2x10 One Man's Treasure

Original Air Date: 23 November 2009
: Elizabeth Davis
Director: Helen Shaver


When a man's body is found down a garbage chute and he turns out to have both a wife and a fiancée, it's up to Castle and Beckett to find his killer before the two women kill each other. Meanwhile, the case becomes even more bizarre when the victim turns out to have been involved in corporate espionage.

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  • Matt Champagne – ANDY BERMAN
  • Perrey Reeves – HELEN PARKER
  • Alex Skuby – CHARLIE DEPETRO
  • Abigail Spencer – SARAH REID
  • D.B. Woodside – LANCE CLAWSON
  • "Crush on You" - BRAKESBRAKESBRAKES (Teaser)
  • "The Calculation" - REGINA SPEKTOR
  • "I'm Still Fact, She's Fiction" - MAD LANGER (Tag)
  • Castle mentions Desperate Housewives and Alias with regard to the murdered man's two women. Nathan had a recurring role on DH, and Stana was a stewardess on an ep of Alias very early in her career.
  • Erin Brockovich is an environmental activist who was instrumental in building a 1993 case against PG&E for contaminating the drinking water of Hinkley, California. A 2000 film starring Julia Roberts was made based on her life.



  • Official Police Tactical Training.
  • Castle making coffee for Beckett.
  • Alexis and Beckett...finally having an onscreen conversation without Castle present.
  • Beckett looking for her broom.
  • Alexis having a 'case' of her own to pursue.
  • Castle and Beckett finishing each other's thoughts.

2x10 One Man's Treasure - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • LANIE: Do you know how long I have to shower before heading out on a date?
    CASTLE: No, but if you need someone to time it for you, I'd be happy to--
  • CASTLE: But you're busy, and I just don't want her to be in the way.
    BECKETT: Big Castle is the one who likes to get in the way. I'm sure Little Castle will be a pleasure.
  • RYAN: My girlfriend freaks out if I don't check in like every hour.
    ESPOSITO: You do check in, like, every hour.(Ryan's phone rings) Sometimes more.
  • CASTLE: You know what math doesn't add up for me? Two wives.
    BECKETT: One wife too many for you?
    CASTLE: Two wives too many.
    BECKET: Seems like the common denominator in that equation is - you.
  • CASTLE: That ever happen to you with me? One day you look and you see your boy is all grown up?
    MARTHA: I'm still waiting for that moment, actually.
    CASTLE: I set you up for that, didn't I?
  • CASTLE: That was pretty cool the way you filled in the story there. Think I must be rubbing off on you. (off her look) That sounded dirtier than I meant it.
  • CASTE: A wife and fiancée cat fight? Please tell me we can stop for popcorn on the way.
  • CASTLE: Our love triangle just became a love square.
  • MONTGOMERY: Is that our vic's wife?
  • CASTLE: The wife is over there.
    MONTGOMERY: Come again?
    CASTLE AND BECKETT: Wife (tilts heads to the left), fiancée (tilts heads to the right)
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  • Alexis is taking a civics class, and every student has to do a three-day volunteer internship at one of the city's agencies. The bags she arrives with probably containing the Baby Beckett outfits she wears at the precinct.
  • Lanie apparently has to shower a Very Long Time to get rid of the morgue smell before going out.
  • Beckett has been known to sleep on the break room couch when she's working on a case, though it's not certain if Castle knows this because he's been told, or because he's caught her at it.
  • Capt. Montgomery has a son, who is old enough to have gone to summer camp at least once (probably a teenager now). Montgomery followed his bus all the way to the Adirondacks.
  • Castle hid in the bushes outside the school the first day Alexis started.

  • The wife says that Sam switched jobs when he was passed over for promotion because "there aren't a lot of jobs in green solutions" but many experts say that green technology is one of the fastest growing job markets.
  • "I'm sure little Castle will be a pleasure." -- Did they really think about that line?
  • When Beckett and Castle are talking about math equations, the pen in Beckett's hand goes from being top up to top down, depending on the camera angle.
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