2x20 The Late Shaft

Original Air Date: 12 April 2010
: David Grae
Director: Bryan Spicer


When Castle's invited onto a late night talk show, his love life gets a brief improvement. Not so true of the host, who turns up dead the next morning. But was it murder, or just a plain old heart attack?

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2x20 The Late Shaft - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki



  • Tom Bergeron - BOBBY MANN
  • Kelly Carlson - ELLIE MONROE
  • Fred Willard - HANK McPHEE
  • Bill Bellamy - MICKEY REED
  • Dan Cortese - HOWARD WEISBERG
  • French Stewart - ZACH ROBINSON
  • Beth Broderick - BARBARA MANN
  • Nika Williams - ANGEL SANTANA
  • Amy Aquino - JANINE MARKS
  • Brittney Belt - KAYLA MARKS
  • Michael Cummings - BURT
  • Nichole Tom - CINDY MANN
  • Sydney Walsh - PATTY DELUCA
  • "How Much I Feel" - DAVID PACK (Castle's cell phone ring tone for Ellie)
  • "Turn Around" - SOUL P. (At the comedy club)
  • "With You" - GRAHAM COLTON (Tag)
  • Bobby's joke at the beginning is a reference to the 2010 Tiger Woods sex scandal.
  • Sacagawea was the Native American woman who guided the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  • The entire episode is a reference to the 2010 NBC Late Night controversy between Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien. The Kayla incident might also be a reference to the David Letterman scandal.



  • Alexis packing for her orienteering trip.
  • Castle suggesting signature lines.
  • Using Twitter to find the car.
  • The network president's rant.
  • Castle's susceptibility to beautiful damsels-in-distress.
  • The whispering in the interrogation.
  • ALEXIS: Do you think he's asked her out yet?
    MARTHA: Your father? Pretty girl like that? He may have proposed by now.

  • BECKETT: What are you doing?
    CASTLE: It's called investigating, you should try it.
    BECKETT: I usually wait until there's a crime.
  • BECKETT: Text giggling, really?
    CASTLE: It's Alexis. She just saw a loon feeding.
    BECKETT: That's funny, so did I.
  • JANINE: He was banging my daughter right under my nose? I'll kill him!
    CASTLE: He's already dead.
    JANINE: Well, I'll kill him again! I don't care! Where's the corpse?
  • CASTLE: Have a nice life...sentence.
  • WEISBERG: Relax, Burt, I didn't kill anyone. Save it for when I actually do.
  • BECKETT: Wow, the camera really does add ten pounds...to his ego.
  • BECKETT: Comforting? Is that what the cool kids are calling it these days?
    CASTLE: For the win. Means uhh...my Tweet kicks your Tweet's butt.
    BECKETT: Ah.
    CASTLE: Come on, Beckett, you gotta keep up. Hang with the cool kids.
  • CASTLE: Oh Micky...not so fine.
  • RYAN: Aren't famous people crazy and narcissistic?
    BECKETT: I dunno, you'll have to ask Castle.
  • BECKETT: She's an actress. A professional liar. She is paid to cry on cue.
  • CASTLE: Because you are not a boy.
    BECKETT: Is that some kind of weird come on?
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  • The makeup artist who prepares Rick for the talk show is the show's real makeup artist, Debbie Zoller (David Grae commentary).
  • Apparently Beckett does not have a cup of coffee after her morning workout, and is actually making tea in that scene (David Grae commentary).
  • This is the first episode with a (sort-of) poisoning, and the first with no crime scene (David Grae commentary).
  • The Heat Wave paperback really does come out July 27th, 2010.
  • Castle sleeps with Ellie, but she was just using him to get the part of Nikki Heat in the Heat Wave movie. When Castle finds out, he tells her that she's an even better actress than he thought and he's still going to recommend her for the part.
  • Both of the signature lines that Castle suggests are actually used to promote the show. "She's armed. He's dangerous." was used in ads for both Season 2 and the 2010 summer (repeat) season, and "A whole new chapter in crime solving." appears on the cover of the Season 1 DVDs.
  • At about 22:50, when Beckett, Ryan and Esposito are looking at the murder board, the camera goes behind the board a bit, and you can see an alternate version on the back.
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