5x07 Swan Song

Original Air Date: 12 November 2012
: Rob Hanning
Director: David Barrett


A guitarist from a rising rock band is killed in his trailer, and the investigation is complicated by a camera crew that was hired to document the band's tour, and who continue to film the investigation, much to the dismay of everyone at the 12th.

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  • Max Arciniega - BILLY BASH
  • Chris Coy - ZEKE
  • C. Thomas Howell - JOHN CAMPBELL
  • Hunter Jackson - JAMES SWAN
  • Brian Maillard - JOEL MITAS
  • Kristen Miller - CAROLINE
  • Daniel Roebuck - JOE SILVA
  • Sarah Scott - BUTTERFLY
  • Amir Talai - SAM SPEAR
  • Andrew West - KEITH
  • "Back Out On The Road Again" - HOLY SHEMP (Placement)
  • "Without You" - DEREK EVRY
  • "Wait For You" - DEREK EVRY
  • Nirvana was a rock band founded by Kurt Cobain and Krist Nocoselic. Cobain committed suicide in 1994, but the band's legacy is large and includes perhaps their most successful song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit".
  • The Edge, also known as David Howell Evans, is the guitarist an keyboardist for the rock band U2. He's known for his minimalistic style of playing.
  • The Three Stooges was a comedy act known for farce and slapstick, most commonly known as being comprised of Larry Fine, Moe Howard, and Curly Howard. Shemp Howard was actually a founding member of The Three Stooges and rejoined the act after Curly's stroke in 1946.
  • A Gibson Les Paul guitar is so named because of a design collaboration between the Gibson Guitar Corporation and famous musician Les Paul. It is a solid body electric guitar but can come in many different models, and is popular among some of the top guitarists in the world.
  • The 27 Club used to describe popular musicians that all died at the age of 27. Members Castle cited include Jimi Hendrix (1970, asphyxia resulting from drug use), Janis Joplin (1970, heroin overdose), Jim Morrison (1971, alleged heroin overdose), but can also be used to refer, among others, to Kurt Cobain (1994, suicide) and most recently Amy Winehouse (2011, alcohol poisoning).
  • Castle talks about creating amps that go "all the way to twelve", which is a take on the phrase from the movie This Is Spın̈al Tap, where their amps went "up to eleven".
  • George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley founded the British pop band Wham! in 1986. Creative differences caused the band to break up in 1986, and George Michael went on to have a relatively successful solo career. Andrew Ridgeley, on the other hand, tried a solo career, acting, and racecar driving, all of which pretty much failed.
  • Tommy Lee is a founding member and drummer of the band Mötley Crüe. He rose to notoriety in 1995 after his sex tape with Pamela Anderson was stolen and leaked online.
  • Tango and Cash is a 1989 American cop film about two police officers that are framed for murder.
  • Pete Best is most well known for being the original drummer for The Beatles, though no real cohesive reason exists for his dismissal. Stu Sutcliffe is most well known for being the original bassist for The Beatles, leaving in 1961 to pursue his art. Both are sometimes referred to as "the Fifth Beatle" because of their affiliation (if not success) with the group.



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  • BECKETT: Look, Castle, what I do here, this is mine. And just because they want to invade my privacy, it doesn't mean that I have to help them do it.
    CASTLE: Okay. That may be. But these cameras, they're not going anywhere. They're gonna see something. I just want them to see what I see.
  • RYAN: Dude. What’s with your shirt? It’s really tight. Did you change it?
    ESPOSITO: I spilled something ... on it.
  • CASTLE: You know, Detective Beckett is not an unfriendly person. She’s just got … walls. Let’s call them layers. Layers upon layers of… well, walls. But once you scale those walls, the effort is worth it.
  • GATES: I hope you’re not going on the time stamp on this video. (to the camera) That can be faked, you know.
    BECKETT: (aside) That’s not the only thing on this video being faked.

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