2x14 The Third Man

Original Air Date: 25 January 2010
: Terence Paul Winter
Director: Rosemary Rodriguez


Castle suspects Goldilocks when a family comes home from vacation to find that someone has been living in their house, and he's now dead in their daughter's bed. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett have been romantically linked in the paper, which leads to something of a dating competition between them.

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2x14 The Third Man - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki



  • Scott Elrod – BRAD DEKKER
  • Jack McGee – DALE FICKAS
  • Rick Gonzalez – MICKEY CARLSON
  • Shania Accius – CANDACE DYSON
  • David Appelbaum – CLERK
  • Yurie Ann Cho – HOSTESS
  • Jon Curry – STAN KOPEK
  • Michael Enright – NOEL DU PREEZ
  • Siena Goines – DONNA VINCENNES
  • Senta Moses – MICHELE LANGFORD
  • Kortney Nash – SIMONE DYSON
  • Corey Mendell Parker – REGGIE DYSON
  • Christie Lynn Smith – MELANIE KOPEK
  • "Trading Things In" - THE VOLUNTARY BUTLER SCHEME (teaser)
  • "Dream A Better Way" - TIM HANAUER (Castle loft, reading the NY Ledger)
  • "Cold Turkey" - LINEAR B (Castle and Alexis tie scene)
  • "Across Waters " - CHANNEL TWO (Castle and Beckett on respective dates)
  • Jeffery Dahmer was the perpetrator of a particularly gruesome series of murders in the 80's.
  • Notice the other Most Eligible Bachelors on the cover of the Ledger include an 'Andrew Marlowe,' a 'Jose Molina,' and a couple of other names from the Castle credits: Rene Echevarria, David Grae, and the script's author, Terence Paul Winter.



  • Castle trying to hide the article from Beckett, and Ryan and Esposito teasing him about it.
  • The interviewee letting the cat out of the bag.
  • Alexis being a snarky teenager.
  • Castle getting so excited about the Maitlands' apartment.
  • Castle's girly scream when the body falls out
  • The puppy scene.
  • Alexis worrying about Castle's future.
  • Castle's and Beckett's dates.
  • Castle and Beckett's trip to Remy's...and hair flipping.
  • MARTHA: How is it, for a man who is surrounded by women, that you know so little about us?
  • CASTLE: Okay, either Beckett's calling because there's a dead body, or because she read the article.
    MARTHA: Pray for murder.
  • BECKETT: I have no life.
    LANIE: No, Mr. Bishop has no life, that's why he's on my table.
  • BECKETT: I need a date.
    LANIE: A what?
    BECKETT: A date. A guy...a man?
  • BECKETT: A Bradekker?
    LANIE: No, no, Baby, that's Brad Dekker.
  • BECKETT: Are you making this up as you go?
  • BECKETT: You're such a metrosexual.
  • MONTGOMERY: In the old days, you killed your partners after you got the money.
  • MONTGOMERY: You're going to cancel on the guy who risked his life for a bunch of puppies?
    BECKETT: Sir, you know about my date?
  • ALEXIS: I know you date, Dad. I know you probably do other things that I'm not going to think about and we'll never ever mention.
  • BRAD: Do you want to have sex with me later?
    BECKETT: (not listening) I'm sorry, would you mind if I made a telephone call?
  • ESPOSITO: Why do you care about some mother-freaking snakes on a mother-freaking plane?
  • RYAN: Do they know they're finishing each other's sentences?
  • CASTLE: (in a high voice) Gorgeous!
  • CASTLE: Who am I? I'm-I...(holding the phone to Beckett)I sometimes forget I'm not actually a cop.
    BECKETT: I don't.
  • CASTLE: You're smiling.
    BECKETT: So?
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  • Castle is #9 on this year's New York Ledger's list of most eligible bachelors; he was #7 on last year's list.
  • Esposito has lived in his apartment for 8 years.
  • Castle once tried to deep fry a turkey and burned his eyebrows off.
  • Alexis is taking German and has a friend named Sloane who's 17 and wants to date Castle next year.

  • If Castle loves pre-war architecture so much, why does he live in such a super modern apartment?
  • All through the episode everyone keeps saying 'the airport', which is a bit odd, since New York has two, JFK and LaGuardia.
  • When Castle is tying his tie for the date, he repeats some of the steps to tie a tie as the camera angle changes, specifically pulling the thick part through the neck.
  • Beckett uses a gloved hand to use the camera's touch screen. Technically, that shouldn't work, because touch screens don't work if you're wearing gloves (unless they're special gloves).
  • When Castle is telling the crew about the dumbwaiter, he draws a diagram on the murder board. The close up of the board does not match Castle's pen strokes. We see him drawing two vertical lines and then three horizontal lines. The close up shows that the picture looks like it was drawn with two "L" shapes and then the middle line.
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