2x07 Famous Last Words

Original Air Date: 2 November 2009
: Jose Molina
Director: Rob Bowman


Alexis' favorite singer is found murdered, and her body is posed to resemble one of her music videos. Castle and Beckett must wade through obsessed fans, feuding band members, her drug-addicted sister, and messages from song lyrics to uncover the killer.

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  • Robert Curtis Brown - IAN BUSCH
  • Anne Ramsay - BREE BUSCH
  • Brianna Haynes - HAYLEY BLUE
  • Erin Foster - SKY BLUE
  • Bernardo De Paula - FRANCO MARQUEZ
  • Jesse Head - ZACH METZGER
  • Clayton Rohner - JOHN MCGINNIS
  • Rashawn Underdue - TONY
  • "Dancing With Myself" - BILLY IDOL (Castle playing Guitar Hero, teaser)
  • "Here Kitty Kitty" - ANNA WARONKER (On Hayley's iPod, teaser)
  • "Threshold" - ANNA WARONKER
  • "Underground" - ANNA WARONKER

  • Miley Cyrus is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus (a country singer). She had a television show, Hannah Montana, on Disney Channel about a teen pop star trying to live a normal life, and has had a singing career both under her own name and as Hannah.
  • Hayley Blue's songs are voiced by Anna Waronker.
  • What Alexis says about the tarot card for death is true -- it symbolises change, not actual death.



  • Castle playing Guitar Hero.
  • Alexis at the precinct.
  • Alexis not wanting to go to school.
  • Hayley's sister Sky in the morgue.

  • CASTLE: Whoa! OK, you know what, I think it's time we reset the parental controls on your computer.
    ALEXIS: Please, I had to set parental controls on your computer. Remember?
  • ESPOSITO: And when she filed a complaint against him he showed up in court and called her a (looks at Alexis) B...I...T...C...H.
    CASTLE: She can spell, Detective.
    RYAN: Probably better than you.
  • BECKETT: ... I'm so used to you acting like a twelve year old all the time, it's kind of refreshing to see you as a father.
    CASTLE: Makes you want me, right?
    BECKETT: And there's the twelve year old again.
  • CASTLE: What I just said was not confusing enough for your face to do what it's doing.
  • CASTLE: If you killed someone, you would tell me, wouldn't you?
    ALEXIS: Of course. I'd need your help hiding the body.
  • BECKETT: So she wasn't hiding from death, she was hiding from change.
    CASTLE: She hated Obama!
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  • Blue Pill is Alexis' favourite band. Castle took her to a Blue Pill concert last year.
  • Castle didn't come out of his room for a week when John Lennon was killed.
  • The posts on the official Blue Pill website Alexis looks at are marked AM, not PM, and they don't list any usernames for the posters.
  • No way that Busch's confession would hold up in court - he wasn't being recorded, he didn't have a lawyer, and they never read him his rights.
  • In interrogation, Franco Marquez showed the video of Hayley's performance. In the wider shots, there is no white in the background and the video looks like it is at full screen, but in the close shots, there is white around the border and is not at full screen.
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