5x06 The Final Frontier

Original Air Date: 5 November 2012
: Kate Sargeant
Director: Jonathan Frakes


While investigating a death at SuperNovaCon, Beckett's love of a long-gone sci-fi show called Nebula-9 does not deter her from hunting down a killer who may be part of the former cast.

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  • Armin Shimerman - BENJAMIN DONNELLY
  • Christina Moore - STEPHANIE FRYE
  • Erin Way - AUDREY O'NEILL
  • Chris McKenna - SIMON WESTPORT
  • "Tesla Girls" - ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK (Placement)
  • "Ideal Woman" - WILLIAM SHATNER (tag)
  • It wouldn't be a sci-fi episode on Castle without references to "that Joss Whedon show" called Firefly: "Shiny" was a term used on the show to mean cool, and the sworn enemies of the Nebula-9 crew are called 'creavers', which seem to take a lot of defining characteristics from the Firefly monsters called 'reavers'.
  • Star Wars is an American sci-fi movie staple, from which the characters of Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett are drawn. Also, lightsabers.
  • A lot of references to the widespread Star Trek universe: Borg and Klingons are alien races and a bat'leth is a ceremonial curved sword mainly carried by Klingons. To top it off, Jonathan Frakes, who directed the episode, is perhaps best known for playing Commander William Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Armin Shimerman played Quark, the bartender, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Another sci-fi staple: the American TV series (and later movie) Battlestar Galactica. Cylons are cyborgs that are at war with humanity and carry Cylon pistols, and "skin-jobs" are humanoid models of Cylons. Number Six is one model of the seven remaining known humanoid Cylon models.
  • Doc Ock is a mad scientist and one of Spiderman's greatest foes. The Hulk is the monster alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner, and his nemesis is the Leader, a scientist who is big headed and bald as the result of gamma radiation exposure.The Thing is a founding member of The Fantastic Four. All were created by and exist in the Marvel Comic world.
  • Blade Runner is an American sci-fi film starring Harrison Ford about special forces tasked with finding and eliminating replicants.
  • Another sci-fi film, Gattaca, stars Ethan Hawk and Jude Law and deals with a future society that employs a version of eugenics to create a superior race.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey is a sci-fi epic film by Stanley Kubrick that examines evolution, technology, alien races, and artificial intelligence within more realistic scientific constraints.
  • Lord of the Rings was first a book series by J.R.R Tolkien before being made into a series of fantasy films by Peter Jackson. Hobbits and elves are both races of characters that figure prominently into the story.
  • Doctor Manhattan is a character from the Watchmen comic series and has blue skin as the result of being disintegrated in an Intrinsic Field Subtractor.
  • A "Silkwood shower" is a long, hot shower taken to disinfect or decontaminate. It's named for Karen Silkwood, a chemical technician who raised concerns of contamination in the plant where she worked.



  • Castle's face when he fires the supposedly fake laser gun.
  • Alexis and her friends dressed as very scantily-clad warrior women, and Castle freaking out over seeing her at the con.
  • Armin Shimerman's character wears a t-shirt that states "HAN SHOT FIRST".
  • CASTLE: Perlmutter, good to see you.
    PERLMUTTER: Ah, if only the feeling were mutual.

  • BECKETT: You're not losing your hair, Castle.
    CASTLE: Okay, so if I wake up bald tomorrow, you'll still be attracted to me? (Beckett pauses) Oh, my God. You wouldn't.
    BECKETT: I didn't say that.
    CASTLE: No, but you were thinking it. I can see it in your--
    ESPOSITO: With that pumpkin head? Dude.
  • CASTLE: Let's go back to the e-mails of the crazed Nebula-9 fans. And when I say crazed fans, I'm, I'm not referring to you. You are a mega fan.
    BECKETT: Nice one coming from the guy with a life-size Boba Fett in his bathroom.
    CASTLE: Point taken.
  • CASTLE: Zap, said the lady!
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  • Castle has a life-size Boba Fett in his washroom.
  • It's not just fanfic canon: Kate Beckett did go by K-Becks (at least during her first year at Stanford).
  • Beckett was a 'mega fan' (along with classmate Henry Barnett) of the sci-fi show Nebula-9 and dressed up as Lieutenant Chloe.

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