2x12 A Rose for Everafter

Original Air Date: 11 January 2010
: Alexi Hawley (story), Terri Miller and Terence Paul Winter
Director: Bryan Spicer


Beckett investigates the murder of a bridesmaid, and the bride turns out to be one of Castle's old flames - the "one that got away".

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2x12 A Rose for Ever After - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki

  • Alyssa Milano - KYRA BLAINE
  • Mimi Kuzyk - SHEILA BLAINE
  • Brady Smith - GREG MURPHY
  • Ryan Alosio - MIKE WEITZ
  • Graham Beckel - UNCLE TEDDY
  • Kimberly Estrada - LISA BLOOMFIELD
  • Gina Hiraizumi - LAURIE HILL
  • Peter Katona - KEITH MURPHY
  • Joe Neives - BOYD GAMBLE
  • Alan Mueting - KYRA'S UNCLE
  • Brian Patrick Mulligan - JUSTICE OF THE PEACE
  • "Take a Chance" - THE MAGIC NUMBERS (teaser)


  • Jonas Brothers (and no, there is no 'the' in the band's name) is an American teen pop band, made popular by the Disney Channel, consisting of three brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick.



  • The duct tape scene.
  • Beckett's photo ID on Castle's phone.
  • Beckett taking the plates away from Ryan and Esposito.
  • Ryan and Esposito arguing over which Jonas brother they like best.
  • Ryan questioning the wedding guests.
  • Ryan knowing about mauve chiffon.
  • Kate and Kyra in the elevator. (both KBs...)
  • Castle and Kyra with the cake.
  • Beckett and Lanie in the morgue.
  • Beckett telling Castle the story he would have told her.
  • The reversal of the elevator scene in 1x09.
  • Castle and Beckett's discussion about her chair.
  • Kate catching the bouquet.
2x12 A Rose for Ever After - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • CASTLE: What happened? She wouldn't be caught dead in the dress?
  • BECKETT: Apparently Castle has a history with the bride.
    LANIE: Ancient, modern, or sexual?
    BECKETT: Seems like all of the above.
  • KYRA: Well, overactive imagination or not, I know he only dedicates his books to people he really cares for.
  • CASTLE: You want to take advantage of a guy, knocking him unconscious kinda defeats the purpose. Best way? Just ask.
  • CASTLE: So, I guess I didn't end up homeless or teaching at a third-rate college in New Hampshire, after all.
    SHEILA: There's still time.
  • CASTLE: Maybe.... No, I've got nothing.
  • CASTLE: We met in college, we were together nearly three years.
    BECKETT: I didn't ask.
    CASTLE: Yes, you were not asking very loudly.
  • CASTLE: I think he just called you stupid.
  • KYRA: He's all yours.
  • MARTHA: Well hurry up taping your father, we're going to be late...oh God, I can't believe I just said that.
  • RYAN: Where's Castle?
    BECKETT: I don't know. I figured the death of a bridesmaid would be right up his alley.
    RYAN: He heard wedding, and probably got cold feet.
  • BECKETT: I take it she was someone very special.
    CASTLE: She was the one who got away.
  • BECKETT: Oh please, you've been inhaling too many autopsy fluids.
    LANIE: Honey, just because you can't see what's going on, doesn't mean everyone else can't see it.
    BECKETT: Shuuuut Uuuup!!
  • BECKETT: Touching things that shouldn't be touched, yanking on things that shouldn't be yanked.
    CASTLE: Whoa, whoa, whoa, no one yanked on anything.
    BECKETT: Then how do you explain this? (she pulls out her chair and we can see that her feet don't touch the ground.) I told you a million times. Don't mess with my chair. (she lowers her chair while glaring at CASTLE)


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  • The murder takes place at a nice hotel, called the Beaumont (which is not a real hotel).
  • The next Nikki Heat book apparently involves Nikki being duct taped to a chair.
  • Castle met Kyra in college, just after his first best seller was published. He dedicated his second book, A Rose for Everafter, to her. They dated for three years, until she told him she needed space and moved to London.
  • Castle and Kyra used to go up to the roof of a certain building (possibly where she lived at the time) after her classes were over. Since they revisit the building here (and magically, the door to the roof still isn't locked), they must have gone to college in New York.
  • Ryan has sisters, which is his excuse for knowing what mauve chiffon is.
  • Kate has been a bridesmaid six times. That's a lot of friends getting married for someone who's only 29, which may also explain why she doesn't seem to have much of a social life -- none of her friends are still single except Lanie, who seems to work most nights.
  • Kyra says Castle only dedicates his books to people he really cares about. Wonder what the dedications on the other 24 are?
  • Kate, Esposito, and Ryan all know of Jonas Brothers, and Esposito and Ryan are familiar enough with them to discuss them by name when Kate teases them about it. Given that they are neither teenagers nor the parents of teenagers, this is a bit odd.
  • Castle wrote drafts of his early novels in longhand.

  • Connecting doors in hotel rooms need to be unlocked from both sides, so how did Sophie get into Greg's room from Mike's?
  • I don't know whether eyes can move if the body is moved post mortem, but when we first see Sophie, her eyes are looking left, but the second time, her eyes are looking right.
  • Mike's room says that it's Room #425, but the Bridal Suite is Room #604. Even though Greg's room might not have been the same as the Bridal Suite, it's unlikely that they were two floors apart.
  • The surveillance pictures that Beckett shows Castle the next morning are different than what viewers saw. The positions of Castle's and Kyra's hands are different in the pictures than they were when they were actually on the roof.
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