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crossovers, AU, Nikki Heat...and whatever else you want to throw at them

A Diversion in the Plot
Tinkerbell Faerie 2

Metafic for anti-schmoop shippers -- Castle and Beckett watch themselves falling for each other. Hysterical, and the voices are spot-on.
The Beginning After the End

Beckett and Castle...and Zombies. Yeap. Zombies invade NYC.
The End

A sweet future fic that gives us a glimpse into Castle's life after Nikki Heat.
Sharp Minds and Wrinkled Hands

Oldpeople!Castle&Beckett still being badass and catching bad guys, even in their orthopedic shoes and walkers. With special guest appearances by Esposito and Ryan. This story is simultaneously hilarious, sweet, and so them.
Five Things That Never Happened to Nikki Heat...

A fun twist on the classic five things format.
Why Not Said She

Beckett goes to dinner with Castle at the end of the pilot.
When a crime breaks out all the cute girls shout, “Get the good looking guy".

Beckett is the writer, Castle is the cop.
The Way the Lights Went Out

A short, interesting apocalyptic/disaster story that packs a lot of punch. A hurricane is wreaking havoc in New York, Beckett's trying to keep it together, and a distraught Castle can't see a story.
Where the Boys Aren't

[Castle/Life crossover] Still a very enjoyable read, even if you've never seen Life (although you should really check it out.) Two smart, strong women meet in a bar and find they have a lot in common, namely their quirky male partners.
By the Company You Keep

[Castle/Homicide crossover] Castle tries to convince Beckett to come to dinner. You don't have to be familiar with Homicide to enjoy this fun little story. The descriptions of Castle alone make this a must-read.
Facing Kate

[Castle/Life crossover] Post 2x24. Demming's just a guy who's been hit hard by a break up. He flies to L.A. and meets an interesting person at a beachside patio.
Leather and Lace

[Castle/Sanctuary, Stargate SG-1 crossover] There are only so many innuendo-laden comments about leather and lace a woman can take. Or, three awesome women walk into a bar...
First Zombie Apocalypse

[Castle/Life crossover] It was supposed to be one last father-daughter romp in Los Angeles before Alexis went off to college, but the zombies had other plans. This story is short and crack-tastic fun.
A Kiss to Die For

Noir!Castle. A case fic with a lot of familiar faces, set in 1940's Los Angeles.
Of Finding Innocence

Kate and Castle meet at a book signing only a couple years after her mother's murder. Very in character and well told AU, complete with adorable mini!Alexis.
Changes in Circumstance

A unique take on babyfic. With a special appearance by Jim Beckett. Alexis' family has gone through some changes lately. She's fairly happy about it all. Alexis POV.

[Castle/Fringe crossover] Fauxlivia meets S1 Beckett in a splendid crossover that gives 'alternate universe' a literal meaning. WIP.

Castle and Beckett have an important conversation about banging.

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