2x13 Sucker Punch

Original Air Date: 18 January 2010
: Will Beall
Director: Thomas J. Wright


When an Irish mafioso is found stabbed, the familiar pattern of the wounds leads Lanie to call a consult from Dr Death. But what has the Irish mafia got to do with the murder of Beckett's mother?

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  • Scott Paulin - JIM BECKETT
  • Mark Adair-Rios - MARIO 'TRUCHO' MENDOZA
  • Justin Alvarez - JACK COONAN
  • Jay R Ferguson - DICK COONAN
  • John Brantley Cole - OFFICER CLAYTON LEE
  • James Cosmo - FINN ROURKE
  • Jenna Leigh Green - MOLLY DEARING
  • Danny Nucci - GILBERT MAZZARA
  • Robert Picardo - DR. CLARK MURRAY
  • Eddie Shin - JOHNNY VONG
  • Patrick St. Esprit - SPECIAL AGENT FORREST
  • "The End" - PEARL JAM (tag)
  • The kodiak is a very large Alaskan bear.
  • Horatio Alger was a 19th century American author who wrote 'rags to riches' novels, focusing on poor but honest young boys who managed to pull themselves out of poverty with their good values and hard work.
  • Deep Throat was the name given to the informant who gave information about Richard Nixon to the press during the Watergate Scandal. It's also the name used by Mulder's informant in The X-Files, whose last words were 'trust no one'.
  • Ghost Rider is a Marvel Comics motorcyclist/super hero. They also made a movie in 2007.
  • Rathborne might be a very obscure reference to Sherlock Holmes, who was portrayed in many movies by British actor Basil Rathbone.
  • Steven Seagal is an actor, martial artist, and sheriff, among other things.
  • Webster's is a dictionary, Roget's is a thesaurus.
  • WITSEC is witness protection. It's under the jurisdiction of the Federal Marshals.



  • Beckett meeting her dad at the diner.
  • Martha pulling Beckett into a hug.
  • Castle trying to eat a pickled egg.
  • Ryan's interest in Johnny Vong.
  • Beckett and Rourke's 'discussion' at the pub.
  • Lanie and Dr. Death dropping the bomb on Kate.
  • The bus locker scene.
  • Ryan and Officer Lee's cop humour.
  • Beckett losing it in the middle of the precinct.
  • Castle bringing Beckett four kinds of dinner.
  • Castle and Beckett's conversation at the end (quitting, pigtails and fun).
2x13 Sucker Punch - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • LANIE: Well, whoever it was left him leaking from about thirty holes that don't normally appear in a healthy thirty-five year old male.
  • CASTLE: Ninja assassin.
    RYAN: Ninja assassin? Isn't that kind of redundant?
    ESPOSITO: Aren't all ninjas by definition assassins?
  • BECKETT (to Castle): Keep your mouth shut. And try to butch up a little.
  • CASTLE: Well, maybe instead of using a stiletto he was wearing stilettos.
  • MOLLY: Are you telling me you never had a thing for bad boys, Kate?
    BECKETT: No comment.
  • CASTLE: How do you know it's to a bus locker?
    BECKETT: It's always to a bus locker.
  • ESPOSITO: Don't even think about taking them off - if you do I will pepper spray you.
  • CASTLE: We could make him watch Paris Hilton videos.
    BECKETT: Do you want to be brought up on charges?
  • CASTLE: Do you know why I chose you for my inspiration for Nikki Heat?
    BECKETT: No, why?
    CASTLE: Because you're tall.
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  • Yes, Jim Beckett does call his daughter Katie.
  • Montgomery trained Kate as a homicide detective, and says she's the best he ever trained.
  • Johanna Beckett always said that life never throws anything at you that you can't handle, and called it "Johanna's immutable law". She was also a firm believer in the truth, and liked to say "I told you so".
  • Kate's mother was killed by Dick Coonan, a hired assassin. We still don't know who hired him.
  • Castle puts up a hundred thousand dollars to help Kate find her mother's killer.
  • Beckett took the sushi, and Castle took the hot dogs and the Thai (WriteRCastle tweet). One hopes not together.

  • This ep is basically swiss cheese -- terribly tasty but HUGE holes. Also two noticeable continuity bloopers: in the first, Beckett is wearing leather outdoor gloves when she opens Johnny Vong's DVD. A split second later, she's tasting the drugs with bare hands. In the second, Montgomery hands her the flask and Beckett can be seen from reverse opening it immediately. But when we cut to her mid-shot she hasn't opened it yet, and won't for several more lines.
  • Really, if we were going to talk about the holes, we'd be here all night, and quite honestly our mellow wants not with so much harshing. Instead, we'll direct you to Lee Lofland's blog entry about the ep. Lofland is a former cop who now runs training camps for writers who want to get up close and personal with police procedure. Be warned, Lofland pulls no punches when the show screws up procedure, so read at your own risk.
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