3x03 Under the Gun

Original Air Date: 4 October 2010
: Alexi Hawley
Director: Bryan Spicer


A bail bondsman is murdered, leaving behind a coded document and bringing an old mentor back into Beckett's life. Meanwhile, Castle is forced to dig, well, somebody's grave.

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3x03 Under the Gun - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki



  • Jason Beghe - MIKE ROYCE
  • James Handy - CLIFFORD STUCKEY
  • Sophina Brown - BROOKE CARVER
  • Brian Krause - FATHER AARON LOW
  • Keith Robinsons - RANDOM PIERCE
  • "Healing Hands" - CITIZEN COPE (Placement)
  • Darth Vader, light sabers...do we really need to explain this one?
  • Nannycams are tiny cameras usually hidden in toys or other common objects. They're frequently used by paranoid parents to make sure their children are being properly looked after.
  • 'Affluenza' is indeed in Wikipedia, but it refers to anxiety suffered by all members of over-consuming societies, not specifically children of the rich.



  • Beckett winding Castle up about her motorcycle and Alexis' impending 'wild child' phase.
  • Royce commenting on Beckett's heels.
  • ...and all his other stories about young Officer Beckett.
  • The conversation over drinks...
  • and Beckett on the phone with Royce, after.
  • The Mexican standoff, and Castle's solution.
  • BECKETT: It's a bug.
    CASTLE: A wireless transmitter, to be precise. Not to be confused with the more advanced infrared signal burst device.
    BECKETT: Book research?
    CASTLE: Nannycam.
    BECKETT: Well, it's not Watergate, Castle. If the purpose was to bug, why leave it here when he's dead?
    CASTLE: So tell me this, Miss Know-it-all. Who would want to bug a burly bondsman so badly?
  • CASTLE: Someone actually named their kid 'Random'? No wonder he turned to a life of crime.
  • BECKETT: Do you see what happens when you feed the animals?
  • CASTLE: Lying is not his strong suite. A quality I like in a priest.
  • ROYCE: So was he trying to start the zombie apocalypse?
    CASTLE: Mock all you want, our good father knows what that paper is.
  • CASTLE: (re: photo of Beckett in uniform) Oh, look at you all shiny and bright
    BECKETT: (to Royce) What did I tell you about feeding the animals?

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  • Beckett worked through high school to buy herself a 94 Harley Davidson Softail...which she still has.
  • Her training officer was Mike Royce, who she seems to have hero-worshipped massively. He, in turn, still calls her 'kid'. During the episode we hear of several adventures from Beckett's training days including: the karaoke stakeout, that time with the monkey, the biker chick to whom Beckett offered Royce as man bait to get her to give up her crew, and the time that Beckett offered to flash a suspect who had a spear gun (apparently she was also holding a cat at the time).
  • It's a bit odd that Castle needed a nannycam given that we know from 1x02 that he was Alexis' nanny. Maybe it was more of an 'occasional-babysitter-cam' or to keep an eye on Martha.
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