2x08 Kill the Messenger

Original Air Date: 9 November 2009
: Terence Paul Winter
Director: Jonathan Frakes


When a bike messenger is killed for the package he's delivering to Captain Montgomery, Beckett and Castle must re-investigate a murder the Captain solved ten years ago, and dig into the dirty secrets of one of New York's most prominent families.

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  • Josh Daugherty - TRENT WELLESLEY
  • Arye Gross - M.E. PERLMUTTER
  • Jeff Harlan - FRANK DAVIS
  • Sonya Leslie - VALERIE THOMPSON
  • Ron Melendez - JEFF DILAHUNT
  • Mark Moses - BLAKE WELLESLEY
  • Hattie Winston - SALLY NIEDERMEYER
  • "On Fire" - LOCKSLEY (Teaser)
  • "Coming Fast, Coming Hard (C'mon Y'all) " - SALME DAHLSTROM (tag)

  • Quicksilver is a 1986 movie starring Kevin Bacon as a former investment banker who ends up as a bike messenger.
  • Winston Wellesley mentions MoMA - the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
  • "Bolivian marching powder" is cocaine.



  • Martha signing up for 'MyFace'
  • Montgomery and Castle watching Beckett with the victim's sister.
  • The police actually replacing the door they've mistakenly broken down. And the boys taking tea as penance.

2x08 Kill the Messenger - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • CASTLE: Off the top of my head I'm gonna go with nuclear launch codes...Dick Cheney's soul on its way to the devil.
    MONTGOMERY: All good theories Castle, all good theories.
    BECKETT: Uh, sir? Are you okay?
  • DILAHUNT: What, can't a guy and a girl just be friends?
    CASTLE: Please.
    DILAHUNT: Are you two together?
    (at the same time) CASTLE: Not yet.
    BECKETT: Absolutely not.
  • PERLMUTTER: Back in the non-fiction section...
  • CASTLE: Can I borrow your magnifying glass?
    BECKETT: I don't have a magnifying glass...
  • CASTLE: He's got contingency plans for his contingency plans. Feels like we're battling a super-villain.
    PERLMUTTER: S'cuse me, dynamic duo, what are we doing with this?
  • BECKETT: Are you looking at porn?
    CASTLE: I use Ryan's computer for that.
  • BECKETT: S. Nidal Mattar, S. Niedermeyer. Some bozo at the courier company wrote the name wrong.
    CASTLE: Our bad. I'm gonna... We can...
    (CASTLE motions for the team to fix the door)


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  • The precinct is under review and their closure rate is just under the mandated minimum. However, this is not taking into account the budget cuts - staff was cut by 20% and closure rates only dropped by 3%. However, the three cases they close in this episode puts them just over the minimum.
  • 10 years ago Montgomery was a detective with the 64th precinct.
  • Montgomery apparently has a very good memory - he not only recognized the name of a suspect in a 10 year old open-and-shut case, but also recalled details about it.
  • Ryan is apparently still reading Heat Wave - either he's a really slow reader or he really likes page 105.
  • Martha had a high school boyfriend named Chet Palaburn, who is still using the same photo on his Myface page.
  • Why does Perlmutter check the coffin for prints? It seems like they would need to send it to CSU to have it processed.
  • Perlmutter also says that "when Brady confessed, the ME decided not to be thorough." In which case, let's hope the city decided to fire the ME, because there's no way a confession should affect the quality of the autopsy, nor is the ME likely to have been informed of a confession until it's corroborated, which would take longer than the autopsy to carry out.
  • When Castle accepts Chet's friend request, he hit the right click button, which would not accept the request, but rather bring up a menu bar.
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