4x03 Head Case

Original Air Date: 3 October 2011
: David Grae
Director: Holly Dale


Love is a many-futured thing...or so the latest victim seemed to think, having contracted himself and his wife for cryopreservation. Meanwhile, Alexis' future turns out to be not remotely what she had planned. Then again, the Hamiltons probably didn't see their present working out quite this way, either. Brrr.

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4x03 Head Case - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki



  • William Atherton - DR. ARI WEISS
  • Andy Umberger - JOHNNY ROSEN
  • Judith Hoag - CYNTHIA HAMILTON
  • Shaun Toub - DR. PHILIP BOYD
  • Jordan Belfi - BEAU RANDOLPH
  • Jared Hillman - EDDIE PECK
  • Susan Grace - CARLA
  • Cody Kennedy - COLLEGE HOTTIE
  • Tiffany Panhilason - HOT ESCORT
  • "The One" - BLACK MUSTANG (Placement)
  • SkyMall is a mail-order catalog that traditionally is found in the seat back pockets on airplanes. The products available within often border on ridiculous.
  • College Girls Gone Crazy is a takeoff of the adult video series Girls Gone Wild.
  • Robert Ludlum was an American novelist. He wrote spy novels and is probably most well know for having written the Bourne series.
  • The Boy in the Plastic Bubble is a 1976 made-for-TV movie starring John Travolta, inspired by children living with severe immune disorders that were forced to live in sterile environments.
  • Frankenstein is the title character from a book written by Mary Shelley. Doctor Frankenstein set out to create artificial life and in the process created his own monster.
  • Ted Williams was a left fielder for the Boston Red Sox whose children had him preserved cryogenically, against the wishes of his will.
  • Jack Frost is a mythological man responsible for cold weather, particularly the frosty patterns on windowpanes.



  • Alexis not getting into Stanford. And for once, acting like a right teenager about it.
  • Lanie having to interrupt Castle and Beckett theorizing...with a Stryker saw.
  • Castle's reaction to the cryogenics lab (yes, a girly scream was involved).
  • Rysposito and the pigeons.
  • Beckett and Gates maybe kinda learning each other's signals.
  • Implants. Er, nuff said.
4x03 - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • CASTLE: Where do you start when you don't know who the victim is?
  • CASTLE: Would you do it? Would you get the implants?
    BECKETT: (looking down) I don't think I need them.
  • CASTLE: You're gonna need to get those implants, otherwise you'll get older and ten years from now I'll still be exactly the same.
    BECKETT: Isn't that how you're going to be anyway?
  • CASTLE: Are you sure?
    LANIE: No, I just sit down here all day and make stuff up. Of course I’m sure!
  • LANIE: (holding a drill) GUYS!
  • BECKETT: That's what the great love stories are about, right? Beating the odds?
    CASTLE: I hope they make it.
    BECKETT: Me too.
  • CASTLE: No, failure is giving up. Everyone gets rejected. It's how you handle it that determines where you'll end up.
  • CASTLE: Give it time. You'll figure it out.
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  • Beckett got into Stanford.
  • Alexis played PeeWee soccer and won a trophy for getting a goal accidentally off the top of her head.
  • Alexis went to Franklin Middle School and won a spelling bee there. She also has a French prize from Marlowe Prep, her high school.
  • Ryan and Jenny are registering for gifts for the wedding, and he is really sick of picking out patterns.
  • Castle apparently applied for a carry permit and was denied.
  • NIH is the National Institutes of Health.
  • Beau Randolph gets his comeuppance in a later episode, "Death Gone Crazy" (5x12), when he's the victim of a homicide.
  • Terri Miller later tweeted that Beckett did actually go to Stanford her freshman year, but transferred to NYU after her mother was killed. Unfortunately, timeline-wise, that doesn't work in a number of ways - for one, you'd need to handwave Stanford starting winter term a week *before* Johanna Beckett died, though the story we've always had puts Kate in NY having dinner with her dad on that night (1x05). More discussion can be found here.
  • Not sure why the teaser shows a localised thunder and lightning storm in NY -- wouldn't that have washed the blood evidence away?
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