plot with parts, not to be confused with the other PWP

Team Castle

When Martha is taken ill, Kate become a member of 'Team Castle'. Neither she nor they want it any different.
The Trouble With Paris

Kate and Josh, behind the scenes. A canonical fic, filling in the spaces of season 3. [WIP]
The Way We Fall

Not quite the usual 'how they get together' fic -- a gentle, beautiful tale told in eight parts.
The Frog at the Bottom of the Well

It's not easy being green. Especially when you're Castle, trying to do something nice for Beckett.
Everything In Whispers Pt.1
Lay Down Your Burden Pt. 2 (M)

Castle gets stabbed, but Beckett’s the one who gets hurt. The narrative moves quickly, the emotions are real and messy, and the two parts show a natural progression in the intimacy between Castle and Beckett.

Beckett has a small problem. Luckily, Castle can help. It can also be known as Beckett gets hurt and Castle tries to take care of her. Also, Gina makes an appearance. Set sometime after 3x01- A Deadly Affair.

Yes, it's another girl in a refrigerator, but this time, she's not alone. Another way the events of Setup/Countdown could have gone.
No Joy, But Lacks Salt
Elliot Silver

An unusual fic for this fandom. After a Castle-induced burnout, Beckett slowly puts together a different life. Technically a post-ep for 3x24, but quickly becomes a story of its own.
Like Midnight

A body is found and sets in motion a series of events that has serious consequences for Castle and Beckett. The 3XK killer returns and we get a fantastic, dramatic story.
Coptus Interruptus (M)
Rosie Spleen

A lighthearted, slow-day-at-work tale. It's slow at the precinct. No murder to solve has them killing time, playing games, making conversation, thinking about going home early or contemplating pranks on Sir Gates. But for Beckett and Castle? They just can't seem to get any alone time. [WIP]
Unvanquished, Unvanquished: Redux

A very different look at what might happen when Beckett and Castle take the Dragon down. Now with extra epilogue.

It's just Castle and Beckett. And a dog.
Waiting Game

Love times at the 12th. With circus. And ferret. One of the funniest fics ever to grace the fandom.
Even When You Fall Apart

Humpty Big-Bad falls, and Castle and Beckett head for the Hamptons to put themselves (and everyone else) back together again.
A Better Fate
Sandiane Carter and chezchuckles

A tragic event leads Beckett on an unexpected journey.
Away in the Woods (M)

Beckett and Castle are banished to her father's cabin in the woods. Alone. For days. Make of that what you will.

Castle races to save a kidnapped Beckett. A taunt, exciting thriller.

A mysterious phone call throws Johanna Beckett's case wide open but results in unforeseen and deadly consequences. [WIP]

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