7x08 Kill Switch

Original Air Date: 24 November 2014
: David Amann
Director: Jeannot Szwarc


Esposito pursues a murder suspect onto a subway train, where he and several bystanders are held hostage by a man with an explosives jacket and a dead man's switch - and a deadly disease that might cause him to release the switch.

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Kill Switch



  • Maya Stojan - TORY ELLIS
  • Will Rothhaar - JARED STONE
  • Nathan Anderson - BRENT REEVES
  • Wendy Braun - CAROL JARVIS
  • Mark Berry - CAPTAIN BIGALOW
  • Justin Cone - DUSTIN
  • Brandon Phillips - TY
  • Hilary Ward - BELLA
  • Kevin Will - GRANT GERBER
  • "Symphony No. 6 In F Major - "Pastoral": First Movement" - Beethoven (before Stone is alerted)
  • Nick and Nora Charles were a mystery-solving couple from Dashiell Hammett's novel The Thin Man and the ensuing movies, television, and stage productions based thereon.
  • McMillan and Wife was an American TV series from 1971 to 1977, starring Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James as the titular crime solvers, Stuart and Sally McMillan.
  • Hart to Hart was another American TV series featuring married sleuths Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, played by Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers. The series was created by Sidney Sheldon and ran from 1979 to 1984.
  • Turner and Hooch is a 1989 comedy-drama film starring Tom Hanks as neatnik Detective Scott Turner, who reluctantly adopts a large, affectionate, and messy dog named Hooch in order to solve a murder case. (They are, as Castle says, not married.) This reference was first used in season 2, episode 1, "Deep In Death".
  • A "kill switch" is a device akin to an emergency brake, which must be activated in order to shut something down. A "dead man's switch" is what the suspect is holding, a device which activates automatically if the human operator is incapacitated. In this case, the ultimate intent to unleash a certain kind of destruction - not the kind apparently caused by the suspect - could be seen as the kill switch.



  • Castle and Beckett "rolling up" to their first crime scene as a married couple.
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  • CASTLE: We're like Nick and Nora Charles.
    BECKETT: Ooh, we're like McMillan and Wife.
    CASTLE: Hart to Hart.
    BECKETT: Turner and Hooch.
    CASTLE: Turner and Hooch aren't even married.
    BECKETT: Yeah, but you still remind me a little of Hooch.

  • BIGALOW: What about your boy Esposito? Is he someone we can count on? He’s solid?
    RYAN: He's as solid as they get.
  • ARAGON: You gold shield guys always acting like you’re better than us.
    ESPOSITO: We are better than you.
  • ESPOSITO: I don’t care what they say about transit cops.
    ARAGON: What they say about gold shields is even worse, mostly because it’s true.

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