2x24 A Deadly Game

Original Air Date: 17 May 2010
: Andrew Marlowe
Director: Rob Bowman


Castle's got some news that Beckett's not going to want to hear. Beckett's got something to tell him as well...if she gets the chance. Meanwhile, someone's been murdered playing Spy vs Spy.

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  • Michael Trucco - TOM DEMMING
  • Monet Mazur - GINA GRIFFIN
  • Mitch Pileggi - HANS BREMEL
  • Stephen J. Cannell - HIMSELF
  • Michael Connelly - HIMSELF
  • James Patterson - HIMSELF
  • "Into The Blue" - SARA JACKSON-HOLMANT (Tag)
  • The pay phone at the beginning is an homage to the spy movie Three Days of the Condor (Andrew Marlowe commentary).
  • The clip that Castle is watching at the beginning is from His Girl Friday.
  • Luvania is a fictional country created for a survey in 2004 to see if people could identify which countries were joining the EU.



  • Esposito's talk with Beckett.
  • Martha gets a role in a play.
  • Ryan and Esposito's impeccable timing.
  • Castle not bringing Beckett coffee.
  • Castle's going away party in the break room.
  • ...and the end.
  • CONNELLY: Personally I'd spend more time writing and less time hanging out with your cop friend. I mean, really, Rick, just one book a year?
    CANNELL: Kinda thin, Rick.
  • ESPOSITO: Why do you think he's been following you around all this time? What, research? The guy's done enough research to write fifty books. Look, whatever the reason is, I'm pretty sure it doesn't include watching you be with another guy.
  • BECKETT: She's naked on the cover again, isn't she?
    CASTLE: Kinda yeah…
    BECKETT: That's great. No one's gonna make fun of me…
  • BECKETT: Wow Castle, you're working really hard to see me in a swim suit.
    CASTLE: If you're not comfortable in a swim suit, you can just skinny dip.
  • CASTLE: I promise. No funny stuff, just a friendly getaway. It will be fun.
    BECKETT: Yeah...no...
  • According to Andrew Marlowe's commentary, after Castle says that this is the coolest case ever, Montgomery was supposed to say "You think this is cool? Do you have any idea the amount of paperwork this just created? See, this is why I can't watch action movies. Shootouts, car chases, explosions. I sit in the theater and all I can think about is the damn paperwork someone's gonna have to fill out." But they had to cut it because the episode was running long.
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  • Beckett has still not found herself a place to live. (According to Andrew Marlowe's commentary, she's currently subletting and having so much trouble finding someplace she can afford she might have to move to the boroughs -- which, for a born and bred Manhattanite, is a fate akin to social death.)
  • Castle's house in the Hamptons backs up onto the beach.
  • SpyVentures is based on a French company called Ultime Realite, which specializes in giving executives the illicit thrill of forcible kidnapping and interrogation (Andrew Marlowe commentary).
  • The Naked Heat cover art is the actual cover art for the next Richard Castle novel ABC is releasing (Andrew Marlowe commentary).
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