4x05 Eye of the Beholder

Original Air Date: 17 October 2011
: Shalisha Francis
Director: John Terlesky


A murder/robbery at an art museum adds a sexy art insurance investigator to the team, to whom Beckett takes an instant dislike - both for professional and personal reasons. While Beckett tries to rein in her jealousy, Martha encourages Castle to expand his social life, a suggestion he's not sure if he should take.

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  • Kristen Lehman - SERENA KAYE
  • Jessica Tuck - JOY MCHUGH
  • James Read - ANTON MCHUGH
  • Aasha Davis - ALYSSA LOFTERS
  • Jessica Lundy - MYRNA RAMSEY
  • Michael Dorn - DR. CARTER BURKE
  • "True Love - Unreleased" - SHANA HALLIGAN (Placement)
  • A Doll's House is a 19th century play by Henrik Ibsen.
  • Jason Bateman is an American actor that bears a resemblance to Nathan Fillion. In a late night talk show interview, Nathan Fillion talks about how he got pulled over by the police while driving, but got out of the ticket because the officer recognized him and got his autograph as ... Jason Bateman.
  • Guy Friday has become a term for a personal assistant, particularly one that is extremely loyal. It refers to the character of Friday, from Daniel DeFoe's novel Robinson Crusoe.
  • Indiana Jones is an archaeologist and adventurer collecting artifacts for a museum in Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels.



  • Beckett talking to her therapist about Castle and Serena.
  • Castle and Serena kissing.
  • The elevator and elevator music.
  • CASTLE: Looks like somebody gave him liberty and gave him death.
  • CASTLE: Somebody stole the Fist of Capitalism? Anyone check up the ass of socialism?
  • DR. CARTER BURKE: What are you really scared of? That he won't wait for you...or that he will?
  • CASTLE: Think she'll get it out of him?
    BECKETT: Who knows? Maybe she'll kiss it out of him.
  • CASTLE: Looks like I broke this case way open.
  • SERENA: It's like I said. I don't steal things that belong to someone else.
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  • Beckett is still seeing her therapist.
  • Martha apparently introduced Castle to an ex-wife (jury's out whether it's Meredith or Gina) and while the marriage didn't work out, Martha still thinks she knows who could be good for her son.
  • Beckett claims to have posed nude as an artist's model in college, but she may just have been winding Castle up.
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