3x01 A Deadly Affair

Original Air Date: 20 September 2010
: Andrew Marlowe
Director: Rob Bowman


Beckett is annoyed that Castle hasn't called all summer, and Castle can't figure out why the entire precinct is mad at him. Plus he keeps turning up at murder scenes with a gun in his hand. Will Beckett and Castle learn to work together again, or will they finally shoot each other?

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  • Michael Rady - EVAN MURPHY
  • Charlene Amoia - ANA MARIE
  • Gino Cafarelli - DEAN CARBINO
  • Justice Gamble - BARTENDER
  • Lisa O'Hare - KITTY CANARY
  • Craig Gellis - EARL MORELAND
  • Ethan Erickson - XANDER FOYLE
  • "Fever (Adam Freeland Remix)" - SARAH VAUGHAN (Kitty performs a striptease)
  • "Those Days" - LUCY SCHWARTZ (Castle comes home to find Alexis on phone with new boyfriend)
  • Humpty Dumpty is a nursery rhyme in which the titular character, usually portrayed as an egg, falls off a wall.
  • Mr. Wizard was the host of Watch Mr. Wizard, an American television series in the 1950's that taught children about science.
  • Greg Louganis is an American Olympic diver.
  • The Mall at Short Hills is a shopping mall in New Jersey, featuring stores known for expensive merchandise.
  • "That cable show" is undoubtedly Breaking Bad, an American television series (originally airing on the cable channel AMC) about a high school chemistry teacher who starts making meth for financial reasons.



  • The first 30 seconds.
  • The Castle poster following Beckett.
  • Castle being arrested.
  • Kate staring at Castle's empty chair.
  • Ryan's rolling chair incident.
  • The bet and the glance at Ryan and Esposito.
  • Beckett trying not to smile.
  • Beckett and Castle solving the case together.
  • BECKETT: Are you guys reconstructing the Humpty Dumpty crime scene?
  • BECKETT: Why should I believe you when you pretty much make up stories for a living?
  • RYAN: I kinda almost shot Castle...(defensive) What? He had a gun.
  • CASTLE: You won't regret this.
    BECKETT: I already do.
    CASTLE: Starting now.
  • BECKETT: Don't think this means you won the bet. We only know that they are connected, we don't know how.
    CASTLE: I missed you too.
  • BECKETT: Which means that our victims were most likely involved in something illegal.
    CASTLE: Just so you know, I got that from shot to death.
    RYAN: So? So what kind of illegal activity involves vending machines, an artist and a high school teacher?
    CASTLE: I know, even the stuff I'm making up in my head doesn't make sense.
  • MONTGOMERY: But tomorrow I want you to tell me the story of how Castle got your gun.
  • ESPOSITO: So. How long before Castle did you know this was about counterfeiting?
    Beckett just smiles.
  • BECKETT: It's like a bad joke. A sculptor, a vending machine salesman, and a chemistry teacher all walk into a burlesque bar.
    CASTLE: Yeah, only we don't have a punchline.

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  • Alexis is dating a boy that she met this summer at Princeton, but she's upset that he didn't call her when he got back from Europe.
  • Castle is still in a relationship with Gina.
  • Technically the autumnal equinox is not until the Thursday after this ep aired, the 23rd of September. The vernal equinox as well as the winter and summer solstices generally fall on the 20th or 21st of their respective months, but the autumnal equinox falls on the 22nd or 23rd of September.
  • Beckett should have been in a lot more trouble for giving Castle her service pistol. (And the plot would have worked fine if she had given him her backup instead, which would have been less of breach of protocol.)
  • Lanie says that she found the paper with Maya Santori's address clenched in Chloe Whitman's hand so tight she almost didn't see it. When Whitman's crime scene was shown, her hands were open and there was no paper in sight.
  • Not sure this is a goof, but just something interesting: In the Season 2 premiere, the way that Castle gets Beckett to let him stay is by arguing that he was a witness. In this episode, Beckett says that he CAN'T be involved because he's a witness. Hmm...
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