2x04 Fool Me Once

Original Air Date: 12 October 2009
: Alexi Hawley
Director: Bryan Spicer


An Arctic explorer is murdered...or is he? And will Beckett ever finish reading Castle's book?

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  • Will Beinbrink - STEVEN FLETCHER
  • Tyler Hoechlin - DYLAN FIELDS
  • Stephanie Faracy - PATTY SCHULTZ
  • Chet Grissom - AGENT GREY
  • Kathleen Rose Perkins - ELISE FINNEGAN
  • Robert Pine - GERRY FINNEGAN
  • Ilene Graff - GAYLE FINNEGAN
  • David Ramsey - JIM WHEELER
  • Jennifer Riker - SUE VAUGHN
  • "Factories" - WINTER GLOVES (teaser)
  • "Can't Stop" - MOZELLA (Beckett in the bath)
  • Capricorn One is a 1978 film in which a mission to Mars is faked in order to maintain support for a space program.
  • ViCAP stands for Violent Criminal Apprehension Program, a unit of the FBI responsible for the analysis of serial violent and sexual crimes.
  • The confidence tricks, or "cons", mentioned by Castle are the Spanish Prisoner, the Pig in a Poke, and the Pigeon Drop. Later in the episode he mentions the Lazy Susan and the Grumpy Beaver.



  • Beckett's 'big date' - Heat Wave and a hot bath.
  • Alexis cutting Daddy into little pieces in the interrogation room.
  • Beckett trying to sneak-read page 105 in the precinct loo, and being caught by Castle.
  • BECKETT: You've got a guy in the CIA?
    CASTLE: When are you going to learn? I've got a guy everywhere.
  • CASTLE: I freaked out a little bit, didn't I?
    BECKETT: Welcome to parenting a teenage girl. As someone who used to be one, you have my sympathy.
  • BECKETT: But we saw him die.
    CASTLE: Did we?
    BECKETT: I hate this case.
    CASTLE: I know, isn't it great?
  • CASTLE: Aha!
    BECKETT: Castle! What are you doin' here?
    CASTLE: I knew you were reading it.
    BECKETT: I--wa--was--
    CASTLE: It's on page 105, by the way.
    BECKETT: What?
    CASTLE: That sex scene you were looking for. And Agent Grey was right...it's steamy.
    BECKETT: I wasn't--
    CASTLE: See you tomorrow!
  • BECKETT: What if I told you that my date was with your book?
    CASTLE: (hopeful) Really?
    BECKETT: No! God, you're easy.
  • BECKETT: Shut the front door.
    CASTLE: No time for dirty talk, go get changed.


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  • Beckett has a sparring partner at the precinct.
  • Alexis plays the violin and appears to have some talent. Her tutor is a very cute guy from Juilliard.
  • Storm Warning is about spies. Castle got his information for this book from the mysterious Agent Grey.
  • Beckett enters the name "Stephen Dashkov" into VI-CAP to see if any of his identities were flagged. They get a hit on a "Patty Shultz" who was conned by a "Stephen Miles." A person who was conned by a "Miles" shouldn't have come up when VI-CAP was searching for "Dashkov" and Beckett only ever typed in one name.
  • When Ryan shows Castle and Beckett the recording in Susan's trunk, a red actor mark can be seen on the ground.
  • Martha's bow strokes at the end do not match the notes being played.
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