3x11 Nikki Heat

Original Air Date: 3 January 2011
: David Grae
Director: Jeff Bleckner


The partnership's rhythm is upset when a second shadow is added to the team - the actress who will be playing Nikki Heat in the Heat Wave movie. As the actress goes to great lengths to get into the part, Castle and Beckett deal with the murder of a high-class matchmaker. And meanwhile, Ryan has an important question for Jenny, but it may be thrown out of whack when she thinks he's been lying to her.

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  • Laura Prepon - NATALIE RHODES
  • Melody Thomas Scott - TONYA WELLINGTON
  • Thomas Calabro - SCOTT DONNER
  • Juliana Dever - JENNY DUFFY-O'MALLEY
  • René Ashton - AMELIA WEISS
  • Jon Briddell - RICHARD WEISS
  • Randall Batinkoff - BRAD WILLIAMS
  • Stephen Macht - BILL WELLINGTON
  • Lenny Citrano - LEAD LAWYER
  • John L Curtis - DESK CLERK
  • Tymberlee Hill - JULIE TAYLOR
  • Adam O'Bryne - MR RUBENS
  • David Parker - DUKE JONES
  • Salihma - VICKY RUBENS
  • Kelly Thiebaud - CHLOE GRAVES
  • "Flower" - AMOS LEE (tag, proposal)

  • Millionaire Matchmaker is a US reality series that features a matchmaking service for rich men.
  • Tumi is an American brand of luggage, more prosaic and practical than the designer German bag they found ("Burgland-Eckloff", which doesn't appear to be a real brand).
  • Colonel Klink is a character from the show Hogan's Heroes.
  • Boxster is a Porsche car model.
  • Il Mulino is a popular and very pricey Italian restaurant on 86 W. 3rd St. in Manhattan.



  • Natalie not knowing who Castle is, and completely disregarding him in the beginning.
  • Natalie and Beckett's hair and heels conversation.
  • The posture imitation.
  • The coffee stealing.
  • Ryan and Castle looking at the divorce file.
  • Natalie and Beckett discussing Castle.
  • The gang hiding from 'creepy Beckett'.
  • Ryan's proposal.



  • ALEXIS (about an apparently R-rated horror movie): Hey, I like that movie! ... If I'd seen it. Which I haven't.
  • (phone rings) ALEXIS: Pick it up, Dad. A murder will make you feel better.
  • BECKETT: Sorry, I already talked to them, but it's not every day we get someone famous in here.
  • BECKETT: Well, you can't judge a book by its cover.
    CASTLE: Yes, actually, yes I can, when it's my book.
  • CASTLE: And she's a civilian. I mean, aren't you afraid she's gonna get in the way and mess up the case?
    BECKETT: You're kidding, right?
  • NATALIE (to Castle): What about you, do you do anything to hide your fame?
    BECKETT: It doesn't really come up that much.
  • NATALIE: She [Beckett] is crazy smart. You know, sexy, commanding. On a good day, maybe, I'm one out of three.
  • BECKETT: Even when I'm thinking I can feel her in my head, like some brain-eating parasite from one of her movies.
  • NATALIE: Legally, does it matter to the case why Stacey did what she did?
    CASTLE: No, but that's what makes Beckett such a great detective - she invests in the victims.
  • CASTLE: You should be flattered.
    BECKETT: Yeah, until she steals my boyfriend and kills me in my sleep.
  • NATALIE: I need to sleep with him in the name of character research.
  • BECKETT (watching Natalie): Do I really do that?
    CASTLE: Yes, and it's adorable.
    BECKETT: If it's so adorable why didn't you sleep with me? (Castle does a doubletake) Her me, not me me.
    CASTLE. Oh. Well, a fictional character that I wrote, based on you, played by Natalie Rhodes? That's just...way too meta.
  • RYAN: We should have a code word so we know which Beckett to kill when her clone army attacks.
  • BECKETT: Did you find anything on Greta Morgan?
    ESPO: Yeah, I found something pretty interesting at the Meritage Hotel.
    BECKETT: What?
    ESPO: Greta Morgan.
  • CASTLE: (demonstrating proposal) Will you marry me?
  • BECKETT: She took my coffee, Castle. What's next? My soul?
  • NATALIE: Is Castle gay?
    BECKETT: I'm sorry, what? No. No.
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  • Ryan is planning to propose to Jenny - Castle tries to convince him to make a big statement, but Beckett says that most girls prefer something more intimate. He plans a helicopter ride, but ends up proposing in the middle of the precinct. (She says yes.)
  • Natalie Rhodes, an actress known for horror films, will be playing Nikki in Heat Wave. Castle isn't too thrilled originally, but he comes around to the idea that she's actually a good actress.
  • Jenny's full name is Jennifer Scout Duffy-O'Malley. (Dustjackets thinks this could be abbreviated to Jenny DO-Ryan :)
  • The homicide squad is on the 4th floor of the 12th Precinct. (You can see the floor marker as Natalie and Castle enter the elevator.)
  • Lanie does not appear in this episode.
  • After Natalie steals Beckett's coffee, when Beckett is pulling Castle away, the camera switches angles as they go through the door, and suddenly Beckett is holding Castle's left arm instead of his right.
  • It seems a bit odd that no one mentions Gina in connection to Castle not sleeping with Natalie, especially given Castle's assertion in S1 that he doesn't cheat, and the episode's emphasis on cheating spouses. (This makes a lot more sense if you know that this ep was originally supposed to be aired after the next one.)
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