2x11 The Fifth Bullet

Original Air Date: 7 December 2009
: David Grae
Director: John Terlesky


Castle and Beckett investigate a missing bullet, a man missing his memory, forged paintings, and a foreign diplomat. Meanwhile, Martha deals with the ups and downs of her new relationship, and Alexis deals with Castle's desire for a dog.

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2x11 Crime scene

  • Marc Blucas – JEREMY PRESWICK
  • Anne Dudek – EMMA KEANE
  • Rider Strong – ROCCO JONES
  • Carlo Rota – BAHIR HARUN
  • Phil LaMarr – DR. HOLLOWAY
  • Marisa Ramirez – ANGELICA FINK
  • Dahlia Salem – TORY WESTCHESTER
  • John Paul Pitoc DARIUS LANGLEY
  • Eltony Williams OFFICER MARINO

  • "All We Need Is Love" - JENNI ALPERT (Alexis and Martha eat ice cream)
  • "Chin Up" - AMY STROUP (Tag)

  • Tisch is the Art School at NYU. It has a very prestigious acting and film program, and a reputation for being a bit snotty about its reputation.
  • Nicholas Sparks is an American bestselling author who writes romantic fiction.
  • Bahrain is a small country in the Persian Gulf, just off the coast of Saudi Arabia.
  • "The Cask of Amontillado" is an Edgar Allen Poe short story. Poe is generally considered to be the inventor of the detective mystery.
  • Stephen King is an American bestselling author, best known for his horror books. He did in fact write a book about a bloodthirsty car, the 1983 novel Christine.
  • Esposito tells Ryan, "I'm going 10-1." This is "ten code" for "weak signal".



  • Castle with Lucy the dog.
  • The 'Five Flavours of Grieving'.
  • Martha pointing out Chet's flaws (especially his laugh).
  • Castle spilling coffee on Beckett.
  • Castle's talk with Martha about Chet.
  • Castle's trick with getting Jeremy to sign his name.
  • The scenes with Jeremy and his ex-wife.
  • Chet's dead flower.

  • CASTLE: Hello, an ice-bullet. Are you even paying attention to me?
    BECKETT: No! You aren't saying anything worth paying attention too.

  • RYAN: You mean ice-hole.
    CASTLE: What did you just call me?
  • ALEXIS: You know what, we all share way too much.
  • JEREMY: An ex-wife that I can't remember.
    CASTLE: Hey, some men would consider you lucky.
  • CASTLE: Ah! Silver lining, you get to read all my books for the first time. Again.
  • CASTLE: Why detective Beckett, I had no idea you were a romantic.
    BECKETT: I also sleep with a gun, bet you didn't know that either.
  • CASTLE: Maybe it's the writer in me, but I'm hoping for a happy ending.
  • MARTHA: You should kiss that girl while you're both young.
  • CASTLE: Disapproving, judgmental, you're totally my work wife.
  • MRS FINK (grabbing her enhanced breasts): What am I supposed to do with these, huh?
  • CASTLE (whispering to Ryan): So does he really have amnesia?
    JEREMY: Yes, but apparently my hearing is fine.
  • ALEXIS: Gram! I thought you were sleeping in.
    MARTHA: I was. Just...not in my room.
  • BECKETT: Good thing he reads.
    RYAN: Good thing he reads Russian literature. If the guy was a Nicholas Sparks fan, he'd be dead.
  • CASTLE: If we got a dog I could buy him little saddlebags and then he could carry your books to school and you wouldn't have to worry about getting scoliosis.
    ALEXIS: Conceptually I'd like a dog as much as you would. In reality, I'm not seeing the guy whose dishes never make it into the sink bending over to scoop poop in Hudson Park.
    CASTLE: I bet I could train him to use a toilet.
  • BECKETT: You know what else is a lie? Your name.
  • JEREMY: Thanks guys, you made getting arrested for murder really not so bad.
  • MARTHA: How did you get so smart?
    CASTLE: Dunno, must have been my dad.


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  • The art gallery where the murder occurs is at 148 West 26th, which is in Chelsea.
  • Martha and Chet have a date and they stay up all night talking, among other things - they go out for a candlelight dinner, horse and carriage ride through Central Park, where they watch the sun rise over the same boulder where they shared their first kiss. She says she hasn't felt like this in a long time, but later in the episode she breaks it off for "sitcom reasons". At the end of the episode they get back together after he sends her the dried flower she gave him on prom night, which he had saved all these years.

  • Why would Castle expect the dog to still be outside the gallery 24 hours later?
  • A news story runs in New York City about an amnesia victim, and nobody contacts the police about it except the crazy cat lady? You'd think that they'd get hundreds of calls along the lines of "he kinda looks like my wife's cousin's husband's brother that I haven't seen for ten years."
  • Castle pronounces it "Amontillado" with an L, but being an author, he should know that it's pronounced with a "Y."
  • In 2x03, it is said that 48 hours have to pass before filing a missing person report. Why would they have a hit on missing persons at all if it is clearly less than 48 hours since Jeremy went "missing"?
  • Most asthma inhalers have a prescription label. It would be very odd for Preswick's not to have one.
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