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Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
Gina Griffin
Played by: Monet Mazur
Appears in: 1x01, 2x24, 3x05, 3x12
Gina is Castle's second wife and his publisher. Castle proposed to her in a hot air balloon in February (2x22). Castle says that Johnny Vong's real estate seminar reminds him of his second wedding (2x13) and that his second wife was the most sexless relationship he's ever been in (2x17), although presumably he was exaggerating since they get back together in 2x22, and in 3x01 he insists it's a committed relationship. During the release party for Storm Fall, Castle mentions that he spent the advance for his next book divorcing her, so presumably they hadn't been divorced for more than a year or so at that time (1x01). She has a dog named Twain (WriteRCastle Twitter). Castle breaks up with her - a result of unspecified frequent arguments - via cell phone in 3x12. Before Beckett and Castle's engagement is public knowledge, Beckett cites a Page Six headline - "
Castle caught cuddling with ex-wife publisher" - as "more material to torture" Castle with (6x13).

We finally get a confirmation of Gina's last name (settling the Cowell/Griffin question) with a quick look at the Page Six newspaper story about their argument, which clearly shows her name as "Gina Griffin". (3x12)

Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiJames Beckett
Played by: Scott Paulin
Appears in: 1x05, 2x13, 3x13, 3x24, 4x01, 5x08, 5x21, 5x24, 7x06

Jim Beckett is Kate's father. After her mother died, he dove into a bottle, but he's been sober five years at the start of season one (1x05). Kate wears his watch, which may be a sobriety marker. He appears to live somewhere outside Manhattan. In 2x13, when Kate believes she may have a lead on her mother's killer, they meet at a diner. Both this conversation, and the tone of Kate's voice when she calls him at the end of 1x05, suggests that they get along well, but don't see each other very often. When Kate is offered a job in DC (5x24), her dad spells out for her what she might have to face if she takes the job - or if she doesn't. He does walk her down the aisle at the impromptu wedding ceremony in 7x06.

Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiMeredith [Castle?]
Played by: Darby Stanchfield
Appears in: 1x06, 5x10
Meredith is Castle's first wife and mother of Alexis. She and Castle appear to have married quite young and divorced when Alexis was about two. An actress of dubious talent, she left Castle to have an affair with the director of a film she was working on in LA, and she has lived there ever since. She doesn't seem to have any kind of consistent visitation with Alexis, but she does tend to pop in now and again and whisk the girl off for shopping...or dinner in Paris. Though Castle still occasionally has sex with his ex, both Alexis and Castle agree that in Meredith's case, absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Castle even invests in a film to get Meredith to abandon her plans for moving back to New York and to return to LA. (Meredith's surname doesn't appear on any credits, so it's not known if it is actually Castle.) In 5x10 Meredith comes to stay at the loft, ostensibly to "nurse [Alexis] back to health" when the latter has mono, but actually to check Kate out.

Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiAgent Will Sorenson
Played by: Bailey Chase
Appears in: 1x09, 1x10

Sorenson is an agent with the FBI who calls Beckett in to assist with a kidnapping (1x09). They originally met on another child abduction case several years before the pilot, and wound up dating for six months, until Sorenson was transferred to Boston and Beckett chose not to go with him (1x09). He's now been transferred back to New York, but Beckett gently turns down his offer to get back together, as she still has no intention of following him from post to post at the expense of her own career. In 1x10, after he gets shot helping her with another case, she seems to be ready to reconsider, but nothing further seems to have happened between them.

Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiDet. Roselyn Karpowski
Played by: Diana-Maria Riva
Appears in: 2x02, 2x05

Karpowski works in the 12th and appears to be another plainclothes homicide cop. She does occasionally work on Beckett's cases, but logically is probably part of a different squad and therefore not usually in the precinct at the same time.

In "Secret Santa" (5x09), Beckett tells Castle she got Karpowski to cover her shift.

Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiM.E. Sidney Perlmutter
Played by: Arye Gross
Appears in: 2x02, 2x05, 2x07, 2x08, 2x15, 2x22, 3x23, 4x22, 5x06, 5x17, 5x20, 6x03, 6x18, 7x11, 8x08, 8x13
Perlmutter is another ME. He and Lanie seem to work opposite shifts. He is known for being exceptionally cranky and has no sense of humor. He thinks that the autopsy room is the cleanest in the city (2x08) and he seems to bring his lunch from home (2x08). In 8x13, he reveals that he has an identical twin brother, "Edgar", but we have no corroboration for it.

First name was quoted in an interview Seamus Dever did, not confirmed anywhere else.

PaulaPaula Haas
Played by: Debi Mazar
Appears in: 2x05

Paula is Castle's agent. She acts as Castle's representative on matters such as the offer to write a "certain British secret agent" (2x05), the 3-book deal for the Nikki Heat sequels (2x05), and the "Heat Wave" movie (2x17).
She and Castle had a one-night affair in Ibiza, Spain, which resulted in a "very hot" chapter in Storm Fall.

Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiDr. Holloway
Played by: Phil LaMarr
Appears in: 2x06, 2x11

Is a departmental psychologist, who is not quite sure Castle doesn't need a bit of help.

Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiKyra Blaine
Played by: Alyssa Milano
Appears in: 2x12

Kyra is Castle's 'one that got away'. They were college sweethearts who were together three years. They seem to have met in Kyra's sophomore year, but Castle may be slightly older, as they talk about him writing his second novel while she was still studying for exams. The dedication for this second book, 'A Rose for Everafter', reads 'To Kyra Blaine, you make the stars shine'. After she graduated, Kyra went to London. Castle was supposed to follow but didn't. They never saw each other again until her wedding (2x12).

Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiJenny Duffy O'Malley
Played by: Juliana Dever
Appears in: 2x16, 3x11, 4x06, 4x11, 5x18, 6x11
, 7x23 , 8x20
Jenny has been Ryan's girlfriend since some time in Season 1 (played, in fact, by Seamus Dever's real-life wife). She likes loud ties, a honey milk drink before bedtime, and thinks everyone Ryan works with is just supercool. She had a fling with the victim in 4x11, before she and Ryan were exclusive. Ryan and Jenny spent their first vacation together at a vineyard (2x14) and in 3x11, Ryan proposes in the middle of the precinct. Jenny and Kevin were married in 4x11.

In 5x18, Jenny tells Kevin she's pregnant, good news since they've been trying to conceive for a while. In 6x11 Jenny gives birth to their first child while Kevin is trapped under a burning building along with Esposito. In 8x01, Ryan mentions to Esposito that Jenny's pregnant again, and in 8x17 Nicholas Javier Ryan is born.

Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiFederal Agent Jordan Shaw
Played by: Dana Delany
Appears in: 2x17, 2x18

Jordan Shaw claims she joined the FBI, in part, for the fancy 'toys'. When Shaw was 25, she broke the 1991 Hudson Valley Strangler case by profiling that the perp drove a Yugo. She also worked the 'recapitator case' in Phoenix where the killer switched his victims' heads. She also plays a mean game of Scrabble (2x17).

Shaw has a husband and a young daughter who is old enough to have homework. Her husband tucks her in every night, and tells her that 'mommy’s off slaying dragons' (2x18).

demmingDet. Tom Demming
Played by: Michael Trucco
Appears in: 2x21, 2x22, 2x23, 2x24

Demming is a buddy of Esposito's from the 54th. Now working at the 12th, he's in Robbery (and coaches underprivileged kids in basketball in his spare time). He meets Beckett officially when he's called in to consult on a case, but unofficially, they'd already met in the gym when Beckett was taking out some frustration on a punching bag (2x21). She later challenges him to a sparring match to keep him occupied so Castle and the boys can search his locker. The two hit it off (literally) and begin dating (2x22), which quickly becomes serious, much to Castle's chagrin. In 2x24 Beckett breaks it off, realising that it's Castle she really wants, just before she finds out Castle has gotten back together with his ex-wife Gina.

