3x08 Murder Most Fowl

Original Air Date: 8 November 2010
: Matt Pyken
Director: Bryan Spicer


'Lightbulb' Lenny was a harmless subway maintenance worker and birdwatcher, so why did someone murder him? This puzzling case quickly becomes a matter of urgency when Beckett and Castle discover that Len's death is connected to the kidnapping of a 12-year-old boy.

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3x08 Murder Most Fowl - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki



  • Ken Baumann - ASHLEY
  • John Pyper-Ferguson - DEAN DONEGAL
  • Ever Carradine - MIRIELLE LEFCOURT
  • Rick Hearst - DR. ELLIOT LEFCOURT
  • Carmen Argenziano - MARIO RIVERA
  • David Dean Bottrell - BYRON H SINGER
  • Claudia Choi - CSU PHOTO TECH
  • Danny Downey - BMX RIDER 1
  • Prescilliana Esparolini - TERESA DE LA TORRE
  • Eddie Fiola - BMX RIDER 2
  • Gattlin Griffith - TYLER DONEGAL
  • Paul Jerome - ROBERT KINCAID
  • Christopher May - ARTHUR SANSONE
  • Al Pugliese - PRETZEL VENDOR
  • Steve Rizzo - THOMAS MESTRICK
  • "Infiltraitor" - CLIFF LIN (Teaser)
  • "Salt & Spoon" - PAJARO SUNRISE (Tag)
  • Ben was a 1972 movie about a boy's friendship with a killer rat.
  • The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 is a 1974 movie about the hijacking of a subway train. A remake with Denzel Washington was released in 2009.
  • Money Train is a 1995 movie about transit cop who steals a train full of subway fares.
  • The Sherlock Holmes reference, which Castle explains.
  • 24 was a television show about Jack Bauer, a counterterrorist agent. The show had a unique format, with the action of each season taking place in a single day.



  • The feather scene.
  • The purpose-of-the-subway discussion.
  • Castle guessing what BHS stands for.
  • Singer's interrogation.
  • Alexis' elaborate rat trap.
  • CASTLE: You know I understand ferrets as a pet. Snakes, spiders, even a hairless mole. But a rat?
    BECKETT: Probably kids in this city who keep cockroaches as pets.
    CASTLE: You're probably right. What's the strangest pet you ever had?
    BECKETT: You.

  • CASTLE: See, that's why you'll never be a bestselling novelist. No sense of drama.
    BECKETT: I find that the dead bodies are usually enough.
  • CASTLE: The man was an unsung hero. Cut down by the forces of big bulb.
    ESPOSITO: Big Bulb?
    CASTLE: The filament-industrial complex.
    BECKETT: Lenny's buddy is delusional if he actually thinks Len was killed by a lightbulb conspiracy.
  • BECKETT: The thing about murderers is they tend not to have solid alibis.
    CASTLE: Usually because they're murdering somebody.
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  • Alexis' boyfriend Ashley has a 5-year-old pet rat named Theodore that Alexis is babysitting.
  • When Alexis was 4 she and Castle went Christmas shopping at a mall in White Plains, and she got bored while he was trying on a fedora. She crawled under a clothing rack and went to sleep, causing Castle to call mall security in a panic and search for an hour before they found her.
  • They do have a picture of the killer's face. It's not a very good one, given that it's obscured by a muzzle flash, but it could have helped.
  • Not really a goof, but it's kind of strange that the two halves of this episode have basically no connection to each other; it would have made more sense if the kidnapper had turned out to be someone from Lenny's life.
  • In 1x09, Beckett says that the FBI has jurisdiction over kidnappings. Why didn't the Feds get involved the moment they realized that they were dealing with a child abduction? The crew solved the murder. The kidnapping technically isn't under their jurisdiction.
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