3x18 One Life to Lose

Original Air Date: 21 March 2011
: Elizabeth Davis
Director: David Barrett


A soap opera writer is murdered, Martha gets a trip down memory lane, and Castle discovers Beckett's deep dark soap-related secret.

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3x18 One Life to Lose - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki



  • Jane Seymour – GLORIA CHAMBERS
  • Corbin Bernsen – LANCE BUCHANAN
  • Cameron Mathison – VINCE BOWERS
  • Rebecca Budig – MANDY BRONSON
  • David Eigenburg - PETER CONNELLY
  • Colleen Foy - LAUREN GOLDBERG
  • Tina Majorino - REESE HARLAN
  • Jodi Taffel - CARRIE EDWARDS
  • James C Victor - JOHNNY DIMES
  • "Takin' Care Of Business" - BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE (Placement)
  • "Got To Be" - LATCH KEY KID (Placement)
  • General Hospital is a long-running ABC soap opera that Seamus Dever was on for a while. And it did indeed at one point have a plot about an evil weather machine.
  • The title of this episode is a nod to soap opera One Life To Live, on which Nathan Fillion spent three years at the start of his TV career.
  • John Legend is an American R&B/hip hop artist.
  • Chiquita is a major distributor of bananas. A telenovela by that name, however, doesn't appear to exist.
  • Jack Nicholson's line "You can't handle the truth" is from the movie A Few Good Men.
  • The Coen Brothers (Ethan and Joel) are a writing/directing team responsible for several Oscar-winning films such as Fargo and No Country for Old Men.
  • Masterpiece Theater (now called Masterpiece Classic) is a long-running PBS show known for putting on adaptions of classic novels.



  • Castle's soap-y theories of the crime.
  • The silent conversation in the coffee shop.
  • Castle walking in on Martha and Lance running lines and 'running lines'.
  • Castle's first soap scene.
  • CASTLE: It's a crime scene, Mother, we're trained professionals.
    MARTHA: Richard Castle. You are neither trained nor a professional.

  • CASTLE: Why would anyone want to kill a writer?
    BECKETT: So many reasons.
  • CARRIE: No, no, and I can prove it! Mary and Dennis were home.
    BECKETT: Those are you roommates?
    CARRIE: No, my parents.
  • MARTHA: He was my love interest thirty years ago. On screen. And off.
  • CASTLE: My mother gives new meaning to the word transparent.
  • DIMES: What do you mean she's dead?
    CASTLE: She's dead. It kind of only has the one meaning.
  • ESPOSITO: Those are worth over ten grand? Yeesh.
    BECKETT: Lanie. Loves diamonds.
  • (Castle and Beckett finish each other's sentences)
    RYAN: Do you two practice this when we're not around?
  • CASTLE: Maybe we should sleep on it.
    Beckett eyebrow.
    CASTLE: Separately! Katherine Beckett. I never.
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  • The space for Martha's acting school won't be ready for another month.
  • Alexis is taking AP tests. (Or possibly studying for them? They're usually in early May, not late March.)
  • Lanie is a fan of Temptation Lane and was annoyed when Sara Cutler became head writer and killed off one of the main characters.
  • Lanie likes diamonds (according to Beckett.)
  • When Beckett was 9 and had to have her tonsils out, her mom stayed home with her and they watched Temptation Lane, so now when she sees it it gives her warm fuzzy feelings.
  • Martha was on Temptation Lane thirty years ago for three weeks. During that time her character married Joseph Fox and then was kidnapped, buried alive, trapped in a cave with bears, kidnapped again, and held hostage in the sewers of Paris.
  • Ryan has found a route that will get them from the precinct to the Old Haunt in 8 minutes.
  • Castle gives Beckett a signed cast photo from Temptation Lane.
  • Do daytime soap writers actually make that much money? Or have the power to release actors from their contracts?
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