4x10 Cuffed

Original Air Date: 5 December 2011
: Andrew W Marlowe & Terri Miller
Director: John Terlesky


Castle and Beckett wake up in the dark, snuggled together. Or should we say handcuffed together? With no memory of how they got there. And a really interesting surprise waiting for them behind door number, erm, wall number three.

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  • Deborah Van Valkenburgh - RUTH SPURLOCH
  • Brett Wagner - JACK SPURLOCH
  • Brad Carter - BOBBY SPURLOCH
  • "Give A Little Love - Unreleased" - MOSTAR DIVING CLUB (tag)
  • Jack Sparrow is a character from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, played by Johnny Depp. He first appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, but has since played a central role in the subsequent sequels.
  • Midnight Run is an action comedy film in which a bounty hunter handcuffs himself to his prisoner (left hand to right hand instead of left hand to left hand as seen here).
  • The Saw series is a series of American horror films about the lengths people will go to to survive horrible physical and psychological situations created by the Jigsaw Killer, often involving the choice between self mutilation and death.
  • Walt Disney often sterilized his movie versions of fairy tales by omitting gory details and giving them happy endings, even if the original tale was depressing and ended unhappily. Thus, a 'Disney ending' has become synonymous with 'happy ever after'.
  • Mad Max and 127 Hours are both films that deal with cutting off body parts to survive a dire situation. While the former is a fictional story, the latter is based on the true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston, who had to cut off his own arm after being trapped under a boulder.



  • Ryan using Esposito's coffee stirrer.
  • Lanie and Espo snarking at each other.
  • All the antics involving two people handcuffed together.
  • The sex noises. And positions. And removal of clothing.
  • Gates calling Castle "her people."
  • Next time?!
  • CASTLE: Kinky.
    BECKETT: Castle, it's not funny.
    CASTLE: I didn't say funny, I said kinky.
  • BECKETT: I think we were drugged.
    CASTLE: Me too, and not the good kind
  • BECKETT: Lift up my top.
    CASTLE: I think you might still be under the influence, but okay.
  • BECKETT: Okay, fine, go ahead. You lead.
    CASTLE: Thank you...Where did you want to go?
  • ESPOSITO: It's a dummy.
    LANIE: It's not the only one.
  • BECKETT: What's so special about our victim that he made the killer want to erase his identity?...Don't say spy...or mob hit.
    CASTLE: Mob hit of a spy?
  • CASTLE: You would make a terrible conjoined twin.
  • CASTLE: Lift up my shirt, pull off my boots … now, under normal circumstances I would like where this was heading.
    BECKETT: You can fantasize later, after we get out of the room.
  • RUTH: Maybe I’ll shoot the pretty one first.
    (Ryan and Esposito glance at each other)
  • BECKETT: I did not survive a bullet to the heart to die as tiger kibble.
  • RYAN: Oh God. It ate ‘em.
  • RYAN: How’s that tiger? Was it grrr-reat?
  • BECKETT: The next time, let's do it without the tiger.
    CASTLE: Next time?
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  • In the DVD commentary, Andrew Marlowe mentions that he and wife Terri Edda Miller spent time handcuffed to each other while writing this episode. For research. Right.
  • Castle says that the last time Kate climbed on him she was wearing sneakers. Assuming this is talking about the time in 4x06 - "Demons", Kate was in fact wearing boots, not sneakers. Granted, those boots were flat, not heels.
  • Beckett must have amazing upper body strength and Gumby arms if she thinks she can pull herself up through the unlocked hatch. Other than the fact that she could barely reach the hatch with her free hand even standing on Castle's shoulders, she still has to contend with the fact that she's handcuffed to Castle. Unless she can Gumby stretch her arm, she's going to have to oddly pull up both hers and Castle's weight with only one arm.
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