Lanie Parish

played by Tamala Jones

Lanie is a Medical Examiner and a forensics analyst for the NYPD. Lanie seems to have a well-developed social life, and has occasionally arrived at a crime scene dressed for a date.

She and Beckett are good friends as well as colleagues, and the two occasionally hit the town together. As far as Castle is concerned, Lanie does frequently find him amusing, but she was also happy to cut him off when Beckett was angry with him.

Her longstanding flirtation with Esposito becomes a full-blown relationship in season 3. But their relationship comes to an end over the topic of marriage: Esposito for marriage and Lanie against it (confirmed by Terri Edda on Twitter). The volatile couple appeared to be headed towards a reconciliation at Ryan's wedding.
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  • Lanie is also a fan of Castle's books, but much less embarrassed about it than Beckett (1x01).
  • Lanie is the only other person who knows what Castle's ME friend found out about Johanna Beckett's murder, but Castle had to tell her. Beckett didn't (2x01).
  • She doesn't drink coffee, but she does like bearclaws (3x04).
  • As of 3x12 Lanie and Esposito are dating, and trying to keep it from the rest of the team. Ryan eventually lets it spill that everyone already knows (3x14). And in case they didn't, Lanie unconsciously calls Esposito 'baby' in front of everyone at a crime scene (3x15), thus ending any secrecy from any side.
  • We see the inside of Lanie's apartment, briefly, in 3x12.
  • According to Esposito, she hates her mother but we don't know why (3x15).
  • Lanie is a fan of Temptation Lane and was annoyed when Sara Cutler became head writer and killed off one of the main characters (3x18).
  • According to Beckett, Lanie likes diamonds (3x18).
  • Per Terri Miller (confirmed on Twitter), Lanie and Esposito broke up because they disagreed on marriage. Lanie was the one that wasn't sold on marriage (4x06).
  • She apparently likes to dance, enough to bring someone who also enjoys dancing to Ryan's wedding (4x11).
  • She dreamed of being a Prima Ballerina when she was a kid, but when she turned 13, "the girls" got in the way (4x19).
  • She watches Night of Dance and seems to get very invested in the characters (4x19).

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  • 3x12 - Lanie is revealed to be in at least a semi-serious relationship with Esposito, but they're keeping it secret from the rest of the gang.
  • 3x16 - Lanie and Esposito's relationship has gone public.
  • 4x06 - After a double date with Jenny and Ryan, Lanie and Esposito fight about marriage and decide to take a break from their relationship.
  • 4x11 - Lanie brings a friend to Ryan and Jenny's wedding because doesn't want to watch him flirt with other women all night, but allows Esposito to escort her into the church.

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