2x21 Den of Thieves

Original Air Date: 19 April 2010
: Will Beall
Director: John Terlesky


A new body points back to Esposito's dead partner, murdered during his last case at the 54th Precinct. Meanwhile the Robbery detective sent to help unravel the case turns out to be someone Beckett's been casing at the gym, forcing Castle to consider the possibility that his chance with his muse may have come and gone.

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2x21 Den of Thieves - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki



  • Michael Trucco - TOM DEMMING
  • Bruno Amato - FRED CANA
  • Aaron D. Spears - IKE THORNTON
  • Marcus Scribner - TIM THORNTON
  • Abby Brammell - CAROL THORNTON
  • Scott Cohen - LT. STAN HOLLIWELL
  • Michael Ironside - VICTOR RACINE
  • Merrin Dungey - MONICA FINCH
  • "Not Bad at All" - STEVE MCDONALD and ANNA WARONKER (Teaser)
  • "Unthought Known" - PEARL JAM (tag)
  • A 'flag on the play' is a foul in football, indicated by a yellow flag thrown onto the field where it took place (red if you're in Canada).
  • The American singer Prince at one point decided to change his name to an unpronounceable symbol, causing most people to call him 'the artist formerly known as Prince'.



  • Castle teaching Alexis to play poker...Alexis beating the pants off Castle.
  • Beckett's boys being stealthy while she ::cough:: keeps Demming occupied.
  • Ryposito partner bonding.
  • Castle realising he's just told Demming to go for Beckett.
  • Demming and Beckett sparring...literally.
  • When Montgomery realizes that his team is sticking together no matter what.
  • Montgomery's glace to his stash of whiskey.
  • MARTHA: I'm shocked. Shocked that there is gambling in here. Deal me in.
  • DEMMING: The guys downstairs thought I was nuts when I hopped on this case but I like the weird ones.
    ESPOSITO: How about that? Beckett likes the weird ones too.
  • LANIE: What's with the handsome robbery detective?
    BECKETT: Demming? Oh, we're just working the case together, that's all.
    LANIE: Mmm-hmm. But then again, you have been working with Castle for a year and not a damn thing has happened, so... We had a pool going. I lost a lot of money on you two.
  • CASTLE: Betrayal, lies, deceit. Sounds like my first marriage.
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  • Three years ago (i.e. two years before the pilot), Esposito was still an officer, working the Organised Crime Task Force in the 54th Precinct. His partner was Ike Thornton. Until now, Esposito thought his partner had been killed during their investigation of Victor Racine's operation, after which he transferred into Homicide at the 12th.
  • According to the NYPD page on Wikipedia, you must already be a detective to work Homicide. Officers assigned to a task force or other investigative detail are promoted to the rank of detective after 18 months, so this would be how Esposito earned his detective badge.
  • Robbery is apparently downstairs from Homicide at the precinct.
  • Castle says (to himself) that two weeks ago, he saved Beckett's life twice, referring to the events of "Tick, Tick, Tick ..." and "Boom!" Presumably the two intervening episodes took place during that two-week period.
  • Lanie confirms that there was indeed a pool on Castle and Beckett, was being the operative word.
  • Beckett would certainly have known that Esposito's partner had been killed (and the details) before he joined her team, since she's his direct supervisor.
  • If Esposito carries that keychain all the time, Ryan would most likely have seen it before now. Not to mention that both Esposito and Ryan should have already known that Beckett found a piece of one at the crime scene, since it appears to be their only clue.
  • When the report was being faxed to the precinct, it comes out type side down. When the camera cuts to a close up, the type side is up.
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