5x05 Probable Cause

Original Air Date: 29 October 2012
: Andrew W. Marlowe
Director: John Terlesky


A body is found nailed to the ceiling by barbed wire. And if that isn't weird enough, the perpetrator appears to be Castle. Let's stress "appears" -- he is the title character, after all. But how it all unravels is both chilling and more familiar than originally supposed.

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5x05 Probable Cause - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki



  • Michael Mosley - JERRY TYSON
  • Alexa Havins - ELLE DANIELS
  • Gerald Downey - LLOYD KURTZMAN
  • "Song" - ARTIST (Placement)



  • Lots of shoutbacks: the first time Beckett handcuffed Castle, "I'll get you out"...
  • The Reveal, aka "he's back!"
  • Finally, a useful convo between Lanie and Beckett
  • The hug in the library
  • Castle "not seeing" the resemblance between himself and the man Tyson hires to impersonate him. (The double is actually played by Nathan Fillion's stunt double.)
  • CASTLE: This is so much less fun than the other night at your place.
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  • Everyone but Gates now knows that Castle and Beckett are together.
  • Jerry Tyson wears a police uniform with the name "J. Rook" to sneak into the 12th Precinct's holding area.
  • Beckett and Castle have now been together about ten weeks, according to Beckett's conversation with Lanie.
  • Alexis moved out two weeks ago, which does fit with 5x03, and since Columbia starts right after Labor Day, it should now be September 10th in the Castleverse. That means Castle and Beckett got together around the end of June, which would indeed fit with Alexis' graduation ceremony.
  • BUT the last date we see on Castle's bank statement is 4th October, which creates one hella problem. See below.
  • Jerry Tyson is next mentioned in season 6, episode 9, "Disciple", in which a surgeon with possible ties to Tyson is accused of involvement with the death of two people.
  • If S4 ran in real time, it would now have to be the third week in July, which clearly it's not. Ten weeks from first week in October would mean Castle and Beckett got together around the end of July, not the beginning of May, when 4x23 aired. HOWEVER, if the bank statement dates the ep, then Alexis should have moved out five weeks ago, not two, and her graduation ceremony was in the middle of the summer.High school graduation in NYC is the last week in June, and that would probably hold for private schools too. Ten weeks from June 30th actually fits the sequence of aired eps perfectly, including the date Alexis is meant to have moved out. Roughly, this means 5x01 took place June 29th to July 2nd-ish, 5x02 July 16th and then there's a big jump to very end of August for 5x03, with 5x04 probably taking place over Labor Day weekend. All of which makes perfect sense. Our verdict: Ignore the bank statement, it's only a prop. The dialogue is correct.
  • Whatever body armour Tyson was wearing is apparently from the future, since it allowed him to survive eight or nine shots to the chest with hardly an eyeblink, then another eight or nine, and a fall of fifty or so feet into icy running water.
  • Next time, people, go for the HEAD.
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