3x24 Knockout

Original Air Date: 16 May 2011
: Will Beall
Director: Rob Bowman


When a hit man connected to her mother's case escapes from jail, Beckett will do anything to catch him. But her commitment to solving the case will cost lives, possibly even her own.

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  • Sean Blodgett - AVERY ZUSSMAN
  • Chris Gann - FAKE COP
  • Priscilla Garita - BRIDGE OFFICER
  • George Gerdes - MIKE YANAVICH
  • Brian Goodman - GARY McCALLISTER
  • LaNiesha Irvin - MARY MONTGOMERY
  • Max Martini - HAL LOCKWOOD
  • Matt McTighe - CHUCK RYKER
  • Scott Paulin - JIM BECKETT
  • Naomi Peters - WOMAN IN HALLWAY
  • Judith Scott - EVELYN MONTGOMERY
  • Malcolm Foster Scott - DWIGHT HASKELL
  • Daniele Watts - REBECCA MONTGOMERY
  • "Fire On The Rooftop" - UNCLE LUCIUS (Placement)
  • When Castle tells Beckett that he's 'always been the guy that says they can move the rubber tree plant' it's a reference to the Frank Sinatra song "High Hopes". The song talks about what makes an ant think he can move a rubber tree plant.
  • Wolverine, Batman, and Betty and Veronica are all characters that starred in their own comic books.
  • The Derrick Storm comic that Castle is carrying is really going to be an ABC tie-in.



  • The argument in Beckett's apartment.
  • Martha forcing her son to get with the programme.
  • Esposito and Ryan reacting to the news of who the third cop really is.
  • Castle carrying a distraught Beckett from the hangar.
  • Montgomery's last stand.
  • The end.
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  • RYKER: Perhaps I can interest you in an armed robber covered in gang tats and protesting his innocence?
  • JIM: I feel like I already know you, Rick. I’ve heard a lot of great things about you from Katie.
    CASTLE: Really?
  • MONTGOMERY: I cannot make Beckett stand down, Castle. I never could. And the way I figure, the only one that can, is you.
  • MARTHA: There’s only one person on the planet who can get you this pissed off.
  • MONTGOMERY: ...There are no victories. There’s only the battle. And the best that you can hope for is that you find someplace where you can make your stand. If this is your spot? I will stand with you.
  • CASTLE: Kate, I love you. I love you, Kate.
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  • Montgomery has two daughters, approximately thirteen (Mary) and sixteen (Rebecca).
  • Kate suspects that there might be another reason Lockwood made a move now, but we never find out what she thinks it is. Lockwood says they've reached a critical stage and he has to 'cap the well'. That sounds like something bigger than just keeping Beckett from finding out who the Dragon is.
  • Jim tells Castle that he's heard lots of stories from Kate, so she does talk about him to her father, but they never met until Jim came to Castle to beg him to make his daughter back off.
  • Kate used to stare down the dark as a point of pride when she was little, rather than let anyone give her a nightlight.
  • Poor Castle. First Jim, then Montgomery tell him he's the only one who can make Beckett stand down. Except he can't.
  • This is the second time Montgomery offers Kate a flask when things get bad (the other was "Sucker Punch", 2x13).
  • Montgomery lives in a detached house, so not in Manhattan. The size and lawns around it makes it look like it might be Staten Island or Queens.
  • Castle sent everyone a copy of the arrest report that was altered to wipe out Montgomery's name. Montgomery is the third cop involved in the mobster kidnappings -- he used to follow McCallister and Raglan around when he was a rookie, and pretty much did whatever they told him. He shot the FBI agent, Bob Armen, but it was an accident.
  • Montgomery has apparently been keeping Beckett far enough from the truth to keep her protected, at least since she's been in homicide, possibly longer. He sends seven missing police files to someone before he makes his stand and tells Lockwood that he's done something to keep The Dragon from ever going after her again, but clearly that wasn't the case in the end.
  • Montgomery first met Beckett when she was a rookie patrol cop, looking at her mother's case in Evidence by flashlight. He thought right then that she'd make a good homicide. Esposito and Ryan say it's Montgomery who brought them into homicide but Beckett seems to have been a transfer he wasn't expecting. Montgomery considered her to be his redemption. After his death, Beckett swears her three boys to secrecy about Montgomery being the third cop, partly to preserve some dignity for his memory.
  • The Dragon (aka The Big Bad) seems to have some connection to Dubai -- the money to pay off Ryker was routed through an offshore account there.
  • Two facts not evident in the episode, but confirmed by Andrew Marlowe in interviews (see below): One, Josh and Beckett are still together and two, she was shot in the chest and most definitely was not wearing a vest.
  • The number, gender, and ages of Montgomery's children have changed several times. Although sons have been mentioned previously we see only two girls in this episode.
  • In real life, Lockwood & friends would have been just as disabled by the flashbangs as Beckett.
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