2x16 The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

Original Air Date: 8 March 2010
: Kate Sargeant
Director: Thomas J Wright


A murder victim covered in caramel leads Castle and Beckett into the seamy worlds of sociology and sexual bondage. Castle is jealous of Beckett's imaginary boyfriend, and Ryan's girlfriend becomes a little less imaginary.

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2x16 The Mistress Always Spanks Twice - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki



  • Keiko Agena - KELLY
  • Azita Ghanizada - MISTRESS SAPPHIRE
  • Amy Gumenick - DANIELLE
  • Julianna Dever - JENNY
  • Devon Gummersall - MATT HALEY
  • Gil McKinney - TYLER BENTON
  • Dina Meyer - LADY IRENA
  • Vanessa Motta - JESSICA MARGOLIS
  • Angel Parker - RECEPTIONIST
  • Paul Schackman - BARRY
  • Tom Schanley - WILLIAM CARRAWAY
  • Band of Skulls - PATTERNS (teaser)
  • Superconductor - BEAUTIFUL SMALL MACHINES (Lady Irena's)
  • Beyonce is an American R&B/pop singer/songwriter, originally part of the group Destiny's Child.
  • Jason Bourne is a fictional spy, the main character in a series of novels by Robert Ludlum. Recently several film adaptations have been made starring Matt Damon.
  • Dungeon Alley is a real place in New York.
  • Hudson University does not actually exist, but it has been used in several other television shows, including Law and Order, as a fictional stand in for one of New York's many universities.
  • The title of this episode is a play on the title of a crime novel by James M. Cain, The Postman Always Rings Twice.



  • Lanie's commentary over the body.
  • Kate messing with Castle's mind about the bondage stuff.
  • Ryan and Esposito at the computer.
  • Castle and Beckett in the bondage shop.
  • Beckett and Lady Irena squaring off, and Castle's reaction.
  • Esposito and the dominatrix.
  • The gang meeting Jenny.
  • RYAN: The guy covered her in caramel - do you really think we're going to find a logical explanation?
  • CASTLE: Okay, what aren't you telling me?
    BECKETT: So much, Castle. So very, very much.
  • RYAN: Look at him following her, who's whipped, huh? Him or me?
    ESPOSITO: You, bro. Hands down.
  • CASTLE: Hey, I would drive, if you would let me! ...That actually didn't prove my point like I thought it would.
  • CASTLE: See! You're already a tease, you're halfway there.
  • RYAN: Conveniently located for all your lunchtime spanking needs.
  • CASTLE: Maybe he faked the footage.
    BECKETT: He's an intern, not Jason Bourne.
  • BECKETT: There is no dominatrix-client privilege in New York.
  • CASTLE: You know you are morally challenged if your murder alibi is a blackmailing scheme.
  • LANIE: I can do the chocolate, I'll even do the whipped cream bikini, but caramel? I prefer slippery to sticky.
    CASTLE: Does she know we can hear her?
  • CASTLE: Oh geez, how do you even get in that position?
    RYAN: Right, it's not possible.

    BECKETT: Oh, it's possible.
  • BARRY: If you're just lookin' to dip your toe in the water, these little guys (holds up handcuffs) are bestsellers...you wanna give them a try?
    BECKETT: No thanks, I've already got a pair of my own.
  • BECKETT: No, but there is one hot, wild, kinky thing that I do like doing...putting killers behind bars.
  • BECKETT: Hi, my name is Kate, and my boyfriend has been a very bad boy.
  • RECEPTIONIST: Welcome to Lady Irena's house of pain. How may I serve you?
    BECKETT: (to Castle) Well answer her! (to the receptionist) Do you see what I have to deal with?
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  • Alexis has a friend named Ashley who has been on the JV cheerleading squad for two years. Alexis considers trying out for the squad (which freaks Castle out) but decides not to because it conflicts with too many of her other activities.
  • Alexis has a college counselor named Ms. Schafer, who thinks Alexis needs to diversify her extra-curriculars.
  • Castle once wanted to join the hockey team because all the cool guys were doing it, but knocked out two teeth at the first practice.
  • The mascot for Alexis' high school is a bear.
  • Alexis is in French club and takes fencing lessons.
  • Castle wants to reserve a seat on the space shuttle, but Martha soundly disapproves.
  • Beckett seems to have a rather, um, intimate knowledge of the S&M world.

  • This episode is full of holes, both in terms of police procedure - they jump to a lot of conclusions - and in relation to the sociology research. For one thing, no ethics committee would approve doing that kind of research without the consent of the subjects, and anyone doing any kind of sensitive research would be expected to keep their field notes locked up, even if they weren't a finalist for a fellowship. Also, most of the research would be on the university's computer servers, but there is only one computer in the office.
  • And let's talk about the office. Any grad students out there have an office like that? Raise your hands. Yeah, that's what we expected.
  • Kate making an appointment with the dominatrix would probably be considered entrapment.
  • The lipstick print is considerably clearer in the photograph than it was on the actual glass.
  • Spit on a pillow is supposed to be evidence of murder? Rather than just evidence of drooling in one's sleep? And the fact that the pillowcase was clean doesn't necessarily mean it was washed, the killer could have just changed the sheets.
  • It's debatable who weighed more, the victim or the killer, but the victim certainly weighed a hell of a lot more once she was dead. It's extremely hard to imagine how she was hoisted to the top of the climbing gym, let alone hung from it, by someone as weak-looking as Danielle. And how big would that wheelie suitcase have been?
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