2x05 When the Bough Breaks

Original Air Date: 19 October 2009
: Rene Echevarria
Director: John Terlesky


Castle's book agent approaches him with a deal to write books about a 'certain British secret agent' and he has to decide whether to take the deal or continue working with Beckett and writing Nikki Heat. Meanwhile, the first Nikki Heat book is being released, and Castle and Beckett have a case dealing with a murdered immigrant woman who may have been a little too interested in her employer's child.

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2x05 When the Bough Breaks - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • Debi Mazar - PAULA HAAS
  • Diana-Maria Riva – DET. ROSELYN KARPOWSKI
  • Arye Gross – M.E. PERLMUTTER
  • Griffin Cleveland - ZANE TALBOT
  • Reed Diamond - DR. CAMERON TALBOT
  • Elaine Hendrix - MELISSA TALBOT
  • Ivo Nandi - TEODOR HAJEK
  • Timi Prulhiere - TALBOT'S NURSE
  • "Everybody Loves Me" - ONEREPUBLIC (book launch party)

  • Alanis Morrisette is a Canadian-American pop singer, popular mainly in the late 90's. In 1996 she released a song called Ironic which contained lyrics about a bunch of incidents, most of which were not really ironic, but rather just unfortunate coincidences.



  • Martha telling Castle Beckett would be glad to get rid of them, and then him finding out that he's not as useful as he thinks he is.
  • Castle being in the way and then stopping to eat the food during the chase scene.
  • Beckett and Castle in the hallway talking past each other about the book deals.
  • The book launch party.
  • The irony scene in the car.
  • BECKETT: I am not Nikki Heat, sir.
  • BECKETT: Next thing you'll be telling me to go down to the playground with a photograph. (phone rings) Oh look, it's Esposito. I wonder what he and Ryan have been doing all morning?
  • CASTLE: So you'd be okay if I didn't write another Nikki Heat?
    BECKETT: Why wouldn't I? I didn't ask you to write the first one.
  • CASTLE: Thank you.
    BECKETT: For what?
    CASTLE: For using irony correctly...
    BECKETT: Yeah, well, it must be your great grammatical influence over me.
    CASTLE: I may be going but I'm leaving something of myself behind.
  • BECKETT: (On the phone with Montgomery, talking to Castle) I'm going to kill you! (turning back to the phone) No, I wasn't talking to you, Sir...
  • CASTLE: (tasting a lollipop) Tastes like soap...I like it.
  • CASTLE: (offering a lollipop to ALEXIS)Want a lollipop?
    ALEXIS: Sure.
    CASTLE: Tastes like soap.
    ALEXIS: (putting the lollipop back) I'll pass.


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  • Beckett was apparently not aware that Nikki Heat might be a series rather than just one book.
  • Castle likes lollipops that taste like soap.
  • Beckett apparently has been getting grief over the Nikki Heat book, presumably from the other cops, although we haven't really seen evidence of this.
  • The calendar on Eliska Sokol's wall says Rijen, which is October.
  • Taylor finally appears in this ep, accompanying Alexis to the book launch party...except she only appears in the sneak preview, having been cut from the ep.
  • The Heat Wave books at the launch party are too thick to be the real book, which is only 200 pages.
  • The baby switching scenario is pretty implausible, even if Talbot had delivered both children and so could switch both their charts.
  • The lollipops that the crew found that should have had the Czech writing on it didn't have any wrappers. It would be pretty implausible that Ryan and Esposito unwrapped each individually. If there weren't any wrappers, how do they know it's the same lollipop?
  • Beckett says that she never read the dedication, but she had been reading an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC). ARCs look just like the published book, except that they are in paperback and not for sale. Presumably, if Beckett were reading an ARC of Heat Wave, it should have had the dedication.
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