3x17 Countdown (Part II)

Original Air Date: 28 February 2011
: Andrew Marlowe
Director: Bill Roe


Beckett and Castle are the only ones who know the truth behind the plot to set off a dirty bomb in New York City. Only one problem - they're locked in a freezer and no one even knows they're missing.

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3x17 Countdown (Part II) - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki



  • Adrian Pasdar – DHS AGENT MARK FALLON
  • Victor Webster – JOSH DAVIDSON
  • Alon Aboutboul – FARIQ YUSEF
  • Bahar Soomekh – NAZIHAH ALHABI
  • Lochlyn Munro – KEVIN McCANN
  • Jeff Denton - EVAN BAUER
  • Monica Keena - CHARLENE McCANN
  • Piter Marek - JAMAL ALHABI
  • Billy Mayo - SENIOR OFFICER
  • Benjamin Patterson - PARAMEDIC
  • Jonathan Runyon - DHS TECH
  • "Song" - ARTIST (Placement)
  • Timothy McVeigh was the perpetrator of the Oklahoma City Bombing, the largest terrorist event in the US prior to September 11th. He too was former military, and believed that the government needed to be punished for its mishandling of certain events.
  • 1 PP stands for One Police Plaza, the headquarters of the NYPD.



  • Freezer!Snuggles
  • Castle sending Martha and Alexis away.
  • Castle pouring Beckett's coffee because her hands are shaking too hard.
  • BECKETT: Castle, I could really use a silver lining about now.
    CASTLE: Yeah. Um... I wish I had one.

  • CASTLE: Well I'm glad my stupidity is predictable.
  • CASTLE: Why would he steal McCann's identity?
    FALLON: I thought this guy was a crime novelist?
    CASTLE: I am.
    FALLON: Then you should know that sometimes people who operate outside the law will take the social security number of a deceased individual and use it to forge a new identity.
    CASTLE: I know. I've done it three times in my books. What I'm saying is: why would he steal Kevin McCann's identity?
  • CASTLE: Man, does that guy take jackhole lessons or was he born that way?
    RYAN: Neither. I asked my buddy at DHS about him. Turns out his wife was killed on 9/11. She rode the second tower down. They were on the phone together when it happened.
  • CASTLE: I mean, a literal deadline. As in you go over the line and you're dead.
  • MONTGOMERY: You know, the mayor wants to give you two a medal. I didn't have the heart to tell him you had no clue what you were doing.
  • BECKETT: Well, we were just doing our job. Actually, I was doing my job. I don't know what the hell he was doing.
    CASTLE: Hey! But that's true.
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  • The title card for this episode is blue rather than its usual orange.
  • The bomb is set to go off at 4pm, which is less than 10 hours from when Beckett and Castle are rescued, so it's a little after 6am. When they first see the bomb there were 13 hours and 21 minutes left on the timer, making that around 2:40am, so Beckett and Castle spent around 3 hours in the freezer.
  • Castle and Beckett are remarkably symptom-free despite having a 'moderate case of hypothermia'.
  • Cops never, EVER take their guns into an interrogation room.
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