3x04 Punked

Original Air Date: 11 October 2010
: David Grae
Director: Rob Bowman


When a man turns up dead wearing only his boxers, it appears he may have caused a few others to lose their shirts in the financial markets. The truth may be even weirder, and more archaic, than that.

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3x04 Punked



  • Victor Webster - JOSH DAVIDSON
  • Ken Baumann - ASHLEY
  • Eden Riegel - RACHEL GOLDSTEIN
  • Andrew Leeds - ADAM MURPHY
  • Ramon De Ocampo - OWEN PETERSON
  • Thomas Kopache - ABE SANDRICH
  • Jen Lilley - JULIA FOSTER
  • "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" - NITZER EBB
  • "Me You And Watson" - ALEC OUNSWORTH

3x04 Punked - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • Captain Underpants is a series of children's books by Dav Pilkey.
  • "D'Andre the Giant" is a reference to the actor/wrestler Andre the Giant, best known for his role of Fezzik in The Princess Bride.
  • Hulk Hogan is a well-known professional wrestler.
  • The Terminator is a classic science fiction film that does, as Castle says, feature time travelers who must time travel naked and then find clothes in "our" time.
  • "Yosemite Sam" is a Warner Brothers cartoon character, a (human) cowboy with a flamboyant moustache.



  • Castle trying to get "inside" Beckett's knickers.
  • Castle trying to surprise Alexis with the antique pistol and scaring poor wee Ashley *&%less.
  • The gun range sequence (truly one of the funniest ever).
  • Esposito's fakeout.
  • LANIE: (referring to rust) Based on the amount of it, I'd say that bullet is 200 years old.
    CASTLE: A 200-year-old bullet can only mean one thing. Time-traveling killer.

  • CASTLE: (talking about his "smorelet") Aha. I knew you'd reconsider. It's kind of like David Hasselhoff. First you're repulsed, but then, strangely, you're drawn in.
    ALEXIS: No. Still repulsed.
  • CASTLE: How do you know when you're in love?
    BECKETT: All the songs make sense.
  • CASTLE: So I wear boxers, what do you wear? Thong? Cheekies? I told you mine! Bloomers? Ganny Panties? Commando?
  • BECKETT: Could you please stop saying "time ripple"?
    CASTLE: Yeah, it does sound kind of dirty, doesn't it.
  • CASTLE: Unless time travel causes rust...
    BECKETT: On your brain.
  • BECKETT: Maybe giant moths killed him and took his clothes.
    CASTLE: Could be.
  • CASTLE: Did you say something about giant moths?
    BECKETT: Nope.
  • CASTLE: Manslaughter it is.
    BECKETT: Yup.
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  • At least one of Ryan's sisters has a son old enough to enjoy the Captain Underpants books.
  • Lanie doesn't drink coffee, but she does like bearclaws.
  • Castle wears boxers. Beckett is not saying a word. (The Thomas Nash line is sold by Debenham's, and they do indeed have silk boxers that go for about $30 USD.)
  • In high school, Kate dated a grunge rocker who smelled of wet flannel and clove cigarettes for seven months just to pay her father back for asking about him.
  • Beckett's answer to 'how do you know if you're in love' suggests she has been. Maybe Castle had to ask because he hasn't? (Unless, of course, it's a girl thing...and Ryan.)
  • Alexis isn't the only one who gets a boyfriend in this ep -- Beckett has also been quietly dating a handsome mysterious stranger named Josh, although it's not known at this time (2nd Jan 2011) for how long.
  • The plate on the DeLorean reads LFM-26W1, but Esposito calls it in as "J-L-D…"
  • The address on the victim's NY State driver licence is 251 W 86TH Street, New York; however, Beckett says that he lives in SoHo.
  • In the scene where Alexis is holding an iPad towards the end, there is a microphone clearly visible in front of her.
  • The running joke about Esposito's injuries was a way to give Jon Huertas time off to do some outside work.
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