2x22 Food to Die For

Original Air Date: 3 May 2010
: Terri Edda Miller
Director: Ron Underwood


The murder of a famous chef brings an old friend back into Beckett's life.

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  • Michael Trucco - TOM DEMMING
  • Rocco Dispirito - HIMSELF
  • Julie Gonzalo - MADISON QUELLER
  • Suzy Nakamura - JENNIFER WONG
  • Max Greenfield - DAVID NICOLAIDES
  • Erin Cahill - CECILY BURKETT
  • "Sleep Comes Lately" - MALPAIS (Beckett questions the bookie, Slade)
  • "So Far So Long" - ALEXANDER CARDINALE (Castle orders Alexis to stay home)
  • "Slow Down" - DRY SPELLS (Tag)
  • Saved by the Bell was an American TV show in the early 90s about a group of friends in high school.
  • "Kitchen Wars" isn't a real show, but it's probably based on Top Chef, a cooking competition series.



  • Meeting Beckett's old high school friend, Madison.
  • Castle freezing things and doing the Dr. Horrible laugh.
  • Alexis acting moody and her age.
  • Madison calls Beckett out on her feelings for Castle.
  • Beckett's breakroom date with Tom, including a candle and Chinese food.
  • The boys discussing girls, and Ryan mentioning Demming. Awkward silence!
  • Castle and Beckett talking in subtext about their relationship.
  • BECKETT: I'm a homicide Detective.
    MADISON: Shut the front door.

  • MADISON: I can't believe the biggest scofflaw at Stuy became a cop.
  • CASTLE: And... what's a good time?
    BECKETT: Well, if you don't know by now, I'm sure it's too late to show you one.
  • Officer brings Beckett a sketch.
    CASTLE: Mm. She looks kinda sketchy to me.

  • CASTLE: How's our corpse-sicle?
  • MARTHA: Stop frowning, Alexis, or your father will freeze your face like that.
  • MADISON: You're hot for Castle. You want to make little Castle babies. Why couldn't you just be honest?
  • RYAN: I've fallen I love with operators on the phone. Even asked one out a couple of years ago, but she was in Bangladesh.
  • CASTLE: You ask me... she should've followed her heart-- left David, gone with Wolf.
    BECKETT: You know, I can see the virtue in staying. I mean, guys like Wolf, they come in, they upset the apple cart. Of course he makes you feel alive, but eventually, you know he's just gonna let you down. So why risk it?
    CASTLE: Because the heart wants what the heart wants.
  • CASTLE: This is both literally and figuratively...cool.
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  • Beckett attended Stuyvesant High School, a public school for students gifted in science.
  • One of her best friends at Stuy was Madison Queller, whom she met in 9th grade in French class. Beckett stole her mom's makeup to give Maddie a makeover, and was the one that told her that kissing boys might involve some tongue. The two seem to have fallen out during their senior year over a boy named Brent Edwards, and not seen each other since.
  • In high school 'Becks' was quite the "scofflaw" and dated everything from grunge guitarists to med students to possible royalty.
  • Alexis has a friend named Lacey who has invited her to the Hamptons for the weekend. She wants to go, but feels that she needs to study for her AP exams, and ends up asking Castle to order her to stay home, which he does.
  • Beckett took French in high school.
  • Alexis is taking AP chemistry. In episode 7x13 we hear that Castle (then Rodgers) also took AP Chemistry in high school (and apparently let an attractive classmate cheat off him).
  • Castle apparently proposed to Gina on a hot-air balloon ride, in February.
  • Beckett loves oatmeal cookies.
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