with plot, without parts


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who went to the police academy. Rookie Beckett from Royce's POV.
handful of sky

Castle catches Beckett in a rare moment of vulnerability.
All I Want

A nice look at the unseen relationship between Kate and Josh. Even hardcore Castle/Beckett shippers should enjoy it.
Curves Ahead

One of the funniest 'Beckett has a crap day and gets extremely legless' fics out there. Or, slizzard, as Carto calls it.
Counting Coup
handful of sky

Verbal sparring, innuendoes, iphone apps, and late-night snacks. Castle is keeping a tally and Beckett is curious. Fun and unexpectedly sweet.
A Woman in Uniform

Beckett volunteers to work the Fourth of July. Castle wants to know why.
handful of sky

Change sometimes means sacrifice. A beautiful story that's both sad and hopeful and has a powerful, quietness about it. Beckett POV.
Consequence and Second Guesses

A split-second can change everything. A member of her team is shot and Beckett blames herself.
Perfect Plan

This take on the first kiss scenario is beautifully done with a strong sense of setting.
Caution: Curve Ahead

How Beckett met Josh. Motorbikes and leather - what more do you need to know?! Post-2x24 A Deadly Game.

Rick Castle is most definitely not suffering from writer's block. He doesn't believe in it. A hilarious exchange of emails between Castle and Gina regarding the dubious progress of Naked Heat.
Best Served Cold
fbi_woman and floatingamoeba

Castle makes a snap judgement and the women in his life make sure he gets a taste of his own medicine. Castle's (questionable) reasoning in this is spot on and funny.
A Burden Shared
handful of sky

An expansion of one of her Alphabet Drabbles collection. (Read those first!) Castle deals with a loss and Beckett steps up to help him.
Bacon in the Morning

After movie night, everyone's snowed in at Castle's. A lovely glimpse into Castle's writing process and a revealing conversation with Beckett.
Perception Filter
effie214/Celia Stanton

A unique fic that tells a taunt story through various perspectives.
handful of sky

Castle and Beckett get locked in a meat locker. (Written before Countdown.) The way I had hoped to see Castle and Beckett locked in a freezer together.
Elliott Silver

The Old Haunt, the old dance, and maybe a new twist.
Regrets Collect

Not really a post-ep for 4x07, more like what might have happened if Beckett and Castle had wound up having that drink after all.
Next Time

Beckett said that next time, they should do it without the tiger. This isn't really what she'd had in mind.
Crying Uncle

Castle has a plan. And lots of back-up plans. Proposal fic.
Shoulda put a ring on it

Castle and Beckett get married. The end, sort of.
The Aim of Waking

With Alexis at college, Castle's in pain and so Beckett brings red wine and conversation.
Hit You With My Love Shot

Castle’s [laser tag] death, like all things he does, is an exaggerated affair filled with unnecessary drama.
In Motion

Castle gets a new hobby.
Cora Clavia

A dangerous situation at work changes things between Beckett and Castle. Set post-Headhunters.

Seth comes to the precinct to film extras for the Heat Wave DVD. A hilarious story that maintains the heart of the show and keeps the characters in-character. Just a fantastically enjoyable read. 3POV.
Dinner Plans

Castle and Beckett meet Alexis's new boyfriend.

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