5x02 Cloudy With A Chance of Murder

Original Air Date: 1 October 2012
: Elizabeth Beall
Director: Kate Woods


Castle and Beckett struggle to keep their relationship under the radar and Castle gets into a little trouble with the ladies.

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  • Jodi Lyn O'Keefe - KRISTINA COTERRA
  • Tyrees Allen - HARVEY MILTON
  • Shannon Lucio - REBECCA FOG
  • Josh Randall - MILES HAXTON
  • Kevin Daniels - REGGIE BLAKE
  • "Song" - ARTIST (Placement)
  • Fred Willard is an actor and comedian with an extensive guest star filmography. He guest starred in an episode of Castle, "The Late Shaft". He was also recently arrested (and later exonerated) for lewd conduct in an adult theatre.
  • Styrene is a chemical found naturally in many plants but its presence jumped dramatically in the 1940s after it was used to produce synthetic rubber. Since then it's been found to be a toxin to the human system in large quantities, including causing respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, but it's not yet been classified as a carcinogen.
  • Law and Order is a US TV show that tracks crimes through the police procedure to the trial. It has several spin offs in both the US and the UK market and altogether has almost 1000 hours of content.
  • Cape Fear is a thriller film originally made by Hitchcock in 1962 and remade by Martin Scorsese in 1991 dealing with an attorney whose family is stalked and terrorized by a convicted rapist the attorney helped put away. The re-make garnered Oscar nominations for Robert De Niro and Juliette Lewis.
  • Oysters are traditionally considered to be an aphrodisiac, mainly because of their resemblance to female sex organs.



  • For once, one coffee isn't a bad thing.
  • Beckett actually eating.
  • Castle playing with the green screen.
  • Ryan wearing makeup.
  • Castle and Beckett's first lovers' quarrel.
  • Ryan and Esposito make up.
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  • CASTLE: No one is going to be able to tell that we're together by how you are dressed.
    BECKETT: Oh no? I work with a room full of detectives. It's their job.
  • CHIP CHAMBERS: Whoa, talk about New York's finest. Is she really a cop?
    CASTLE: (appalled) Yes, she's really a cop.
  • ESPOSITO: Don't ask.
  • CASTLE: You and I were just friends for four years.
    BECKETT: Yeah, except you were trying to sleep with me the whole time.
  • CASTLE: Excuse me, it was you that was trying to sleep with me.
    BECKETT: Wha-?
    CASTLE: Don't tell me you dressed like that for Esposito.
    ESPOSITO: What's for me?
  • CASTLE: Don't solve the case without me!
  • ESPOSITO: Yo, you took that punch for me. You didn't have to do that.
    RYAN: That's what partners do, right?
  • CASTLE: Maybe people find out and maybe we won’t get to work together and maybe we’ll implode. Or maybe we’ll continue to be amazing. The point is, we don’t have the answers. We just have to live with the questions and … find our way.
  • BECKETT: Because I have a gun and you don't really have a choice.
    CASTLE: Clearly I don't have a choice.
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  • Beckett has Verizon as a cell phone provider. Can you hear her now?
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  • Payley Park can be found at 53rd between 5th Ave and Madison. That is not exactly "Uptown."
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