions

Rosie Spleen
The Old Haunt

Ryan's getting married, so the gang's got to get the drinks in while they can. [a series of oneshots]
The Old Haunt Again

With everyone gone, Beckett and Castle duel over pool.
The Old Haunt Reprise

Beckett and Castle still dueling.
The Old Haunt Comes Back

And as the duel comes to an end, unexpected non-hilarity ensues.
Hospital Bed Edition

Blood Pressure Edition

Double oops.
Bubble Edition (M)

Oops with soapsuds.
Root Veg Edition (M)

Castle finally peels the last layers off the onion. Or does the onion peel him?
Jenny Edition (M)

It's the morning after and a few brain cells have apparently short-circuited as Beckett jumps to conclusions and poor Castle is kicked to the curb and left to plot revenge.
The Old Haunt Does Roy Orbison

Beckett sulks in her apartment and tries (and fails) not to think of Castle. While Castle serenades the Old Haunt. Is a hot reconciliation in the playlist?
The Old Haunt Rides a Cab (M)

The cab ride home to hot make-up sex hits a few bumps- and not all of them the fun Castle or Beckett kind. Kurt the Crazy cab driver gives Beckett a lesson in 'boning' protocol. And Castle and Beckett get quiet tactile as they work through some PDA issues.
The Old Haunt Does Chapter 12 (M)

Rick n' Kate get a bit too lovey-dovey on the deck of a make-believe pirate ship. They get a cab downtown to the eye specialist, but find that they can't see him.
The Old Haunt End Credits

It’s the night before the Ryan wedding and not much happens. Then it’s the Big Day, and no one gets any satisfaction. But it makes for a satisfying conclusion.

The Autumn of Our Content

Gray Cardinal

Why Maine Is Such A Good Idea

Futurefic. Alexis goes off to college...and makes a phone call to Kate Beckett that may change everyone's lives.
The Most Difficult Four Months

Set about a week after the events of Why Maine Is Such A Good Idea. Following a strenuous case (and Alexis's phone call), Beckett needs to talk to Castle. But there are important things to be done first....
All I Want For Christmas

Is it actually possible to plan a Christmas wedding in New York City on four months' notice? Can Castle and Beckett survive that long as roommates without (a) killing each other and/or (b) giving in to the temptation they've promised to resist? And what happens when the wedding day finally arrives?

The Barnes and Noble Series


Barnes & Noble

Ever wonder what might have happened if Johanna Beckett hadn’t been murdered? This AU series explores that question, while still keeping true to the Beckett and Castle we know and love.

Kate has some explaining to do during a Beckett family inquiry.
Corrado's on 75th

First date.
South of Houston (Above the Fold) (M)

The press catches onto the relationship and Kate doesn't take it too well.
Unexpected Appearances in Apartment #3A

Rick has an unexpected run-in with someone close to Kate.
On the (Same) Page

Rick is working on his new book and Kate has a decision to make. A wonderful conclusion to a great series.

The Pancake Series

We’ll Have Matching Casts,
Best. Day. Ever,
Book Tour: A Love Story,
Make A Girl Feel Special,
It Kind Of Hit Home
All The Courage You Need
You Can't Live Without Them

You Can't Live Without Them Part II

Castle and Beckett finally get together, yet remain their own splendidly snarky selves. And pancakes are involved. One-shot which has grown up to be a full-blown universe.

All the stories stand alone but are best taken together. Preferably with a glass of wine and a bubble bath, but that might be hard on your laptop.

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