3x05 Anatomy of a Murder

Original Air Date: 18 October 2010
: Terence Paul Winter
Director: John Terlesky


The unexpected appearance of a second corpse inside a casket built for one leads Castle and Beckett to the Galaxy of Greg. Meanwhile, Gina tries to be the cool almost-re-step mom, and Castle blows a gasket.

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  • Monet Mazur - GINA GRIFFIN
  • Nathan Lam - RABBI
  • Cynthia Frost - TOVA
  • John Kassir - MR. DREYFUS
  • William Allen Young - JERRY CAMDEN
  • Michael Cassidy - GREG McCLINTOCK
  • Brea Cola – DR IMANI PHELPS
  • Erin Fleming – AMY PORTER
  • Bo Foxworth – LEONARD MALONEY
  • A Martinez – CESAR CALDERON
  • Allyssa Maurice – DR LISSA AKERMAN
  • Carlos Sanz – MANUEL CALDERON
  • "You Know It's True" - JULES LARSON (tag)
  • The episode title, "Anatomy of a Murder", probably refers to both the TV series Grey's Anatomy, a medical drama (like Castle, also on ABC) and the 1959 motion picture Anatomy of a Murder, a courtroom drama.
  • "McDreamy" is a nickname for the character Derek Shepherd on the TV series Grey's Anatomy. Likewise, 'Dr. Rhonda Chimes' is a shoutout to Grey's creator, Shonda Rhimes. 'Seriously? Seriously,' is a signature exchange on that show.
  • Another reference to Grey's Anatomy is the use of the word "seriously". Meredith, the main character of Grey's Anatomy, and her colleagues use it very, very (!) often.



  • The casket with two bodies.
  • Greg the nurse
  • Castle and Beckett reading Greg's letters.
  • The drug lord is a Castle fan.
  • NURSE McCLINTOCK: Are you asking for my alibi? Seriously?
    BECKETT: Seriously.
    NURSE McCLINTOCK: Seriously?
    NURSE McCLINTOCK: (to Castle) Seriously?
  • CASTLE: Looks like someone gave her 20 CCs of death.
  • CASTLE: And how many of them [doctors] like detectives?
    BECKETT: One, that I know of.
    CASTLE: Whoa, you mean Motorcycle Boy is a doctor?
  • NURSE McCLINTOCK: Yeah, I saw her...I love the way your hair frames your face.
  • CASTLE: No, makes no sense. Why spend all that time listening to women and buying them things if you're not going to sleep with them?...Oh, Beckett's here...
  • CASTLE: Turns out, Greg isn't McDreamy or McSteamy. He's McSkeemy.
  • CASTLE: Listen to this: "The days without you grow longer, but my love for you grows..."
    BECKETT: Stronger?
    CASTLE: "Harder"...A poet he is not.
  • MARTHA: But, the question is this, when you come right down to it...would you be willing to break her [Gina] out of prison? Because that, my boy, is true love.
  • BECKETT: Don't worry, Castle, I'd get'cha out.
    (Castle looks after her dumbfounded.)

    BECKETT: You comin'?
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  • Alexis is a fan of singer Taylor Swift. She and her boyfriend Ash have a song, Taylor Swift's "Mine".
  • Castle and Gina also have a song, AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long".
  • And, finally Beckett and Castle have a song (although Castle didn't know it), Clarence Carter's "You Talk Too Much".
  • Castle also appears to have a favourite television show: Grey's Anatomy.
  • When they were married, Castle got upset with Gina for buying Alexis a doll that he had wanted to give her for Christmas. A similar fight ensues when Gina gives Alexis a pair of tickets (with better seats and backstage passes, even) to the Taylor Swift concert -- after Castle had just spent some ridiculous amount of money getting her a pair from his broker.
  • In eleventh grade Castle was dating a darling girl named Lizzie and dumped her - that was when Martha stopped being emotionally invested in his girlfriends.
  • Being very close to a loved one during a concert may be great but Castle was had and should ask for his money back. The two Taylor Swift tickets he got are for the same seat (Row 7 Seat 15). Unless Alexis and Ash don't mind sitting on each others' laps...
  • Later, when Castle hides the tickets behind his back before he brings them to Alexis, the tickets say Row 7 Seat 15 and Row 7 Seat 16, different from what they were at the precinct (Row 7 Seat 15)
  • Jewish tradition calls for a simple, wooden casket with no metal embellishments. The Mankofskys seems fairly religious, and therefore it is unlikely that the coffin shown would be the coffin they would choose.
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