2x09 Love Me Dead

Original Air Date: 16 November 2009
: Alexi Hawley
Director: Bryan Spicer


A district attorney is murdered and Castle tries to be a knight in shining armour to a prostitute, forcing Beckett to choose between a promise made and solving the case. Meanwhile, Alexis has a secret she'll only share with Beckett, which is driving her dad just a little insane.

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  • Charles Chun - PAUL CHO
  • Natalie Cohen - ESCORT
  • Chris Conrad - ARGUING HUSBAND
  • Jonathan LaPaglia - JOHN KNOX
  • Ray Laska - DAN TONELLI
  • Michaela McManus - SCARLETT PRICE
  • Nancy Young - ARGUING WIFE
  • "Now We Can See" - THE THERMALS (teaser)
  • "Love Fire" - THE EMERALDS
  • "Madly in Action" - THE SHYS
  • "Winner" - SWINGFLY
  • "Everyday" - EVERYDAY

  • Cape Fear is a 1962 film starring Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, and Polly Bergen, about a lawyer whose family is threatened by a criminal he prosecuted. Martin Scorsese did a remake in 1991 starring Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, and Jessica Lange.
  • It's possible Castle's comment about being in a bar fight once, and Kate's response that he probably didn't win, is a reference to Firefly - Captain Mal and his crew participated in a number of bar fights, most of which they lost.
  • Family Feud is a game show where families compete against each other to pick the most common survey responses.
  • Craigslist is an online classified ad posting site. Listings are sorted by area and vary from jobs to personals to stuff for sale.



  • The arguing couple, 'may God strike me dead' and the body falling from the sky.
  • Castle getting stuck in the back of the cruiser with Jessup, and getting stuck in the handcuffs.
  • The call girls scene with the brother-in-law.
  • Beckett tormenting Castle about Alexis' 'secret'.
  • Castle and Beckett spinning a story in the car.
  • Scarlett and Castle in his apartment.
  • Beckett calling it 'our investigation'.
  • Beckett being jealous of Scarlett.

  • CASTLE: You know, I was in a bar fight once.
    BECKETT: Really? Who won? Let me guess. Not you.

  • JESSUP: I'm something of a wordsmith, a real master of uh...of uh...
    CASTLE: Words?

  • CASTLE: Are you okay?
    SCARLETT: No, I broke a heel.
    CASTLE: Let me guess, they were your favorite pair, passed through your family through generations.
    SCARLETT: My great-great grandmother wore them over on the Mayflower.
  • MARTHA: I'm on the wrong side of forty for what Alexis is going through right now.
    CASTLE: Forty?
  • BECKETT: Why would a respected DA become a pimp?
    CASTLE: The clothes?
  • CASTLE: Reverend Alibi in the flesh...lots of flesh...too much flesh.
  • CASTLE: Can I come?
    BECKETT: No.
    CASTLE: But I want to.
    BECKETT: I thought you were supposed to be the cool dad.
  • CASTLE: Locking the door - that's hostage taking 101.
  • MARTHA: Why don't you just ask her?
    CASTLE: Because that would be prying. And cool dads don't do that. They go behind her back and beg Beckett to tell them.
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  • Castle is deep in the throes of writing something in the teaser, the first time we've seen him writing since 2x01. The next Nikki Heat?
  • Either Esposito has apparently told everyone in the department about Ryan's girlfriend's fondness for warm honey milk before bed, or Castle's nickname for Ryan is catching on. Or both.
  • Cops out of uniform often wear American flag or badge pins on their lapels. We've seen both Esposito and Montgomery wearing similar pins in the past. In this episode, Ryan is wearing a pin with a chalk outline on it instead.
  • Castle's address is apparently unlisted - he asks Scarlett how she managed to find him.
  • Beckett's badge number is 41319.
  • Alexis is the world's most transparent liar. Apparently, she didn't inherit the poker face gene.
  • This is the second time Castle's taken a punch to the left eye (the first is 1x07).
  • Once again, Castle shows his soft spot for young women in trouble. Unfortunately, it makes him a sucker for Scarlett's ruse.
  • Alexis wants to go to Oxford.

  • Scarlett recovered from the beating way too quickly. The bruises could have been covered by her makeup, but the split lip wouldn't be so easy to hide.
  • Alexis says that the school's exchange program lasts three weeks, so she'd miss Castle's birthday. But according to his Facebook page, Castle's birthday is in April. She could have to apply now for an April program, but then why would she have already bought his birthday present so far in advance?
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