Richard (Rick) Castle

played by Nathan Fillion

Described by Beckett as 'a nine year old on a sugar rush', Castle is a best-selling mystery writer with a colourful past, a near-perfect teenage daughter and a wicked sense of fun not always appreciated by Detective Kate Beckett (but gleefully enjoyed by her partners at the 12th).

Having gone to what he describes as every private school in New York, Castle's bad-boy reputation was cemented early on by acts such as riding a stolen police horse naked through Central Park. His friendship with the mayor has not only kept him out of serious trouble, but has helped him snag a perpetual ride-along with Beckett, under the guise of needing inspiration for the leading character in his new series of detective novels.

As a writer, Castle seems to be considered pulp, but extremely good pulp. And extremely popular. His earnings fund a presumably lavish lifestyle, a loft apartment, and pretty much whatever his mother and daughter (who both live with him) want. Castle's frivolous exterior, however, hides a genuinely kind and caring man, quick to ride to the rescue of women, children, and baby eggs.

Castle pic

Castle BB (Before Beckett)

  • Castle's birth name is Richard Alexander Rodgers, which he changed to Richard Edgar (as in Poe) Castle (2x19), because he thought it sounded better (3x02). He was born on April 1st, 1969 (WriterRCastle - see Alexis' Pedigree), so he's turning 41 when his birthday is mentioned in S2 (3x10). Alexis is 15 in S1 (1x01), so she was born in 1994, when Castle was about 25 years old (her exact birthdate is not on the pedigree). Castle never had a father figure (1x01) and never knew who his father was as he grew up. Martha clearly does know, and says they loved more in that one night than most people do in a lifetime (2x15), which seems to be enough for him.

  • He was raised by a series of 'alcoholic' nannies, most likely Martha's unemployed friends, and got the plot of his first novel watching One Life to Live with them (1x02). He was also frequently dumped at the New York Public Library for hours on end (1x01), which is how he learned to speed read (1x05). Martha even took Castle along on a touring production of A Chorus Line when he was about 10, and he almost had to repeat 5th grade (1x06).

  • Castle was kicked out of Redding Prep at one point, along with most of the other private schools in Manhattan. At 14 he was sent to Edgewyck Academy, where he was homesick and lonely until Damien Westlake befriended him. Damien was the editor of the literary magazine; he published a story of Castle's and told Castle that he had a real talent for writing (3x15). He went to Italy with his class in high school, when he was a freshman or sophomore, so probably the same school (2x24). Remembering this trip is why he doesn't want Alexis to go. He would have graduated from Faircroft Preparatory Academy had it not been for a prank whereby he and some other students managed to get a cow up 12 flights of stairs to the roof (6x15). Castle was the only student expelled, since he was a scholarship student and his friends had parents with more pull.
Daddy Bookbucks

  • Castle blew through the money from his first book in about six months (3x14). He’s apparently learned a lot about finance since.

  • Castle's address is apparently unlisted - in 2x09 he asks Scarlett how she managed to find him. His apartment is on the lower West Side (1x06, 2x09), and exterior shots of Castle's loft show that it’s located at the intersection of Broome & Crosby. In 3x15, Martha's check is addressed to her at 595 Broome Street (not quite that intersection, but close), in Tribeca. According to NY Mag, a loft such as Castle's would go for $3-8 million. He has lived in the loft at least since Alexis was in elementary school, since her childhood friend Gracie has been there before (3x10). The doorman for the building is named Eduardo (1x06). Castle also has a house in the Hamptons (2x24). It's a beachfront property with a lovely deck where Castle likes to write (and where he was hoping Beckett would come and sun herself, but alas...).

  • Meredith was doing community theatre when Alexis was a toddler, so childcare fell to Castle (1x02). He loves the Museum of Natural History and used to go there with Alexis every Sunday -- dinosaurs for her, possible dates for him (2x19).

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Love me do

  • In his freshman year of college, Castle fell in love with a girl named Allison, but she was gone the next morning. He never got her last name, so he could never find her again (2x15).

  • Castle met Kyra Blaine in college, just after his first best seller was published, so he was at least a sophomore, possibly a junior. He dedicated his second book, A Rose for Everafter, to her. They dated for three years, until she told him she needed space and moved to London (2x12). Castle was born in April, so he would have graduated at 22, and Alexis was born when he was about 25, so he'd have met Meredith by at least 24, which means he had to have met Kyra before he was 21.

  • Castle has been married twice (1x02): to Alexis' mother, an actress named Meredith (1x06), and much later to his publisher, Gina Griffin (1x01). Meredith left him for the director of a low-budget film she was shooting in LA when Alexis was a toddler (1x06). Their divorce was amicable enough that they still sometimes have "deep fried Twinkie" sex when she’s in NY (1x06), but Castle’s not crazy enough to guarantee a million dollar loan for her to buy an apartment there. (Alexis loves her mother, but also loves her better on the West Coast.) He divorced Gina not long before the pilot (1x01), but they’ve gone on working together.

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Write it, baby

  • Castle has written 26 bestsellers by the start of the show (1x09, but 3x13 says 22). The first half-dozen were before Derrick Storm (1x01). He wrote Derrick Storm for longer than both his marriages combined (Pilot Script). Further information on Castle’s books can be found here.

