Capt Roy Montgomery

Mike Royce may have trained Beckett as a cop, but it's Montgomery who trained her as a homicide detective and he seems to have an almost fatherly interest in her career (including the occasional equivalent of 'go to your room'). He's married with three children, and seems to like fishing in his off hours.

Roy Montgomery was Captain of the Homicide unit at the 12th in seasons 1-3. He was killed in the line of duty on May 16, 2011.


  • Montgomery goes to a Knicks basketball game with Castle and the Mayor (1x03). He also plays poker at Castle's place on occasion (1x08).
  • Montgomery has been married for 30 years (3x23) to a woman named Evelyn (3x20), and at first had at least two sons - a three-year-old son (1x03), and one old enough to have gone to summer camp in the Adirondacks (2x10). However, in 3x19 he says he has two daughters and one son, though in 3x24 only his daughters appear, and there's no son at the funeral. His daughters look to be about 12 (Mary) and 15 (Rebecca).
  • Montgomery lives in a detached house, so not in Manhattan. The size and lawns around it makes it look like it might be Staten Island or Queens (3x24).
  • Ten years before S2, Montgomery was a homicide detective with the 64th (2x08).
  • If he won the lottery Montgomery would buy a big fishing boat. He plays his kids' birthdays as his lottery numbers (3x14).
  • He has a fondness for fine scotch (3x10), and keeps a flask in his drawer at the office (2x13 & 3x24).
  • According to Beckett, Montgomery plans to "retire" all the time (3x23).
  • Montgomery first encountered Beckett when she was a rookie beat cop digging through some old files she wasn't supposed to be able to access. She confessed to him then that this was her mother's unsolved case and there were things that didn't add up. As Montgomery tells the story (3x24), he decided right then that she would make an excellent homicide cop, although he does not appear to be directly responsible for bringing her onto his team. But he did train Kate as a homicide detective, and says she's the best he ever trained (2x13).
  • Esposito and Ryan say it's Montgomery who brought them into homicide (3x24).
  • He has a special hatred for dirtbags in uniform (2x08). This may be because he himself was once a dirtbag in uniform - in 3x24 it's revealed that as a rookie, he was the third cop in the mobster-kidnapping ring which killed FBI agent Bob Armen, the event which indirectly led to Johanna Beckett being murdered. It was Montgomery who accidentally shot and killed Armen (3x24).
  • Montgomery is buried in a military cemetary (3x24), suggesting he was once a Marine.

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  • 2x08 Montgomery struggles with guilt over maybe putting away the wrong man for murder ten years ago.
  • 2x19
  • 3x19
  • 3x24 Montgomery's connection to Johanna Beckett is finally, disastrously, revealed.

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