4x11 Til Death Do Us Part

Original Air Date: 9 January 2012
: David Grae
Director: Jeff Bleckner


Ryan and Jenny are all set to walk down the aisle, but a surprising connection to the murder case puts their impending nuptials in jeopardy...well, for about three seconds. More scary is the concoction Ryan is drinking on her command. Oh, and there's a lot of the Green Eyed Monster going around. And some guy gets killed.

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  • Juliana Dever – JENNY DUFFY O'MALLEY
  • Parisa Fakhri – COLETTE RUBENS
  • Donna Feldman – JODY GARCIA
  • Jenna Gering – LISA HILL
  • Sam Hennings – SETH HARRIS
  • Brian Johnson – RON HILL
  • Mo Mandel – MAX LANDON
  • Jaime Ray Newman – HOLLY FRANKLIN
  • Tymon Kyle - TOBY LANG
  • "Bolero" - RAVEL (1st & 2nd murder scenes)
  • Besides being the name of a season one episode of Castle and often misappropriated to Shakespeare, 'hell hath no fury' is a reference to a line from the play "The Mourning Bride" by 17th century English playwright and poet William Congreve.
  • Don Juan is a fictional libertine whose story seems to have originated in the 1600s and has since been told in various kinds of works. It has also become synonymous for a womanizer.
  • Jason Bourne is the main character of Robert Ludlum's novels and subsequent movies. While his film and novel backstories differ, they share the idea that he is a highly trained covert officer working for a government office until he suffers amnesia.
  • Mossad is the intelligence collection and covert operations branch of the Israeli Army.
  • 20th century pop artist Andy Warhol also worked in avant-garde film.
  • An Achilles heel has come to mean one's weakness in reference to how Greek hero Achilles was deemed invincible except for his heel.
  • Lady Gaga is a popular 21st century singer/songwriter known for her crazy style and humanitarian causes, especially within the LGBT community.
  • Boléro is a musical piece by Maurice Ravel, popularized by its use in other media; in the 1979 movie 10, one character tells another that her favorite thing to do while listening to it is, um, fornicate.



  • Jealousy all around.
  • Esposito's espresso machine mishap.
  • The boys picking up slang from the pick up artists.
  • Castle and Beckett's talk about conquests.
  • Ryan and Espo's scuffle over the th-th-th-thing.
  • The wedding. And everything that goes along with it. Including Beckett wearing the highest heels known to man, er...woman.

4x11 Til Death Do Us Part - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • PABLO: You know you have some beautiful eyes?
    BECKETT: Seriously?
    PABLO: What? It's a numbers game. I strike out 90% of the time.
    Thus restoring my faith in my gender.
  • BECKETT: Castle, if we were getting married, would you want to know about all the guys I've slept with?
    CASTLE: All?
    BECKETT: Seriously? You sign women's chests at book signings. You cannot be shocked that I am not a virgin.
  • RYAN: Do you have to be such a cliche? Eating that th-th-th-thing?
  • BECKETT: That's espionage?
    CASTLE: More like sex-pionage.
  • BECKETT: You knew?!
    RYAN: It's not like we were exclusive.
  • ESPOSITO: Toby, huh?
    LANIE: What do you mean, Toby huh?
    ESPOSITO: I don't know, you tell me.
    LANIE: You and I broke up two months ago. So unless you think I've joined a convent, you'd better take a step back.
  • BECKETT: You look like a lost puppy. Where's your date?
    CASTLE: At a Lady Gaga concert with a teenage boy. How do I compete with that?
  • BECKETT: Well who knows, Castle, maybe third time's the charm.
    CASTLE: Yeah. Could be.
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  • Lanie's plus one is Dr. Toby Lang, a cancer researcher, now Chief Administrator at St Samuel's Hospital, where Lanie did her residency. But don't worry, Espo. He's gay.
  • Esposito brings his cousin Jody to the wedding. She towers over him by about a foot, prompting Lanie to refer to her as a player for WBA team New York Liberty.
  • Ryan and Jenny started dating in 2009, and it's confirmed that it was indeed Jenny who gave him the awful tie for their two week anniversary. He's seen wearing it in "Little Girl Lost" (1x09).
  • WriteRCastle tweeted about the wedding: 'Ryan's wedding was outstanding. And who knew Beckett could slam Amaretto and freestyle rap?'
  • The actors continue to refer to the airline as "El El," but the name is "El Al."
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