3x14 Lucky Stiff

Original Air Date: 7 February 2011
: Alexi Hawley
Director: Emile Levisetti


What would you do if you won the lottery? Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a lottery winner who may have had a change of heart. Meanwhile Castle is occupied with guessing what Beckett would do with the money, and Martha has to decide what to do with an unexpected windfall of her own.

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3x14 Lucky Stiff - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki



  • Ned Bellamy – LOGAN MEECH
  • Wilmer Calderon – MARVIN "OZ" OSMANKOWSKI
  • Clare Carey – NOREEN HIXTON
  • Skoti Collins – JAY HIXTON
  • Rachel Melvin – NICOLE HIXTON
  • Alastair Duncan – REGINALD EASLEY
  • John Hemphill – TOM WALTERS
  • Brian Jones – TY PAGE
  • Josh Wingate - GREG PAGE
  • J. Salome Martinez – TODD SHIPLEY
  • Joe Reegan – SHAWN YORK
  • Gregory Alan Williams – JIM VAN-EPS
  • Giovanni G Giusti - HOMELESS JOHN
  • Keith Middlebrook - NICK (BODYGUARD)
  • "Get On The Floor" - BRIAN JONES & JOSH WINGATE (rappers)
  • "Loose" - SPANK ROCK (club scene)

  • Avatar was a 2009 hit movie that takes place on a distant planet where the indigenous people are blue.
  • Tony Jaa is an martial arts action movie star.



  • The discussions of what various team members would do if they won the lottery.
  • Kate repeating Rick's words to Martha.
  • The rapping suspects.
  • Beckett driving Castle's Ferrari.
  • The club scene.
  • The ending.

3x14 Lucky Stiff - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • CASTLE: Just kill me now.
    ALEXIS: You got the cell phone bill?
    CASTLE: No, books from my publisher for back cover quotes.
    CASTLE: Wait. What about the cell phone bill?
    ALEXIS: Nothing.
  • CASTLE: (about the Ferrari) Fast as any other car in rush hour traffic.
  • BECKETT: Okay, while the two of you are fantasizing about the size of your rods I'm gonna go interrogate our suspect.
  • CASTLE: Money doesn't change who you are, it just magnifies your personality.
  • CASTLE: Is it safe to say that there's not an animal print left in any store in New York City?
    MARTHA: Very funny. (looks down at herself) Probably true.
  • CASTLE: Then I realized the only luxury I cared about was freedom. Freedom to write, spend time with Alexis. The money just allows me to live life on my terms.
  • OZ: You sure took a big step down in the wardrobe department.
  • CASTLE: The butler really did do it.
  • CASTLE: He won over a hundred million dollars in the lottery. I'd hardly call that bad luck.
    EASLEY: His marriage failed, his daughter fell into drugs and he was just gunned down in his own apartment.
  • ESPOSITO: (about the lottery) I play my firsts - sex and combat.
    RYAN: I play his firsts too. What? That way we both win and it's not awkward.
  • OZ: What kind of party you lookin' to get into?
    BECKETT: I like to feel...shiny.

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  • Castle owns a Ferrari and some land on the moon, which he only bought a month ago (during the Close Encounters case, perhaps?).
  • If they won the lottery, Montgomery would buy a big boat, Esposito would buy a Ferrari, and Ryan would buy a vineyard.
  • Ryan and Jenny spent their first vacation together at a vineyard.
  • Martha's late boyfriend, Chet, left her a million dollars in his will. She initially goes on a shopping spree, then decides to give the money back, but when his children won't accept it she decides to use it to open an acting school.
  • According to the address on the check Martha receives, Castle lives at 595 Broome St, which is in Tribeca.
  • Castle blew through the money from his first book in about six months.
  • Esposito finds out that everyone has known about him and Lanie all along.
  • More evidence that Beckett worked in Vice before Homicide - she has arrested Meech several times and since he's a scam artist, that would be covered by Vice.
  • Montgomery plays his kids' birthdays in the lottery -- suggesting he has either two or three (depending on whether he includes the years.)
  • Beckett apparently plays the guitar (albeit not particularly well :).
  • Castle sets up a scholarship fund in Johanna Beckett's name.
  • Most dye packs are pressure sensitive, so they would go off when the bag was opened. They did say that this one was on a timer, but it's still a little odd. There was also no dye on the guy's clothes.
  • The keychain for the Ferrari is different in the car than it was in the apartment.
  • Speaking of, the roof of the Ferrari is open when Beckett is driving them to the club...but it's raining.
  • The camera Ryan gives to Beckett with pictures of Oz is the same camera that is used in 2x14, "The Third Man".
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