3x10 Last Call

Original Air Date: 6 December 2010
: Scott Williams
Director: Bryan Spicer


A murder leads to a story of prohibition and the world's most elusive scotch. Oh, and Castle buys a bar.

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3x10 Last Call



  • Sam Page - BRIAN ELLIOTT
  • Jillian Clare - GRACIE
  • Chris Mulkey - WILBUR PITTORINO
  • Alexandra Barreto - ANNIE SWIFT
  • Rand Holdren - PETE MUCHA
  • Oliver Muirhead - STEVEN HEISLER
  • Christopher Carrington - FISHING MAN
  • Michelle N Carter - WOMAN
  • Cat Doss - FILING CLERK
  • Ritu Lal - JILL
  • Nathaniel Marston - GRANT VYRO
  • Oliver Muirhead - STEVEN HEISLER
  • "Sister Kate" - THE DITTY BOPS (Montage of Castle making cocktails)
  • "Piano Man" - CASTLE CAST (As the gang leaves the precinct late)
  • Rick's Café Américain is the name of the bar that Humphrey Bogart's character owned and ran in the movie Casablanca. The quote "Here's looking at you, kid" is from the same movie.
  • "Indy" is a nickname for Indiana Jones, an archaeologist featured in a series of movies (starting with Raiders of the Lost Ark) who often explores dark, forgotten tunnels by torchlight.
  • C.H.U.D. (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) is a 1984 horror/science fiction movie.
  • "Alligators in the sewers" are a well-known urban legend dating back to the 1920's, featuring alligators in improbable locations, like the sewers of New York City.
  • "No boating accident", etc, are lines from Jaws.
  • Alexis' friend Gracie is in town to check out FIT - probably the Fashion Institute of Technology.



  • Beckett changing her look from cop to sexy as Castle watches, before going into The Old Haunt for the first time.
  • Castle, Ryan, Montgomery, Esposito and Beckett singing "Piano Man" at the close of the episode.
  • RYAN: We're cops. We go to cop bars.
    CASTLE: Your loss.
  • CASTLE: You mean you weren't born with that dazzling smile?
    BECKETT: The only thing dazzling was how long it took my parents to pay for it.
  • CASTLE: Don't ruin my story with your logic!
  • BECKETT: So, Castle, can I buy you a drink?
    CASTLE: Why Detective Beckett, I thought you'd never ask.
  • MCGUIGAN: Man, nobody hit anybody.
    CASTLE: Yes, well, keep mixing root beer with fine scotch and that may change.
  • CASTLE: Undercover. I like it. You might want to pop another button just in case.
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  • Alexis went to Greendale Elementary, where her best friend was Gracie until she moved to Kansas when they were 10. (There really are several schools named Greendale Elementary, but none are in NYC so it's probably safe to assume this is as made up as Marlowe Academy.)
  • Alexis (and Castle) have lived in the loft at least since Alexis was in elementary school, since Gracie's been there before.
  • Beckett wore braces in grade school.
  • Castle wrote most of his first book, "In a Hail of Bullets," at a bar called "The Old Haunt." It was before Alexis was born and he hasn't been back there since. The book sold over three million copies.
  • NY changed its drinking age from 18 to 21 in 1985, and all the publicity for Heat Wave says his first novel was published while he was still in college. Since Castle was born on April 1st (confirmed via Twitter), then he was probably in his junior year at 21, graduating at 22. If he and Kyra were in the same class, and considering she left in September and he'd need at least a year to meet Meredith and grow Alexis, that would make Castle at least 39 years old when his birthday is mentioned in Season 2.
  • When they find the secret passage in the basement of The Old Haunt Castle exclaims 'blam said the lady'. His catchphrase (that Nathan Fillion invented) is normally 'bam said the lady'.
  • Castle and Beckett are in the archives looking at old sewer maps when Castle figures out who the killer is by pulling the call card from the back of the book. Unless it was checked out, there would be no name on that card. And depending on the age and importance of the book in question, it might not have been allowed to be checked out at all. In either case, they might still have been able to pull a name from the sign in log to the archive room.
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