5x05Officer L. Tolliver "L. T."
Played by L. Tolliver
Has lines in: 3x01, 6x22, 7x23, 8x01, 8x02
L.T. can be seen in many episodes as a background character, at crime scenes and at the precinct. He's a man of few lines, but a regular part of the scenery at the 12th. In 8x01 L.T. and Officer Jenkins are assaulted by a suspect while escorting her through the precinct, but in 8x02 we see that they're both alive, if somewhat battered.

Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiMike Royce Played by: Jason Beghe
Appears in: 3x03, 3x22

Royce was Beckett's training officer for her first 18 months on the job. The two seemed to have a close relationship -- Beckett refers to him as being dry land when she was drowning in her mother's case, and Royce has all kinds of great stories to tell on her.

Royce became a bounty hunter after he retired from NYPD. Unfortunately, he got a little too interested in one of his cases and wound up implicated in a murder. Beckett had to arrest him and never spoke to him again. Royce seems to have got off any charges and moved to LA to start over as a PI, but a case he's working leads him back to NY, where he's murdered.

JoshJosh Davidson
Played by: Victor Webster
Appears in: 3x04, 3x16, 3x17, 4x01

Josh is Kate's mysterious boyfriend in S3, whom we see very little. He rides a motorcycle (3x04) and is a cardiac surgeon (3x05). He seems to work in a local hospital, as Beckett frequently mentions he's on call, and also with Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, a real organisation) in the developing world. He has recently spent time in Africa (3x13), but gave up a subsequent trip to Haiti to stay in town and try to make his relationship with Beckett work. As of late S3, it doesn't seem to be going terribly well. Sometime during Kate's recovery in 4x01, she and Josh break up.

AshleyAshley Linden
Played by: Ken Baumann
Appears in: 3x04, 3x08, 3x23

Ashley is Alexis' boyfriend and her First True Love. He goes to the same high school as Alexis (3x06, 3x08) and they have a song, Taylor Swift's "Mine" (3x05). Ashley also has a 5-year-old pet rat named Theodore (3x08), a very bad haircut, and a healthy fear of Castle, who greeted him with an antique gun (3x04). His father, Bob, is a professor of economics. Ashley's parents meet Castle for the first time in 3x09 and decide to join them camping, unfortunately for Castle, who thinks they're boring. He's duped into kissing Alexis's friend Lauren at a party, causing a rift between the two when pictures are posted online (3x20). He's accepted to Stanford, Northwestern and NYU (3x23) so Alexis breaks up with him, fearing he'll choose NYU over his dream of Stanford to stay with her (3x23). They're quickly back together, with Alexis planning to graduate high school in December in order to join him at Stanford, where he's majoring in economics (4x02) in January. Long distance does not work well, and after he ignores her calls while her dad and grandmother are being held hostage in a bank, Alexis breaks up with him over the phone (4x07).

Michael Mosley
7x15 07
Jerry Tyson
Played by: Michael Mosley
Appears in: 3x06, 5x05, 7x14, 7x15
Referred to in: 4x04, 6x09

When we first meet Jerry Tyson (3x06), he's serving time at Sing Sing as a first time drug offender; he enters Beckett's investigation as an associate of a man she suspects is a serial killer. Tyson spins a tale that misleads Beckett and her team and gets out of prison but under protective custody. When Castle figures out that Tyson is the killer, Tyson ultimately ends up knocking out Ryan and tying up Castle; he makes his escape, taking Ryan's badge and gun with him and leaving Castle to live with his failure.

