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Recommended Reading - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
ooh! ooh! looky what we found!


let the procedural begin

why stop at one,
when you can rule a castleverse?


short but sweet, fic under 500 words

with plot, without parts

plot with parts,
not to be confused with the other PWP

hiatus bridge
OMG how will they get there from here???
Things we wrote to tide us through...

pre-eps, post-eps and missing scenes,
ordered by episode

you know what this is.
if you're not over 18, come back when you are.

if you need a little christmas right this very minute...or some other day

character studies and other quiet moments.
oneshot, no plot.
alternate universe
Crossovers, future, AU, Nikki Heat...
even a zombie apocalypse.
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