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A hot and slightly angsty interlude between season one Castle and Beckett. Castle has been slightly injured on a case and Beckett is in need of some stress relief. Good thing Castle still has one good hand.
The One In Which There Are No Pants

Kate sleeps through her alarm. There's a reason for that. Gee, bet you couldn't guess what it is.
I'll be alive and you'll be kicking

Rainstorm and a soaking wet Beckett + stuck in an elevator with Castle = a great time for the reader.
Playing Games

Castle, Beckett, flirting and handcuffs.
Push and Pull (and struggle with the knot)

Beckett is ready. Hoo-boy and bondage ensues. AU or PWP, you decide.
The Upper Hand

Castle and Beckett do a little sparring – literally and figuratively.
When to Fold 'em

Castle and Beckett at the coffee machine.
Violent Delights

Castle suggests that Beckett has a little trouble controlling her volume during certain...private moments. Competitive Castle and Beckett at their best - or, maybe their hottest.
No Questions

A focused Beckett, a confused Castle, and a post-success shower results in a steamy, fun interlude.
Afternoon Delights

Beckett's impatient (and aroused) and she's making Castle's internal editor go haywire.
she wants to wrap her legs around the world

Castle and Beckett bickering and being simultaneously funny and sexy while in a relationship. Such a fun read. [And Marlowe, this is how it can be done!]
My heart stops when you look at me

Castle and Beckett and drunk club sex fic from a talented author. What more do you need to know?!
We are the crossroads

Castle gets in trouble but then he ends up with something even better than an apology. Beckett in a naughty schoolteacher outfit. Loose sequel to My heart stops when you look at me
Pumped up kicks

Great tension, good use of language. Oh, yeah, and it's hot clothed!sex.
Feeling leaves me wanting more

Beckett's willing to do whatever it takes to catch a criminal and Castle finds it a little too easy to play along. A fun (and hot) take on the 'undercover in a club' scenario.
Breathing life like fire

The Old Haunt, alcohol, and that old cherry stem trick lead to some rather hot sex for Castle and Beckett. Great sexual tension and the banter is classic Castle.
All The Pretty Faces

A pool game between Castle and Beckett leads to a rather illuminating Q&A session. And sex.
This Twilight

Beckett and Castle sharing a hotel in L.A. could have gone very differently. Here's one hot and rather heartbreaking take. Spoilers for 3x22.
Practicing Reality

A steamy interlude between Castle and Beckett that includes a chair and some Nikki Heat discussion. Hot and unexpectedly sweet.
And every day that you want to wake up

Castle can't get Beckett--or handcuffs--off his mind. A great post-Cuffed fic.
I want to go back to the first time
literary critic

The next time, they do it without the tiger. Another satisfying post-Cuffed fic.
Who needs page 105 when you have a luxury bathroom?

A short shower scene between Castle and Beckett. Really, the title says it all.
Figuratively Speaking

He's a writer. It's his job to notice things. Excellent imagery, spicy banter and a great Castle voice.
there's a joke about Freud in here somewhere
literary critic

Beckett and Castle attend the Nikki Heat premiere while struggling with a serious case of UST. Serious hotness ensues.
Boys Like To Fetishize Girls Who Wear Neckties

Beckett wears a necktie and nothing else. Castle thinks a lot in parentheticals.
everlasting light

A return to L.A., Castle, Beckett, outdoor sexing, and absolutely no plot.
you'll be the rhythm and i'll be the beat

Castle and Beckett have some drunk sexytimes in a hotel room.
After the Storm

His new Nikki Heat novel is going to turn into a beach vacation edition if he doesn't get this version of her out of his system. [WIP]
you're working really hard

Castle and Beckett spend a weekend in the Hamptons.
Slippery When

Castle, Beckett, and the Ferrari go to Connecticut.
stating the obvious

Beckett has a problem that only Castle can help her with.
Undercover Lovahs

Three times Castle and Beckett go undercover and it ends in sex and one time it doesn't.
do you want to walk my crime scene?

Castle and Beckett follow up on a lead that goes nowhere so they follow up on each other in the back seat of her car.
Pour Some Sugar on Me

It's Beckett's birthday, and Castle has some pretty sweet ideas for how to celebrate.

Castle, Beckett, handcuffs and sex. A sexy and humorous read.
Sugar, we're going down

Castle and Beckett go undercover in a club and things get a bit out of hand when they get cornered in the bathroom. A twist on a well loved trope, if you will.

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