  • Castle claims to have written his first novel, In a Hail of Bullets, at The Old Haunt (3x10), and all the real world publicity for Heat Wave says it was published while he was still in college. (NY changed its drinking age from 18 to 21 in 1985, so this is not possible, as Castle would not have been 21 until 1992.Of course, NYC being NYC, it’s just as likely nobody cared.) He got the plot watching One Life to Live (1x02). For this, he won the Tom Straw Award for Mystery Literature, given by the Nom de Plume Society. Neither the award nor the society actually exist. Tom Straw, however, is real and is a crime fiction writer. The general consensus is that he's the real-world author of the Nikki Heat books.

  • The dedication to Castle’s second book, A Rose for Everafter, reads ‘For Kyra Blaine, you make the stars shine’. They met at college just after his first novel was published and dated for three years, breaking up the September after graduation (2x12). This means he most likely wrote In a Hail of Bullets his freshman year, and published it by the time he was 19 years old.

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He's got (ooh!) personality

  • His safe word is apples (1x01), but for someone who jokes about bondage play he seemed pretty surprised by the real bondage dungeon (2x16). Though he is a member of the Varick Club, which seems to be some sort of hotel/gentleman's club where you can rent "playrooms", but he hasn't been there in a while (3x15) so maybe he's just out of practice.

  • Castle plays golf with Judge Markway, the judge who signs Beckett's warrants (1x01). He also plays poker with a few different groups. His 'Gotham City' crew: Captain Montgomery, Bob, the Mayor (1x07) and Judge Markway (1x08); other mystery writers: the late Stephen J. Cannell (1x01, 2x01,2x24), Dennis Lehane (3x21), Michael Connelly (1x01, 2x01, 2x24, 3x21), and James Patterson (1x01, 2x01,2x24, 3x21). He definitely likes gambling, dropping $40,000 in a poker game with the Russian mob (2x01) and $100,000 on the possibility of catching the hitman who murdered Beckett's mother (2x13). Neither paid off exactly as planned. Castle does also have a few tells in poker: his nose twitches when he lies (3x19), he blinks when he's bluffing (1x08), and taps his fingers when he has a great hand (1x08).

  • He takes his coffee with one cream and two sugars (1x03) and eats his hot dogs with hot mustard (1x01). He’s supposedly a good cook, but he once tried to deep fry a turkey and burned his eyebrows off (2x14). He also likes lollipops that taste like soap (2x05) and whipped cream straight out of the can (1x01).

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They go together like WAKKA WAKKA WHOA

  • Castle has asked Beckett to watch out for Alexis if anything happens to him (2x19). She’s given him tons of advice on dealing with a teenaged girl, like when Alexis wanted a scooter (3x03), to go on a school trip to Europe (2x09), and to go to college with her boyfriend (3x23). She babysat Alexis’ egg baby, Feggin, when Castle had to go rescue Alexis and her very drunk friend Paige from a seniors party (2x06).

  • Beckett also tries to keep him from being Surveillance!Dad. Castle asked Beckett to run a background check on Alexis’ first date, Owen, but she refused (1x10) and she also disapproved quite strongly when he was tracking Alexis via GPS (3x19).

  • Beckett has given Alexis a job at the precinct as an intern (2x10), and has given her advice on study-abroad programmes (2x09). Alexis made Beckett a hot chocolate when she stayed over after her apartment was bombed (2x18, deleted scene). Martha has lent Beckett a ruby necklace to go with Castle’s dress (1x07) and given her a heartfelt hug when her mother’s case suddenly reared up again (2x13).

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  • 1x05 - Castle finally finds out Beckett's backstory. And we get to see the Nikki Heat plotboard.
  • 1x06 - Meredith, deep-fried twinkie and mother of Alexis, is back in town.
  • 1x10 - Castle finally has some information on Beckett's mother's case...and gets roundly slapped down for it.
  • 2x05 - Heat Wave is launched, and Castle gets the offer of a lifetime.
  • 2x12 - Castle has a 'one that got away'...and it isn't Meredith. Or Gina.
  • 2x24 - Oblivious to what's about to be his Big Moment with Beckett, Castle gets back together with Gina.
  • 3x06 - A serial killer kidnaps Castle and Ryan...but for some reason does not kill them. He remains uncaught (as of end of mid S4).
  • 3x15 - An old friend becomes the main suspect in a murder investigation.
  • 3x17 - Castle saves New York City. No, really.
  • 3x24 - Beckett and Castle fight over her safety but shows up to save her from Lockwood's gang. When things go horribly wrong at Montgomery's funeral, he tells Beckett, out loud, for the first time, that he loves her.
  • 4x01 - He's been kicked out of the precinct by new Captain Gates, but manages to get the Mayor to vouch for him, again.
  • 4x01 - Castle gets a call with information pertaining to Beckett's mom's case and her shooting, prompting maybe the biggest secret he's ever had to keep.
  • 4x07 - Martha and Castle are held hostage in his bank.
  • 4x12 - Castle gets yet another call about his place in the precinct and Beckett's safety.