holidays pg

if you need a little christmas right this very minute...or halloween...or any other day

It's Christmas time in the city....
Tannenbaum, NY

An introspective Castle recalls moments and memories of his daughter while putting up the tree. Wonderful Martha interaction/characterization make it truly enjoyable.
Jingle All the Freakin' Way

Castle tries to get Beckett into the Christmas spirit. Snark and holiday shmoop in one nicely wrapped package.
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Something

Kate Beckett's not the only one at the 12th who doesn't do Christmas. For the Scrooge in all of us :)
Blue December (never look a gift horse in the mouth)

Once upon a time, Kate Beckett believed in Santa Claus. She's grown up since. Pre-series.
All my bells are ringing just for you

Castle and Beckett wrap presents. Short but sweet and steamy Christmas fun.
Silver & Gold

Castle plays Santa. This little fic will leave you with a smile on your face.
Once Upon A Time

Castle gives Beckett a Christmas surprise. A perfect blend of banter and heartfelt.
Shiny and New

...and a little child shall lead them. Or maybe not so little. A perfect Christmas-time story.
Love in Action

Castle helps Beckett get into the Christmas spirit.
It's...the rest of the year
First Light
Elliot Silver

Castle and Beckett see a New Year in together.
She tastes like midnight she tastes like wine (M)

Castle throws a New Year's extravaganza at the Old Haunt, which may just be an excuse to get Beckett alone in the hidden downstairs office.
Countdown (M)

It might be a New Year's cliche, but Castle's not complaining. Neither is Beckett, and neither are we.
Baby, You're a Firework (M)

Technically, a PWP (minors, don't try this at home), possibly spawning a new Caskett 4th of July tradition.
Giving Thanks

A quiet moment during Thanksgiving dinner featuring our favorite crime fighting duo.

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