Dustjackets Style Guide

Without trying to get too fussy about it, here's a guide to size, colour, etc used in this layout.

For examples of how things should look, style, etc, try these pages. They all have templates which will pop up when you create a new page:

Episode page
Episode spec
Character page
Character spec


  • The blue is a custom colour: 4891f7 (yeah, I'm weird :) The orange is standard .
  • Text should always be in white. The templates should be fairly clear about when to use 12 and when 10. Big blocks of text, like recaps, should go in 12 -- some people have a hard time reading lots of text in 10.
  • At least two of us here are OCD-level grammar freaks. Please do not feel insulted if your text is corrected, there is none intended. Please also don't let that stop you from contributing to the site. You don't need to have perfect grammar to have acute powers of observation or a really cool theory about the origin of Ryan's tie.


After spending much time wrestling with (and cursing) the Wetpaint interface, I went the Photobucket route. (Also, the Wetpaint slideshow widget looked awful.) I've ceased worrying about the fact that everything uploaded through the interface automatically winds up on the PHOTOS page, which makes it look a complete mess :)

  • The Photobucket account is at http://dustjackets.photobucket.com. PM me if you want to upload stuff or make a slideshow for the character/cast pages and I'll send you the password. For one-offs, it's fine to use the interface here to upload directly from your computer. Please DON'T upload photos from the OS.
  • You can also upload photos from the Photobucket account without a password. Just click the Photo button, choose From the Web and C & P the http:// address from the Photobucket page.
  • I use Gomplayer, so I tend to do my screencaps from inside the player. These will come out at whatever size the encode is, usually 624x352. If you have another method and the big pictures come out a different size, that's fine as long as all the pics for one ep are the same size.
  • Thumbnails for the Photobook pages should be 150 x 85. Width is more important than height if they come out slightly different.
  • The purpose of the Photobook page is to tell the story of the ep in 30 images. This means that all the regulars and all the guesties should get at least one image (I wasn't thinking about that when I did 1x01, so I'll be changing those).
  • You can, however, indulge your desire to snap 100 pictures of Castle looking devilish (or Beckett looking gorgeous, take your pick :) and upload them to the Castle or Beckett albums through the Wetpaint interface. Do try to tag them with the ep number and character, for the completionists among us.
  • The 30 thumbnails from the Photobook page should be linked to the same 30 big pictures in the Photobucket account. These are the same pics used for the slideshow at the bottom of the ep page.
  • It seems duh, but since you never know: cast albums shouldn't include more than one pic of them in their Castle role -- those should go in the character albums.


  • You can embed videos from sources which generate embed codes (like YouTube, Imeem, etc) BUT these must link back to the original pages. Please do not copy video from these sites and upload it as flv.
  • Vids which are hosted on private sites can be represented by a photo which links to that person's webpage, or just a plain link. Please do not hotlink directly to other people's vids. This includes interviews, etc.
  • Likewise, please do not upload any videos directly into the Wetpaint site unless you are the author.


  • For the moment, we're not planning on hosting any fan fic. However, if you do find some good fic out there, by all means use the Recommended Reading page to let everyone know about it.
Think that's all. Thanks for joining us and I hope the playground has all the right toys! If it doesn't let me know below and I'll build them.


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