4x15 Pandora

Original Air Date: 13 February 2012
: David Amman
Director: Bryan Spicer


Much to Beckett's chagrin, Castle is reunited with an old flame during an investigation that could end the country as we know it.

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  • Jennifer Beals - SOPHIA TURNER
  • John Stamberg - MARTIN DANBERG
  • David Chisum - THOMAS GAGE
  • "Song" - ARTIST (Placement)
  • Originally a 1962 Tony award winning play, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was also made into a movie in 1966.
  • Saw 4 is the 4th installment in a series of 7 American horror films about the lengths people will go to to survive horrible physical and psychological situations created by the Jigsaw Killer, often involving the choice between self mutilation and death.
  • Evel Knievel was an American entertainer and daredevil known for his often dangerous stunts, including jumping long distances at high heights.
  • Best known as a magician, Harry Houdini specialized in accomplishing often seemingly impossible escapes and disappearances.
  • Jason Bourne is a character from a trilogy of films about a CIA operative with missing memory: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum.
  • DEFCON 1 is highest alert used by the armed services of the United States.
  • SEAL Team Six is one of the counter-terrorism and special mission units used by United States Navy. Their missions are usually preemptive and proactive and highly classified, and most recently have been involved in the raid on the compound where Osama bin Laden was hiding.
  • Known as the best of the best, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Anatoly Karpov are all chess champions and are considered some of the greatest chess players of all time.



  • Jealous Beckett.
  • Captain Gates back and fiery, Castle happily throwing water on her flames.
  • Jennifer Beals' remarkable ability to deliver lines like 'we're up against a wall' with a straight face.
  • Beckett offering to 'lap' Castle.
  • The trunk scene, filled with double entendres.
  • The cliffhanger ending.
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  • CASTLE: Look, it was never the way it is with you and me.
  • BECKETT: Let me ask you this. How many other women have you semi stalked in the name of research?
    CASTLE: Is this a trick question?
  • CASTLE: If I did tell you, well, then I would have to kill you.
    ESPOSITO: Yeah? Good luck with that.
    CASTLE: Yeah, realistically that's not...
  • CASTLE: You know muscle cars.
    BECKETT: Oh, yeah.
  • BECKETT: What are you doing?
    CASTLE: Bracing myself to shield you from a hail of bullets.
    BECKETT: Yeah, well that's very gallant of you, but you can stop bracing...I think he left.
  • BECKETT: And the good news?
    CASTLE: At least this time we're not handcuffed together.
  • BECKETT: No! I'm not going to be saved by your girlfriend!
  • CASTLE: Yeah, well, I can't take all the credit.
    BECKETT: Well, yeah, especially since it was Detective Ryan who found it.
  • CASTLE: I found something.
    BECKETT: Shouldn't you be telling Sophia about it?
    CASTLE: She isn't my partner...you are.
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  • Castle followed a CIA agent, Sophia Turner, for research for his first Derrick Storm novel, eleven and a half years ago. This apparently lasted a year. With benefits. The character he based on Sophia (Clara Strike) appears in all seven Storm novels, so the affair must have been pretty memorable.
  • Beckett now knows all about antique muscle cars. Right.
  • Alexis has been sampling internships, and is now doing one with Lanie to see if she wants to go to medical school.
  • Alexis also likes pasta carbonara. Judging by his waistline, so does Castle.
  • The CIA bullpen is 15 levels down.
  • Honestly? Where do we begin? How about with the fact that CIA field operatives cannot reveal that they work for the CIA, so how the hell did Castle know that about Sophia in the first place?
  • Not to mention neither Castle nor Beckett has a security clearance, which they'd need for this kind of information.
  • Beckett stupidly pulling a gun within striking distance of a Navy SEAL. Or anyone with any combat training, really. Or just a bit of guts and a fast pair of hands.
  • If NYPD approved Beckett working with the CIA, why the abduction from a crime scene with black bags on their heads. Wouldn't a simple badge flash and 'Your boss says you need to come with us' accomplish the same thing LEGALLY?
  • Gage is planning some kind of bad thing, they find a case and Beckett just opens it? Don't they do bomb training with the NYPD? And did she just forget that whole radiation thing from last year?
  • Trunks are not hermetically sealed and do not run out of air.
  • Blakely evaded detection for nine years, and then misses the traffic cam?
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