Tyson's next connection to the Twelfth (4x04) is when Ryan's gun is used in a murder. One of the suspects is traced back to possible contact with Tyson.
Ryan leads the arrest of the suspect and the relocation of the young friend of the victim, and his gun is recovered from its life of crime. The suspect eventually offers to disclose information as to Tyson's current alias and whereabouts, but Beckett and Castle decline, knowing that the information would be unreliable at best.

Castle himself is a suspect (5x05), allegedly responsible for an elaborately staged murder scene and incriminating evidence of all sorts - bank withdrawals, security cam footage, even a fingerprint. When he gets a visit from Jerry Tyson while in Holding, Castle realizes who's behind the entire setup, and that he can't solve the case from behind bars.

At the end of 5x05 there's a showdown between Tyson, Beckett, and Castle, where Tyson falls 100 feet into the river; his body is never found and Castle is convinced Tyson is still alive somewhere and plotting further revenge.

Two victims who are dead ringers for Lanie Parish and Javier Esposito are found to have been surgically altered and trained to mimic the real people (6x09). The surgeon involved, Kelly Nieman, claims to know of no ulterior motive and no criminal activity connected to the two patients, but Castle gets the feeling that Jerry Tyson might have masterminded the surgery and the murders. The team finds out that the ersatz Lanie and Espo used their skills to steal every paper and electronic file related to the 3XK murders from the ME's records storage, along with reports and evidence from 26 other cases. Kelly Nieman vanishes, leaving behind a USB drive for Castle and Beckett that plays the song "We'll Meet Again".

In 7x14, Lanie is the first to recognize why the body she's examining displays aspects related to the 3XK murders. Beckett traces the victim's contacts back to a charitable organization to which Kelly Nieman is a major donor; she finds that Nieman is once again in the U.S. and has a practice in New York. She claims to know nothing of the victim, but the team comes across surveillance video linking one of Nieman's alleged patients to a man who looks exactly like Jerry Tyson. Under interrogation, he claims to be Michael Boudreau from Iowa, though he looks nothing like the DMV photo of Boudreau. The detectives race against time to find some evidence that he's really 3XK, but since all the NYPD records disappeared they have nothing with which to compare his DNA. Beckett and Castle manage to scrape up a long-forgotten bit of human detritus that they hope will allow them to detain their suspect.

At the end of 7x14, we
see that Beckett, who left the precinct to meet with a potential informant, has been drugged and abducted by an unknown hand - and that the NYPD has been forced to release the man everyone is convinced is Jerry Tyson, in the company of Kelly Nieman. Tyson and Nieman have a perfect alibi for Beckett's abduction, as they were both at the precinct during the time she was taken.

In 7x15 Tyson taunts the police and Castle with dead-end leads, some of which show that he's been planning this crime for months. Beckett is being held at an unknown location, where Nieman makes scans of Beckett's face preparatory to changing her own identity. Castle tracks down a possible location for Tyson, who subdues Castle, intending to make him watch Beckett die on a video feed.

At the end of 7x15 both Tyson and Nieman are dead (this time we have the bodies to prove it)
and Beckett is found.

Recurring characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiDHS (Department of Homeland Security) Agent Mark Fallon
Played by: Adrian Pasdar
Appears in: 3x16, 3x17

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) sends Fallon to act as a liaison to the NYPD. As soon as the words 'nuclear bomb' are mentioned, he takes over the case. According to Beckett, Fallon is a smart cop, driven, and has a killer instinct. But as a person, he is "kind of a douche" (3x16). It turns out that Fallon is driven by the death of his wife, who was killed in the al-Qaeda terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Fallon and his wife were on the phone together when the second tower went down (3x17).

DHS Website

Mrs MOther characters - Dustjackets: A Castle WikiEvelyn Montgomery
Played by: Judith Scott
Appears in 3x23, 3x24

Evelyn is Captain Montgomery's wife of 30 years. Her best idea for an anniversary gift is 'more Roy' but sadly, Montgomery is killed just after promising to retire.

Roy and Evelyn have three children, two girls (below) and a boy of unknown age.

Mary (L) and Rebecca Montgomery
Played by: LaNiesha-Jopre Irvin and Daniele Watts
Appear in

Mary and Rebecca are about twelve and sixteen, and are Montgomery's daughters.

Dustjackets: A Castle WikiDr. Carter Burke
Played by: Michael Dorn
Appears in: 4x01, 4x05, 4x09, 4x21, 5x13, 7x20
Dr. Burke is the department appointed psychologist who cleared Beckett for active duty after she was shot. Most cops don't go voluntarily back after they've been cleared, but Beckett does. Her meetings with Dr. Burke seem to be on an 'as needed' basis, though she may go more regularly than we're aware.

Her first visit back she confesses that she lied and that she does remember everything about her shooting, including Castle's declaration of love (4x01). We see Beckett go to him when Castle takes a liking to insurance adjustor Serena Kaye (4x05), when latent PTSD surfaces during a case involving a sniper (4x09), and again after several weeks of Castle inexplicably (to her, although it's frankly inexplicable to us why that's inexplicable to her) acting cold, distant and childish (4x21). She also consults Burke while following up a lead that might incriminate or exonerate her nemesis, Senator William Bracken, whom she's supposed to be protecting (5x13).

In 7x20, Castle consults with Dr. Burke in order to attempt recovery of Castle's memories of the summer he was kidnapped, with inconclusive results.

Sophia TurnerCIA Agent Sophia Turner
Played by: Jennifer Beals
Appears in: 4x15
, 4x16

11 and a half years ago, Castle met Sophia Turner when he did research for his first Derrick Storm novel. She quickly became his muse, and he based Clara Strike, the female protagonist, on her. Castle and Turner fought the sexual tension until they succumbed to sleeping together (4x16). Turner manipulates Beckett into thinking that sleeping with Castle is a mistake.

At first, she seems smart, driven, and loyal, but as we learn more about her, a tingle begins in our bad-guy radar. It turns out that she is the mole that is working to bring about Pandora (4x16). By the end of Linchpin, she has Beckett and Castle at gunpoint, claiming to have information about Castle's father. She is killed by her partner, Martin Danberg.

She knows Castle well enough to put a Panic button on his phone as opposed to Beckett's simple CIA icon (4x15). She also knows that Castle likes to know the ends of stories and play with dynamite (4x16).

Ethan Slaughter Detective Ethan Slaughter
Played by: Adam Baldwin
Appears in: 4x21, 8x06

Ethan Slaughter, aka "The Widowmaker", is a detective from the Gangs division of the NYPD. According to Esposito, Slaughter's last three partners have been killed in the line of duty. Castle decides to follow Slaughter as a change of pace while he's making up his mind to separate from Beckett. Slaughter turns out to be a completely loose cannon, disregarding procedure and legal consequences in pursuit of their suspect, and Castle starts to regret teaming up with him (though Castle does punch Slaughter when the latter leers over Alexis).

Slaughter refers to Castle as "Sherlock", and continues to do so when they meet again at Castle's P.I. office. Slaughter needs a favor, and Castle reluctantly agrees, on the condition that they do things his way. During the course of the investigation, we find out that Slaughter's ex-wife is a mezzo-soprano from the New York City Opera and that they met in college while they were both studying musical theater. This comes in handy later when Castle and Slaughter are in danger and create a diversion by singing a number from West Side Story.

Jack ColemanSenator William Bracken
Played by: Jack Coleman
Appears in: 5x01, 5x13, 6x22, 8x01, 8x02
Bracken is connected to the murder of Johanna Beckett; he discovered the illegal activities of three NYPD officers while he was Assistant District Attorney and blackmailed them, demanding a cut of the ransom money they were collecting. He had Johanna and three other people killed because they were getting too close to discovering the truth about the scheme. (See Johanna's Murder Board for details.)

After a continuous effort to find evidence to implicate Bracken in her mother's murder, Beckett learns that it's been hidden in plain sight all along: a recording that Roy Montgomery probably made of a conversation with Bracken and the other dirty cops. On the strength of this and other information Beckett has gathered over the years, Bracken is arrested and charged with conspiracy, fraud, and murder.

We last see Bracken in prison in 8x01 and 8x02; shortly thereafter he's found dead in his cell, murdered on the orders of yet another mysterious Big Bad.

Tori EllisTory Ellis
Played by: Maya Stojan
Appears in: 5x20, 5x21, 5x24, 6x01, 6x08, 6x09, 6x11, 6x12, 6x15, 6x17, 6x20, 6x21, 6x23, 7x01, 7x02, 7x03, 7x05, 7x08, 7x09
, 7x14, 7x15, 7x23
Tory appears to be an NYPD tech specialist; she's usually seen at a standing station in a room with a large monitor. She retrieves and analyzes video and audio leads as well as computer files relevant to whatever case is on tap.

Tory apparently participated in an Airbnb-style setup, but changed her mind when she saw how easy it was for a suspect to duplicate someone's apartment key from just an image. (7x05)

BECKETT: Why would anyone let complete strangers stay in their place?
TORY: Extra money. (sheepishly) After this I don’t think I’ll be doing it anymore.

Hayley ShiptonHayley Shipton
Played by: Toks Olagundoye
Appears in: 8x01, 8x02, 8x05, 8x06
, 8x07, 8x08, 8x12, 8x13, 8x14, 8x15, 8x18, 8x21, 8x22
Hayley is a London expat, previously with the Metrop
olitan Police Service, who now freelances as a security expert. She first encounters the men of the 12th when they bring her in for questioning regarding the murders in 8x01 and Beckett's disappearance. Her confidence and experience appeal to Alexis, who seems to see Hayley as a mentor, or at least an inspiration.

In the course of Castle investigating his own disappearance in 8x14, Hayley admits that she spent some of that time "keeping an eye on him" at the request of his father. In 8x18 we learn more about Hayley's work with MI6 and the fate of her partner.

Vikram SinghVikram Singh
Played by: Sunkrish Bala
Appears in: 8x02, 8x03
, 8x07, 8x08, 8x10, 8x13, 8x16, 8x22
Vikram is a "low-level data cruncher" for the CIA whose handling of a heavily redacted memo sets off the string of life-threatening events in 8x01 and 8x02. He's only been with the agency a few months. In 8x03, he seems to be working for the NYPD and helping Beckett with her new crusade to take down Bracken's mysterious partner. He is continually reminding Beckett that she can't involve Castle in their investigation.

Rita 8x11Rita
Played by: Ann Cusack
Appears in: 8x02, 8x11
Rita shows up to save Kate and Vikram from a hit squad, then proceeds to fill them in on what little she knows about LokSat, as well as mentioning that she's married to Jackson Hunt. When Kate needs help with a case left over from the Cold War, she calls in Rita, and Rick gets a chance to meet his stepmother.

Caleb BrownCaleb Brown
Played by: Kristoffer Polaha
Appears in: 8x08, 8x10, 8x19, 8x22
Brown first appears as a public defender assigned to a suspect in 8x08; when Vikram runs a background check on him he finds that Brown is connected to a shell corporation involved in the LokSat operation. Brown seems to be a force for justice, but by the end of 8x19 he has revealed crucial information as to his part in LokSat, how he got there, and what she can do about it.

Rainey Spurlock
Brady & Tyler Steib
Lily, Jake, and Reece
Played by: Rainey Spurlock and Brady and Tyler Steib
Appear in: 8x22
Rick and Kate's children, as seen in the "Seven years later" time jump in the series finale. Lily is the oldest, and Jake and Reece are identical twins.

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